Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Well today is the last day of 2012. It was a great year .And, I believe everyday is a great day if we try hard to make it that way ,so today again will be  another great last day of  of a good year. Bring on 2013, I will be fast asleep when the New Year rings in ,wanting to wake to a good first day of another super busy year .
I bought myself a ukulele for Christmas, arriving right before Santa came down the chimney. I got to work on my cording , fingers are getting toughened up and practicing is easier. Sound is good, but my playing leaves much to be desired, I will confess. But at least I am working at it. I painted flowers on my Uke and since have given her the title of "Daisy" Meet "Daisy" above. Over the years since a young Child I have always had a passion for stringed instruments as well of course my many drums. With no great success in playing many of the stringed instruments. I have given up on my Banjo and ended up selling it,but have kept my Auto harp and Dulcimer and now have added my new Ukulele to the list. Being only 48 days from turning 60 years old ,I believe it is time to master at least one of my stringed instruments ,so the Uke will be in my hands as much as possible so that once Summer joins us again for those wonderful not always great hot days I'll be able to share a song or two in the shade of a tree with Dear friends who also play, wish me luck.
I finished my Christmas commissions well before Santa arrived , not being one to procrastinate . I haven't been needle felting over the Holidays but practicing my Uke instead. But right before Christmas I accepted a commission of a King Gnome and here he is. These past storm days with no snow for us but heavy rain and blowing wind  I have been inside watching old movies and needle felting instead of being outside building Snow Persons. Here is King Gnome on his Throne with a Chickadee on his lap. He will soon be on his journey to his new home in a few days.
Well we all survived the threat of the World ending, until next time that is. The World is going to end for all of us soon enough, so seize the day everyday I say!! Ones work never ends.
So tomorrow New Years Day is my Families tradition day ,to get together at my Sisters cottage to ring in the New Years first day, celebrating with much food, cheer ,family and friends. I will awake from a good nights sleep all bushy tailed and ready to have a fun afternoon looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean with waves pounding the shore, it should be another great day in the Maritimes Happy 2013 to all and may you work hard at making your dreams come true this new year. May you sing on a sunny day. May your Hearts flutter with beauty and Love all around, may you heal from your pains, no matter what they are. May you put smiles on faces that need and may those smiles come back to you ten fold. Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

The face says it all!!!

There are times in our lives where words never can discribe what a smile can. This is one of those times!! Look at this smile. This is one of my Little Art Students, and I really can't say much more then what you see. "Proud" is one word at the top of a list of many adjectives for this picture.
Santa is on his way and he is travelling quickly our way. At my ripe age ,one does not need much and therefore there is    no list here for the old white haired guy. But, sometimes one needs to give a gift to ones self and that is what i am doing for myself this year, we can say it is from my Chu

Monday, November 26, 2012

Young Artists


Look at all this wonderful heart felt work ,Talent and Children who are our future.
 These are shots from this past Sunday November 25,2012 Craft Show where there was so much to choose from. But, at these two tables against the wall at the end of the room there you would have found 10 Happy Children sharing their wonderful work with their public ,Family and Friends.
Smiles on faces is an understatement, I myself was beaming from ear to ear and could feel the excitement everywhere.This was something I had discussed with my young Art students  and we all were so looking forward to the day and I am so happy to say it came and went with great success and  attendance. The Children were thrilled as were myself, Chuck and my Elf helper Sabine. As well Parents ,Family and Friend's who came by to share in something very special. Thank you everyone for making some very deserving young People very proud of their creative works. This show is one of only two I will be doing this Christmas season, unlike other years in the past when we were well into our show season ,sleeping in our trailer in parking lots, travelling from one Town to another ,we are older now and stay much closer to home. This show was all about the Kids and nothing about me. Next weekend I will be at the Artisans Show here in Liverpool Nov. 30th next door to Frenchys 5-10 PM and Dec. 1st 10-5 PM. Liverpool with my art ,next door to Frenchy's Friday evening Nov. 30th 5 - Ts

Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet Santa and his friend

Well, this wonderful little Town was all a buzz this past 4 or so days with Nova Scotia Molsons Music week all about town and around. I was told great crowds. Told, because I was here working my little needle felting needle up and down wanting to finish my latest two needle felting characters. Meet Santa and Classy Agatha .

Sometimes when I find special props I have no idea what they will be used on and other times I know right away what they will become.In the case of Agatha I knew right off the bat who would be sitting on this little sofa which actually is a jewelry box, see above picture.
I am aware that I repeat myself and so I will again say "I love what I do"!! Agatha cracks me up and Santa has a wonderful feeling. Today I may start another felted dog Pocket Pet to add to the few I have left, I am trying to get ready for an up coming show here in town "The Artisans Gallery" Nov. 30, Dec. 1st. being held at Canopeum Art right beside Frenchy's  , more on that as the time quickly comes to be. Time does fly. As much as I love music I am happy I got a lot of good sleep and rest this past weekend because the days are flying by and work never ends. Maybe I will beat on my drum to celebrate my hard work today, after I vacuum that is.
I have the most wonderful prop a handmade spinning wheel which I can picture in my head who I want to sit at it  and this may be my next project after a couple of Pocket Pet dogs.
My poor bicycle is feeling lonely and I am missing my warm rides these chilly damp days, other years I would have no excuse and these days I find I am becoming a wimp when it feels cold and damp outside. I better get back to it. My that was easy said, ha ha ha...Off I go to start another productive day.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Taking time to write,

Yes time,A word that can describe so much. Our Summer Season is gone. Ghosts and Goblins will arrive next week then we will be thinking about readying for Santa. Myself now that the latest Winds Of change Play Boeing Boeing is over and the set that I enjoy helping to paint is down and what can be stored away is tucked away safe to someday be added to yet another wonderful set for another fabulous play. Every time I help the end result is so rewarding with Rick who gives so much of his time and knowledge building these sets and dedicated Actor's who give so much of their  talent working on their lines and timing. So much effort on and behind the scene ,but those who see the Plays give us all who work so hard to make this happen wonderful applause and attaboys for all the hard work done. Thank you, I for one am often in a great deal of pain with OA, but what I get from helping is so worth while. Same as when we go to Queen's Manor with our drums and rhythm instruments as we did this past Monday . Oct. 22. All the energy we give is given right back when I see smiles and feet stomping and tambourines shaking by the residents. When I see folks who I haven't seen in years , those who remember me as a little girl growing up here in Town. And sadly sometimes when we arrive there we hear that a Dear friend has passed it makes it very hard to be upbeat but for all the heart break at those times there are rewards, we need at times to look close and feel the Love.
I have been busy with my Art Students who make me laugh, they are so creative and excited with everything they do. When they leave after their lessons I then work on my art which I will admit I need to light a fire under myself to get what I want to get done and right now I have started a Christmas Commission of a Painted Mat which I will not be able to share on here, for it is a surprise for someones lovely wife for Christmas. I will be including all of her favorite things in the painting for her to enjoy. I will share a picture of it after Christmas. I can share what I have finished to sell this Christmas Season here on my blog. This is my latest Needle Felting above titled "Beach Babe's" I have done various Beach Babes, all are different ,one of a kind but they are just that,"Beach Babes" and they are so fun when they take on their personalities, see above photo.
I have been doing Dog Needle Felting commissions and it is amazing what word of mouth can do, People love their Pets and whether it is a beloved Pet who has passed or a gift of a Pet someone has now, these Little creations put a smile on ones face for sure. And, I Love making them. 
So I will get ready for another busy fun day, it is a day off so to speak for me. We need to ready for Saturday at the Mill Village school when we will dress up in costume and visit their Haunted school and judge costumes again this year. It is nice to return to this wonderful small school with hard working Parents trying their best to keep yet another small school open. As we did our years when we lived there, it always is nice to visit and see how things are going in the Village, where we raised a fine Man and also Foster Children over the years. These small schools are like home away from home.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

my latest finished Needle Feltings

There really isn't much I can say about these two needle feltings but that "I love what I do" meet "Rrelaxing with Friend's and "Market Day" although I say this ,actually there is a lot I could say about what I do.

Needle felting in the beginning can or could be discouraging ,I now know what to expect, your poking along and see nothing and then behold it all comes together, like any sculpture as it turns into what it is meant to be all of a sudden you see it. The character comes out from a simple hand full of raw wool. If I had a video camera I would share with you how the magic happens,but sadly I do not.I am finishing up another character that I started just the other day after leaving the Astor Theatre from helping to paint the set for the next upcoming play "Boe Boe" which should be just as wonderful as all of the plays that come from that great stage and building.
Back to needle felting, I am always on the look out for interesting props for my future feltings. This bike turned out to be a great prop and I have had some other fantastic props in the past and have a few here to be done before this Christmas season. I do commissions  of your favorite pets or persons as well hand painted cushion floor mats, so if anyone has an idea for a special gift this Santa season ,don't wait to long, I would be happy to consider making that special gift for you . I have some needle felted dogs on hand and am working on Needle felted hanging Santa's and Snowmen as well.
Never idle hands here, when I am so lucky to create in  mediums I love, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't wake in the morning without a plan to work on something I enjoy doing. Then again when it comes time to shingle our barn roof, I then will have to tell myself to look forward to a day or so of that wonderful work ahead of us, I am trying to convince myself to look forward to a finished weather proof roof :-).
Stay tuned for more photos in the next few days.

Friday, September 14, 2012

You never know until it's gone!!

My goodness ,I have been so busy ,getting a lot of outside work done we have painted the house, had a new oil tank put in and the list goes on with the weather being a tad cooler. Also because I have been having computer problems and she my dear source of information and connecting with the outside world has been in the shop or maybe I should say in and out of the shop for at least the past 3 or more weeks. Like the title of this post says, "you never know until it's gone" just how much one uses and misses this technology stuff. We have a cell phone but never use it and we don't text but I am hooked to my computer. So ,what did we do before all this? Yes I know now, we got a lot of work done when we got off the phone that was tethered to the wall,most times in the kitchen, or the little pink princess phone my darling Mom had on her bedside stand. Today is a beautiful day so my writings will be brief for now, I should be needle felting, in fact I must needle felt, I have a few wonderful props for some interesting works to be completed before Christmas, I will tell you one sculpture will be with a homemade spinning wheel  ,as well I have a few other interesting props that I am excited to get to work on. Many ideas .just need to make the time.
Everyone is back to school and work and so much is happening. I have been busy getting all my art Students situated and geared up for the days and times that work for them for the school year.
We are heading to Queens  Manor again on Oct. 22 for a bit of drumming and hopefully I will find some interesting music for the residents to play along with, songs that they remember and may put a jump in their steps and minds. It feels so nice doing this , giving them what ever energy we can muster up,sometimes I feel like I am their age, but we need to keep going and we will, no excuses for stopping, not when there is work to be done and laughs to be had.
Monday is our 32nd wedding anniversary and we have been together since 1978, I believe we will stay together ,at this age we don't like change and well ,I have my Chucky trained just the way I like him and he me, the same. Actually we laugh at each other all the time and that can be a good thing. No one else would put up with us ,I am sure of that. We will celebrate our anniversary with delicious Rubin Sandwiches, no fancy restraints for us, we may light a candle and eat under our Pergola. Oh and maybe a desert...yum!!!we need nothing that we don't already have. Our friends are having their wedding anniversary today and asked if we could exchange paintings with him ,so I have another  beautiful William Hays painting and he is presenting his lovely wife Patricia with one of my paintings today, I love these trades, bartering is a good thing.
So stay tuned for my soon to be latest needle felting ,now that I have said that ,I will leave you here and get some work done so that this afternoon I can needle felt or maybe drum....Hmmmmm!!! decisions to be made, but outside work first. Enjoy this perfect weather, my favorite time of year.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It makes my Heart sing!!!

Yes my Heart sings at the amazed joy these wonderful Young minds experienced   today while visiting my Friend William Hay's art gallery
William so kindly accepted my request for my Art Students to visit his Summer Gallery on Main Street here in Liverpool. Look at those smiles , I believe everyone was inspired ,myself included ,as always when I sit among his paintings.
I hope to plant a creative seed in these young minds or to water what is there already. To give them the tools and confidence to do their Art. I know I will see more great Art coming from these creative young People in the days to come. Thanks Guy's for all your hard work throughout these past Months  and Thank you again William for sharing your talent with us all..

Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Thank you Santa"

 This is the title for this Needle felted Santa which  I have been working on this past week was a commission that is headed to Ontario to be added to an extensive Santa collection. Its great to know where they ,the things I make go and even nicer when I have return costumers who enjoy my work as much as I do.   
Another hot day out there and I believe we are headed to sand and surf, to sit at the ocean edge with our feet in the cool water. Maybe I will attempt to get totally wet, I will see once there. To think when we were kids taking swimming lessons in the cold water at Fort Point, there was no excuse ,we had to take our lessons and I don't recall complaining about the water temperatures. And swimming in the Mersey River with eels and other stuff at that time,some of you out there will know exactly what I am referring to. Also swimming at ten Mile lake ,with the blood suckers. A week or so ago on one of those terribly hot days I ventured up to the trestle trail where we swam as youngsters and was going to jump in but only made it as far up as my knees, I couldn't bring myself to head out any deeper, only because I am older and will admit I like a pool where I can see the bottom. Oh this getting older can hold one back from having so much fun at times. I have become a wimp!!
So off I go to ready for a day and hopefully will get cooled off .

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Killing time on a rainy day,

I have nothing new in the line of product to share with you  since Leonardo De Mousie. Not that I haven't been busy ,I have been dashing to shady areas on these hot days. Finding appropriate work during the hottest hours. Finishing up some sewing for a friend and today waiting on my first of the week Art Students. So ,I decided to write a tad and kill some time. Speaking of writing, I sat the other day and wrote some more on my next Children's book. I won't get into what it is about right now, but let me tell you that I can see most of the art work in my head and when this happens it all begins. I smile to myself . Almost like a cartoon moving in my mind I see this one particular painting over and over again and it just may be the cover painting. All I can tell you right now is that it is about a very dear ,sweet mouse.
    I have been writing my story on my new used lap top and was going along in the early Spring with such enthusiasm when all of a sudden I lost everything I had written. I somehow ended up deleting it all. Why of course I know and remember my story but sometimes the words or the way it was first written may never return in the same way it was first time. So I was thrown off my so called pins for a bit but feel I have returned and am happy with these latest writings. Hopefully it, my next book will be received as well as my first "Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy" I was told just this morning by a friend of how her little Granddaughter who has just turned 1 year old enjoys being read my book and how she gets excited looking at my art work, which so inspires me to do even better next time.
Since I have been volunteering with the school reading program and working with younger Children I have been reawakened to Children's books and how to keep young Children focused and interested in books.
  So hear I sit at the computer on this lovely much needed rainy day, listening to far off thunder. Hearing the grass and gardens  grow after so many overly dry hot days.The farmers are breathing a sigh today, Thank you to the heavens.
  So looking at the clock, I want to share with you one last thought . I received an email this morning saying that my only 4 yr. Art student would not be able to make it to class today . So I emailed back and of course said that's OK I will see her next time. Then I received another email later saying that there again was a change in plans because when she woke this moring her first words were "This is the day I go to Debbie Doodles" So, she will be here today after all. That's my girl, I am Happy she is having a good time and can only again as I have said so many times in the past"inspire them" the World is theirs.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leonardo D'Mousie (needle felting)

Introducing Leonardo D' Mousie...
My latest needle felting.
 I Love needle Felting!!!this guy cracks me up.He stands on an Antique Oak board which I painted to look like slate stone flooring. His easel holds his painting of a sailing ship while he glances your way for approval. He is 100% pure wool with one wire up one leg for standing.
It has been so hot that the past few days besides an early bike ride mornings I have been sitting in the shade of our pergola and working on Leonardo and as always am amazed with the end result. Like a lot of things in the beginning you would never guess that the finished product is anywhere in there. Like woodcarving ,working with wool is somewhat similar but instead of removing to find the character inside you add wool and sculpt  like you would working with clay but with only a barbed needle poking the wool adding character as you work along. Same with my needle felted dogs, they look like nothing and then all of a sudden there they are. I Love what I do and hope that people feel the Love in the finished product.
I look forward to introducing him to my Students this week. They get a big charge out of the feltings, as I do.
 Today I was going to head to Lunenburg Festival of Crafts with a friend but after getting out of the shower and starting to ready for a day away, I find that yet again today my belly is upset. ?? beats me what I have if anything, but I have decided to stay put and feel better. YUK!!!!! Maybe it has been this heat!!! of late.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Privateer Days and Canada Day weekend!!!!

Wow!! the older I get the harder it is to do what I love to do ,even though we make sure we get our sleep . It still takes me days to get over having so much fun and dressing up . Seeing again People we don't see all year long to again greet them with a smile, handshake or big hug as we meet again year after year on our fine Town Streets during our fun times during Privateer Days/Canada Day. Again this year all was wonderful and hats off as usual to those who work so hard at getting things in line for a great weekend. If only I were a tad younger and could help more, but not the case, so I will continue doing what comes natural to me and that is just what you see in this photo and as always the Man who Loves me( the poor dear at times) he always as you can also see here stands by me and rides the wave with me. Thank you Chuck!!! So here we have Chuck offering his silhoeette for a Little Girl to trace on Friday when we were doing sidewalk chalk with the wee ones. The photo of me was taken by a Friend while I was tending our Basket Maker Friends baskets while he was away for a bit. His name is Cyril Mooers and his baskets are wonderful!! Anyone interested in a basket from Cyril can email me and I will be happy to direct you to him. On Saturday we set up and sold and Sunday the same but with an outdoor Church service in the morning in Pine Grove Park, which is a beautiful hike through the woods to the Mersey River, if in the area I would suggest you partake of it's splender. Well, Chuck and I were to be Pirates and steal the collection plate and then be arrested by our King's Orange Rangers. We kept to ourselves in the back ground as if we were just attending a lovely Church service with the rest of the Dear folk's. After the collection and Thanks was given I was to hold all at bay with my two big fake guns whilst Chuck was to steal the coin, well never leave a big job to two old Pirates because instead of stealing the collection plate he stole the Eucharist, yup, he did. OK, never have I said we were the brightest, but by golly we try . We and a few other's are still laughing about this. But not to worry we were stopped by our Ranger's and the bread was returned. All was well in the funny end. The weather over this glorious weekend could be no better, yes hot ,very hot but considering the storms and rain showers with thunder and lightening we have been having as of late , we have nothing to complain about.
I have started some new classes with Summer Art Students and they are so incredibly enthusiastic young People. We are having fun and I hope to continue inspiring them. I look forward to watching these talented young People grow into fine young adults and I can only wish to leave them with good memories and confidence . My motto is always there is no wrong and everything we create no matter how small is our Art. Never say never, never be afraid and never say "I can't do that" you can do anything you put your mind to.
I am dragging my simple sewing machine out of the closet and will be making my Basket maker friend a couple of new Reenactment shirts in the next few days and thought I would make myself a new circa 17th century dress ,why not? Sewing for a bit instead of needle felting and painting is a change and what is it they say? "A change is as good as a rest" The shirts won't take so long, but the dress will, so I will take you with me on that journey as it begins and finishes.
Enjoy your Summer to all out there. Make hay while the sun is shining!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Self Potraits

This picture says it all, but please allow me to share with you how wonderful it made me feel and by these sweet faces and super work done by three of my budding young Artist Students holding up their Self Potraits. Now to start, they did these wonderful works in only one hour and yes ,we have been known to chit chat somewhat, during our sessions. What I did was have a mirror in front of each young Lady and had them look at themselves , at the shape of their faces ,noses etc. I wanted them to study their reflections.This was their first time with water color and I was constantly reminding them to work quickly so the class was in a buzz from the get go. We had fun ! The result is as you see, Fantastic!!Now I was so impressed I had to share this work with an Artist Friend of our's from Vermont who Summers here in Liverpool William Hays     William and his Lovely creative wife Patricia join our charming Village of Liverpool N.S. every June to September and I do recommend you drop into his Gallery on Main Street across  from the Perkin's House here in Liverpool. William who once you see his art, and you will be impressed, answered me back regarding the Girl's and their self potraits and I am shareing his comment here with you ..........(."Well I don’t need to tell you that I’m quite charmed by the self portraits. They absolutely must keep them for when they are much older. They are not a bad representation of who each of the little girls is now." )....I agree with him , to be young and to have no such words in their vocabulary as "we can't do that !". This is what I enjoy with what I am doing, and that brings me to another very special day in our lives recently. We did a Multi Curtural event at Queens Manor with our drums which I have already shared a picture of on Face book. Again, same as with the Children, we come to a station in our lives when we let our guards down and again enjoy doing what makes us furfilled and not so concerned in and with what People think.
We must remember ,we need only to impress ourselves at the end, we live in these skins and must try and find what we feel makes us bloom. For we are all roses in our own rights.
Take another look at these faces and understand what I am saying. Isn't Life grand? Even on a bad day , try and make it better, except that smile or hug or just a simple nod from somebody. It works!
This weekend Privateer Days here in Liverpool you will find us on Main Street on Friday working with the Kid's , lots going on and on Sunday I will be in the park with so many more selling our wares and having many laughs, meeting new and rekindling old, Privateer Days in Liverpool is the place to be this Canada Day weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My new nickname!!!

Well I am tickled pink to introduce to you my new Nickname "Debbie Doodles" given to me by one of my young Art students Keegan and seconded by Keifer seen here in this photo with me on their last day of art classes until the beginning of school again in September.  Chuck is going to make a silk screen for me and I will be silk screening my new name on a T Shirt in the near future. 
Today I am excited to be getting two new young Ladies for their first class with me and in a week or so there will be a few more young people joining us for Summer classes. The boys on their last day choose abstract art and there was plenty of paint and laughter flying. I will be continuing with classes throughout the Summer Months and again in the Fall. If any one is interested I can be reached by email or phone at 354-3690. I will be making up a new business card for these classes and I do believe thanks to my boy's my classes will be called "Miss Debbie Doodles inspiring Art Classes for Children" Thanks guy's!!!
I am about to start a new needle felting ,I am thinking of doing a Pirate with Privateer Days coming up very soon. June 28th. There will be selling in the park over the whole weekend and we will be there ourselves on Sunday July 1st. I will be selling my art , needle felting as well as some very interesting unique and silver jewelry and a few very interesting sun hats.
I mailed off my latest commission Pocket Pets and below is an email I received from my client..
"  Hi Deb,

We are thrilled with the pocket pets that arrived yesterday and I know the "owners" of the dogs will be too when they receive them. You have an amazing talent and it is also evident that your productions are works of love."
This is so rewarding when one gets messages like this. About a Month or so ago I got a phone call from a lady in Ottawa thanking me for a gift she received of one of my needle feltings. Thank you all so very much .
It makes me happy when people feel the Love ,because all I do has so much to do with my passions, everything I make and have made over the years always leaves with a small piece of my soul in each and every one. And this brings me back to the Children in my art classes, I can only hope to inspire them, to give them the tools to create whatever their hearts desire. I believe there is never a wrong in anything we make ourselves. Every piece is unique and special.
Summer has arrived and we are seeing motor homes and Tourists as well as our many ,many Summer residents on our streets again ,so nice to have those who love our Little Town returning year after year.Welcome to all of you ,enjoy your visit and make sure to get some of our wonderful white sand between your toes before you head back home.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet "Froggy" latest needle felting

Meet "Froggy"
I Love needle Felting in case anyone out there who reads my blog has not noticed already. This piece so makes me smile. Chuck and I say that the Frog and worm are just having their way with the Trout. Both getting a free ride. I have been busy as usual, I keep saying that and shouldn't bother, is there anything but busy? Not in my World, although if I stayed up later at night I may find some time on my hands but we have been getting up with the Birds and milking the Cows for so many years back when ,or then, way back in the way back machine that we have continued with this way of life even without Cows to milk. I find that I throw myself into whatever I am doing during the day therefore after my evening meal I am ready to lie my head down and get a good nights sleep preparing for another exciting day ahead. So whats next for me? I have one more Pocket Pet Dog commission to finish and ship off. And then I am starting some small needle felted Trout. Yesterday my 3 young lady students were here and today the Boy's come,as always they amaze me with their enthusiasm.I am going to enjoy watching these fine young People grow into young Adults. God willing I am still around and I can only pray that I leave them with fond memories of their time with me. Like the wonderful memories I have of some very inspirational People from my past.

Privateer Days is soon upon us starting on June 28- July 1st. I will be on Main Street on Friday the 29th along with many other's . The street will be closed off and there will be festivities for Children and Adults with store fronts selling on the street and I for one will be working with Children and sidewalk chalk. There will be a lot offered all weekend here in Liverpool during our yearly event.My plan is to get in Privateer Days Character and dig the Pirate out in me. We got a call from our Local Seniors home here in Town"The Manor " and we are happy to say that on the 25th of June we will be taking our Drums etc. and energy to visit the Residents there, hopefully they will enjoy our visit like the Folk's at  Hillsview last Month did.   
So this is all for today, I will take the time and write  more soon.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It simply makes your Heart Sing!!

 And what this title says is so true when working and sharing energy with young and old. Very rewarding and uplifting with what one gets back from enjoying such wonderful  spirit from these great People. Last week Chuck and I went to Hillsview Acres Seniors home with drums and rhythm instruments to share some good music and  fun with the residents. We have been there before reading my book above photo and introducing the dogs from the book with them. This time we went with music in mind and we were very happy with the response we received from all who joined in which come second set ,we had all but two playing and singing. It's so special to see many who I remember as a child growing up here in Liverpool. People who remember my Mom and family , and so cute to hear some of them refer to me as Little Debbie..maybe not so Little anymore.But still Debbie. At first there were a few who said"No I don't drum ,I will just watch and listen" ,well that didn't last for long, we reeled them in and we all had a blast!!! as you can see in these photos.
I lost my Mom when she was only 53, and whenever I do something like this I feel her approval and know I am doing what and living the life she would want me to live. She was a wonderful Woman who was friend's with all and she always shared a smile and a laugh and joke with all she met. I am Happy to carry her torch!! Maybe someday someone will share their time energy and hearts with me when I need it, as I am receiving now from all my new and old friend's.
Art lessons with my young Students and drumming with Seniors has made my time busy lately, but I did get another Needle Felted Beach Babe done. May I introduce you to "Summerville Beach Bum" I love needle felting and capturing the Character I am looking for. Whether it be one of my NF dogs or a person.
Today we will be working on the set for a fund raiser at the Astor Theatre this Sat. June 2nd. There will be readings from various Local Authors with Children in attendance and Music and song from our young Girl's Choir from here in town. It should be a wonderful evening again this weekend at our busy local Theatre here in our not so sleepy little Town.
And to top everything off, Summer will begin this Sunday for us when our Dear Summer resident friend's arrive back home here for the Summer. So much to catch up on and so many fun times ahead. Flowers are blooming and so are hearts and minds in prep for a great Summer Season. Feel the warmth and Love of days to come.Life is short and priceless. "seize the day!!" "Carpe Diam" Have a super day and days ahead.And...don't forget to LAUGH!!!all the time!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day and Art

Happy Mothers Day all you busy ,wonderful Mom's out there. The weather promises to be good and so do all your Children by giving you all the Love and Hugs any Mom can hope for.
 I have been very busy getting ready for our upcoming show this Friday and Saturday May 18,19 on Main Street here in Liverpool. Above is a picture of  four of my dogs just recently finished and I hope to get a chance to complete a few more before the show as well I will have with me at the show my book,paintings, needle felted Characters and something new for me"Funk Funk Jewelry".
Now having mentioned Mother's Day ,above you can see my enthusiastic young art Student's hard at work creating their first painting with me and then below with another young friend joining us the other day to make necklaces for their Mom's for Mother's Day. I had to wait to write about these wonderful creations because as the old sayings go..."Mom's the word" and we couldn't "let the Cat out of the bag" before Mom's big day.
There is nothing better then seeing the smiles on these young faces ,so pleased with what they made and very deserving because of all their focused dedication and hard work on every project they do. The Smiles say it all. Not once have I heard from these bright Children the words" I can't do that" they have no fear of failing in their artistic abilities because there is no failing in anything to do with making and creating,everything we make ourselves is a piece of art even a beautiful yummy birthday cake or delicious meal of any kind. It's all art, everything around us is art ,art is in everything we see and do. Life gives us the ability to create and build whether with a tool or thought to be written on paper. Life is art, we only need to open our hearts, minds and eyes to see it. Good job Ladies I hope your Mom's are as happy with their treats as I was working with you making them.
Monday is the last day  for the volenteer reading program at Wickwire School and I will be taking my Book "Lu Lu Belle The Happy puppy " and will have my group of Children read it to me. I thought they would appriciate and may be inspired with the fact that I wrote and illistrated the book myself. When I read it to the Mill Village School I was thrilled to hear all the stories from the Children ,about their pets and how they wanted to write a special book about the wonderful things in their lives. I can only hope to inspire, for I was inspired by some wonderful People in my past and am so Thankful for their energy and talent.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another felting done

Yes I am busy,very busy and still plenty of work to be done and soon. For the upcoming show and season. Yes this is all I talk about of late. So here is a shot of my again latest needle felting ,Good Ole Girl, Knitter.I decided not to do my fisherman until I find him a better boat or a lobster trap. I will be working on finding something soon for sure . But in the meantime I will be making another beach Babe" Floridian" to replace the one who just left for Ottawa.All of my Needle Felted Dogs that I had in stock are in Mill village for sale at the River Bank store along with about 6 of my paintings. So ,I must start dogs as well.
Today I have my Girl's come for their art lesson and we have a third young Lady joining us for the first time. We will finish up our Mother's Day gift for their Mom's and then next week we will start again doing drawing and painting. But today is felt jewelry. The boy's on Wednesday are painting a lighthouse and they should be finishing up this weekend if I can get them to focus. Cute how they feel more comfortable with me now and like to get up and look about the Gallery with excitement at the thought of their next painting. but,we need to finish what we start first. Yesterday I was at the school for the reading program and saw a few of my young Friend's there. I love it when they spot me, I am always received with the brightest of smiles and when they see me for the first time there, they come running up to me,my eager young friend's. Today before the Girl's arrive I will be starting another felting,stay tuned for an update. Now for less writing and more work with a barbed needle.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Latest needle feltings

Spring is here and I have been so incredibly busy of late and honestly feel my head is spinning. As the old saying goes ,too many irons in the fire....but!!!why not as I sometimes have said before in the long as I get my sleep I can push on  having fun doing what I Love. So, I have been poking up a storm these past Months needle felting and happily most if not all were commissions or sold right away.Just today I had paintings leave to their Summer locations in hopes of selling, so all is good , but sadly I need to make stock ahead and ready for the Summer Season and upcoming Artisans Show during the Liverpool International Theatre Festival May 16 -20 , we actually have things in the works but as always those finishing touches  ..the Artisan's show will be on Main Street in the old Value Plus store  Fri. 2-7 May 18 and Sat. May 19 10-7. So a bitter sweet moment indeed as I sell these fun pieces and happy to see them appreciated and loved as I feel making them,  putting my all into them. I so enjoy watching them come to life  and like knowing they have gone on to good loving homes and that they are putting a smile on someones face. Also my hopes are to weather permitting sell in the Liverpool water front park, and if not sell ....for sure have a few laughs with fellow vendors and folks coming by. Not like years ago us doing all the Craft markets throughout the Maritimes ,the Craft Circuit we would call it. Sleeping in tents or someones attics. Oh the stories and the times, we were like Gypsies  back then. and I believe our Son is better off for it.
Here are my two latest  needle feltings  . In the bathing suit is another one of my series Beach Babe's "SOLD". Then sometime ago I found this wonderful handmade wheelbarrow, not knowing at the time what I would use it for but knowing I would,low and behold meet my Amish Gentleman.  I watched a Hoarders show a while back and I laughed and was scared at the same time saying "I think I am a Hoarder!!" then I said"But we always make stuff out of what we bring home." and then I answered myself within seconds of saying that "But they all say that!!" :-( well I do hope to use all I collect, I am having fun trying to.
My plan next is to do my Fisherman I spoke of earlier , I had the request for a Beach Babe when I was to start him and the Beach Babe won out.
My art lessons with the Kids are going great, cute how they are getting to know me and are a bit more comfortable  wanting to talk and take time to look around the gallery and ask me questions...which is all fine and dandy , but if we want to get any work done ,we need to focus, I caught myself today sounding like a school teacher ,"now focus boy's."..I laughed and said "well now you have been hearing that all day at shool haven't you?.." so we always take a half way snack break and go over what we did so far and chat a bit. No one can tell me the children of today are missing out on anything, no way was I or anyone I know as smart as these young people are when we were  their age. Then again they do have the Internet at their finger tips, when I think about it I 'm smarter today because of this thing I sit at. LOL who knew??..

Well enough for today, I must tidy up from a creative ,busy week and get ready to take a wall out here in this tiny house..OK anyone who knows us will wonder ? what wall? you will see..nothing big. Just another thing. Oh, on one last note...we are puppy sitting for a couple of weeks the Border Collie ..picture above..who I wrote my Childrens book about "Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy", it has been a little bit since I have spent any time with her ,guess what? she is as Happy today as she was when  I first wrote the book about her. I will have  copies of my book available this Summer here at home 902-354-3690 ,at the artisans show as well as a couple other locations I will post here at a later date.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Myrtle the Hooker" needle felting

Meet" Myrtle the Hooker"
My nude Myrtle sold and is now in her new home.
This is my latest needle felting. The reason both of these last two feltings are called Myrtle is because they have a resemblance to a dear friend of many of ours with that name. The first one of Myrtle I did has sold as I mentioned above and this one may be sold. My next needle felting project will be a fisherman in a handmade dory.
The other day the phone rang ,Chuck answered and it was for me ,he asked who was calling and the person on the other end said "well Deb does not know me, I am calling from Ottawa, I took the receiver and was tempted as I would to right off the bat say" well now is this the Prime Minister calling me again?" I decided not to and simply said "Hello" it was a lovely Lady who had received one of my Good Luck Kitchen Witches as a gift for Christmas and she was so pleased with it she wanted to call me and thank me for my work, well I need not have to tell you ,I was thrilled , she said she had been meaning to call me for sometime but that she had been ill, but that she was feeling better and hopefully she will visit this way and she plans to drop by to meet me. You know? Things like this makes everything ,hard work and dedication all worth while. Thank you my Dear for calling all the way from Ottawa thanking me, for I thank you . I have completed a few needle felted dog commissions this past couple of weeks, and am trying to get a few on hand for the season.
Today I have my two young female students coming for their weekly lesson. The boy's tomorrow. Their enthusiasm is wonderful.
Near the end of May Chuck and I will be taking our drums and rhythm instruments to Hills View acres to share in some movement and fun with the residents there. The last time we were there we took the two dogs Lu Lu Belle and Laura and I read my Children's book" Lu Lu Belle The Happy Puppy " to them. One always leaves there feeling so much better and fulfilled to have shared some energy with those who appreciate and need it. Same as with Children and pets ,or challenged individuals ,they never question, they enjoy and absorb all good vibes and deliver all back. I love that.
I have not been working at writing my new book lately but have had many ideas and will be making a few changes ,I am very excited about it, when I start to see the art work in my head as I write I get thrilled and all seems to just flow.
So off I go to ready for the Ladies.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Budding Artist's,

Meet my new friend's budding student young Artist's who are on their way if not already there at being just that. We Adults find ourselves held back with misgivings not believing in ourselves and what we can do, we forget, for here in these photos you find enthusiasm and excitement at getting the job done and having no stress with the thought of just trying. Doing it their way,why is that not why we refer to our work as "one of a kind"? Of course we do, it is our creation and there usually is someone out there who gets what we are trying to say with our art. Why that is what it's all about. I have the past couple of weeks been working with two young Ladies age 5 and 8 as well as these two talented young men, helping them bring out what is in their hearts, to share with family friend's and the World. There is no doubt in my mind that this is just a beginning of many art projects in the future from them all. As I mentioned in my earlier blog installment about worrying about future generation's ,they will do just fine, if we all and I mean all do our part at keeping this World on the right track for those who come after us. For after not having young people in my home in the past few years,listening and learning from them, being around these bright young minds all the time ,I, in these past couple of weeks working closely with these Children see some very informed bright young people coming up in the ranks and because of these bright young minds I see much light ahead for the World. I laughed and said to Chuck, they are smarter then we were back when we were their ages, then again they have to be, so maybe the Internet hasn't destroyed their minds totally. All within reason. Here in these two shots you see the boy's deep in thought ,choosing their paint colors and below their finished paintings ready to be matted and framed . We are all excited about the beginning of our next weeks paintings. The girl's will be doing something all together different next week, I hope to share that with you in the following weeks.And Below, two wonderful!!!paintings and two very proud ,deserving young Men!!
Great job, Guy's!!!

This morning I am inside working waiting on warm temperatures for outside work later plus a bike ride . Friday the 13th it took pretty well all day to have the chilly wind subside enough to enjoy the outside. I love to sit outside on these warm Spring days,when we get them and take a couple of hours in my day to lighten my heart and mind with some drumming and song in general. I stepped outside a couple of times yesterday to hop back in with that wind chill,oh well ,we will be looking for some shade soon enough. Which brings me to something a bit different for me to sell this season down in the park in the sun!!!and that would be sun hats, along with my art,this Spring and Summer I am offering unique UV protective sun hats , different styles and labels. More on these as I get some pictures . I have my selling permit for the Summer and weather permitting you will find myself and others ,and anyone else welcome to join us on the water front and maybe various other places this Summer to sell our wears, all you have to do is ask me for info or simply go to the Region of Queen's bylaw office and ask for a selling permit, fill it out with $10.00...and come on down, have some fun being with like People enjoying the the Summer and meeting People from away and home, have a few laughs and even if we have slim selling days, it is never a loss, no extra charge daily , the permit covers it ,I will advertise the days that we all will be there ,here and on Face Book.
Enjoy your weekend, Happy Spring!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Caution ,Nudity.."Old Time Bath Time" Needle Felting

Caution!! Nudity!!! Below....
In this my latest needle felted figure below. Sometimes I luck in and find interesting props for many of my creations in needle felting ,as in this wonderful wooden tub. So meet who I call "Nan, Old Time Bath Time"but she needs a name other then that so I welcome someone out there to give this old girl a home in a special powder room. Up date a day or so after I wrote this, she has been given a name of "Myrtle" by a friend of mine who suggested she look like someone we know with this name. By all means you can change her name to anything you prefer, but she looks like Myrtle to me:-)Talk about a conversation piece. when you lift the duck her suds come with it and she is then is exposed. But look at the look on her face, she simply does not care. At the same time I came across this tub I also lucked into finding an old antique looking cradle ,doll size so my next felting will be a Baby for in it with a teddy bear and needle felted rattle etc.Can't wait to start ,maybe this weekend ,weather permitting and what I mean by that is not so fine out because if so I must head outside and look at my gardens if the sun is shining.
The past couple of weeks I have been doing art lessons with four talented ,bright Children and am waiting on approval from their parents before I put any pictures here online. They did a wonderful job sketching and painting and I enjoyed working with such enthusiastic young People. It's interesting I was talking with friend's recently in regards to children today and us back when we were their ages ,my, am I sounding like the adults from back when I was a child, I would hear them saying the same things? Back in our day,yes we could have more freedom, the World was smaller ,today not the case. We were discussing whether or not young people get any exercise like we did considering they are online a lot. But I feel they do stay active ,maybe in sometimes more structured ways and yes we still have those who would rather sit on the couch and eat potato chips and watch TV but I see trampolines in most yards and skate boards . The more the World changes the more it stays the same, in some ways. So I am not necessarily worried all too much about our young people, there are bigger fish to fry as the old saying goes. As far as Art, the Children of today are above and beyond,never afraid to try and smarter I believe with having the World at their finger tips.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Grog finished.and Birdhouse 2.

In the above picture is our Little Guest house and our get away we call The Bird House. It use to be one 3/4 bed ,this past weekend I turned it into 2 single beds, easier then crawling out over the one in the front as it was before. We as well as Summer friend's ,Children and Adults alike enjoy this little cozy spot out back. Not so cozy in Winter but warm weather when there is a fire in the fire pit, this makes a great get away in the back yard. Our Back 40 as we refer to it as here in town. After living for years with a river and 20 plus acres,we needed something fun. Grog, I had to stop and get him down off my easel,sometimes paintings can easily be over worked and watercolor not being my most worked with medium I had to force myself to stop. I am happy with it myself and Chuck has juiced me and Grog has yet to see it.

I am still waiting on my wool order and when it comes I have a sweet antique looking miniature wooden cradle I found in a local Shop and I am going to needle felt a Baby for in it..I see it in my mind and it's accessories and am excited to start. Doing volunteer work this afternoon with Children and reading so I won't be starting anything today but tomorrow is another day. This past warm spell found us outside biking and taking in the fine days. Now things are some what back to seasonal temperatures and back to seasonal Tourist Season work for me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grog...not a drink..and Pocket Pets..

OK, the weather has been balmy here in good old Nova Scotia lately,yes not a word used a lot in this part of the World,especially in March. Global warming indeed is with us. We all know this but I will have to admit this Winter was strange to say the least and does concern me. But we will survive and keep on truckin and will not complain while we are sitting in the sun soaking up all we need to put into our bodies while we are careful not to over do it with burn, maybe too soon for that.

I have been hard at work outside making hay as they say while the sun is shining, raking and cleaning up the yard and thinking about Summer . Needle felting dogs when I am inside, see the picture above of those who are in stock and looking for good homes, they are 100% wool needle felted with Love and are Child friendly. I will be making Bunnies soon for Easter ,all at $20. each, the Bunnies may be less ,depending on their size. I am trying to keep my prices down as much as I can with the way our economy is. So get a Pocket Pet at a very good price. They are one of a kind and I do requests. Here also is a picture of my friend Grog, his reenactment name. This sketch I did of him has been on my easel for a few days now waiting for some paint. The sun over took me and Grog is still waiting to come to life, maybe today if the wind stays down I may take him outside and paint on the deck and we will see what happens. I must start thinking about my Summer Season with Tourist type product. We no longer do shows and if we do they are only local art shows so anyone who is interested ,please stay tuned to my blog or Face Book page and touch base with me with any questions or suggestions. I have Chuck back to painting now that he is retired and well ,he is a busy man with many books to read but with my nagging ,stayed tuned for his first Master piece. I do know with his help ,I may get a chance to take a breath or two and a bike ride .

I joined up with a group of artistic Actor's and once a week am on stage laughing and having fun with some improv...everyone should try it, no lines to remember, all you have to do is to listen and have a chuckle with what comes out of our mouths.No pressure:-)

Here in Liverpool we are waiting on a new Craft/Art supply shop to open early April,"Canopeum Art" it will be right beside our Frenchy's used clothing store, she will be carrying whatever we need in the line of supplies and will get in what Folk's want and need as time goes on. But I needed wool for my felting right away so I ordered from "Living Felt" and am waiting on my parcel to arrive. Like a kid I get excited when I know I have wool coming and they are the best company ever to deal with. Check them out .