Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another felting done

Yes I am busy,very busy and still plenty of work to be done and soon. For the upcoming show and season. Yes this is all I talk about of late. So here is a shot of my again latest needle felting ,Good Ole Girl, Knitter.I decided not to do my fisherman until I find him a better boat or a lobster trap. I will be working on finding something soon for sure . But in the meantime I will be making another beach Babe" Floridian" to replace the one who just left for Ottawa.All of my Needle Felted Dogs that I had in stock are in Mill village for sale at the River Bank store along with about 6 of my paintings. So ,I must start dogs as well.
Today I have my Girl's come for their art lesson and we have a third young Lady joining us for the first time. We will finish up our Mother's Day gift for their Mom's and then next week we will start again doing drawing and painting. But today is felt jewelry. The boy's on Wednesday are painting a lighthouse and they should be finishing up this weekend if I can get them to focus. Cute how they feel more comfortable with me now and like to get up and look about the Gallery with excitement at the thought of their next painting. but,we need to finish what we start first. Yesterday I was at the school for the reading program and saw a few of my young Friend's there. I love it when they spot me, I am always received with the brightest of smiles and when they see me for the first time there, they come running up to me,my eager young friend's. Today before the Girl's arrive I will be starting another felting,stay tuned for an update. Now for less writing and more work with a barbed needle.

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