Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Easter Bunny Gig

Yes,another Bunny Gig..I thought I was getting too old for these things and yes it does tire me way more then in past years but I always find myself drawn to dressing up in whatever the occasion suggests and I do have a way of including those who Love me into joining in. This year Chuck could only go so long, next year I may have to find myself a new partner in dress up crime, or to everyones surprise he may do as I do and can't resist in having a few laughs by dressing up.I believe that just may be the case ,in his case,for I know for sure he has fun if only for a little while. Years ago I dressed Clay as a Rabbit in exchange for buying him a new ball glove, was I a bad Mommy? I hope not, he learned a lot that day. Back in Charleston when I was face Painting at all the local festivals and markets I also would offer my services and my many costumes for store openings ,special promotions etc. one time I was dressed as a "Candy Kiss" you know the little silver Choc. treat with the twist top, well picture how flattering that costume was, I will admit ,I had a lot of fun that day, made a few bucks and lots of new acquaintance and friend's. Most of my photos are from back before digital so sometime when I have a moment or two I will scan and share. Here are a few from years past as well as this years with my friend Sabine and Chuck and I with our young friend Michael ,who is a Dear, that is a smile on his face..he isn't scared.This years gig was volunteering at a local Church fundraiser doing pictures and ice cream with Mr. and Mrs. E .Bunny. So off with the ears for another year. Living now in a much smaller house then in Charleston I have had to let a lot of my costumes go,given to those who I know would use them,only to keep my favorites and I am having a time finding a place for them to be stored.

Here is a shot of a commission I just finished ,done on an interesting boat part. I love it when I find these special pieces to paint on,they are getting fewer and more far between as well we are getting older and the Beach combing or I should say in the case of some of my greater pieces were found along the rocky coast line and not so easy to get back to the car,oh, I so remember all our adventures over the years ,exploring many coast lines one being Little Tancook Island and other surrounding Islands,our friend's who are from there ,born and bred would pile us four into his boat, towing behind ,a dingy which ended up full of all our treasure pieces as well as our friend Patty's special rocks she would take from one Island to her home Island, Patty liked her rocks, we often would laugh and say if we needed the dingy to save our lives ,would or could we give up my boat pieces and her rocks? Happy to say we never had to make that choice. Our friend Gary is a very magical person when it came to Sea birds and he would often come across baby Gulls and stop to pet them, and let us hold them ,so beautiful , he had a way with wild ducks as well,Clay ,our son ,loved that about Gary. Another spot where I found boat pieces was up and around Shag Harbor,at times I would meet fishermen and when they would hear what I was looking for they would tell me how they burned so many old wreaks and I would be sick at the thought of that,for at the time ,these pieces were worth money to me. The same with old wooden Buoys ,today you see very few . I am fortunate to have many and some that are at least three feet high, these will be made into lamps ,I have one smaller one at the moment and another mounted on driftwood ,see above but the plan is to have a few more ,various sizes by Summer season. This will be a project for Chuck, poor Chuck ,retirement during Summer Season , does not exist for him if I have anything to do with it. I was given a lot of old dry tree fungi's ,you see them on some trees and to find good sized ones is next to impossible ,these are very old and some are very large.I am doing a painting in exchange for these and I am excited to get a few painted as soon as I can. It is so difficult this time of year ,there is so much to do outside, I need to try and find time to get all that I need and want to get done,without burning myself and my wick from both ends. We had company from B.C and she and I stayed up way too late Thursday evening, I missed the gym on Friday and I do notice it, I have been on my bike these past days but I see bed calling me early tonight with a good sleep and awake to some good exercise and a fresh first of the week work plan.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Whats its all about?

It's about boredom!!! I seldom am bored but today after our bad rain and wind storm yesterday,I am just that. There is paint on the canvas drying, smaller acrylic paintings are waiting for me to start for our Tourist Season, but with all the shops closing around us these past weeks here in our small town, it does put a damper on my usual up beat attitude. This time of year I am usually working on smaller stick in your suitcase type paintings for our local little craft shops. Instead I find myself wanting to explore different directions and work outside my norm. Not excited about the Tourism Season like other years, thinking it might be slow with all that is happening in the World, Japan, our Election ,all of this .Past years we would right now be getting ready for the Seasonal markets and Craft Shows. Always on the road ,always lugging heavy Box's and trying in between shows to think of easier and faster set ups. I would always joke with the other crafts people tearing down after a long not always so successful weekend of selling about how we all should be thinking of a feather product instead of heavy boat pieces like myself or even our friends who have painted rocks. Jewelry was always on my mind for a nice light easy set up product, but I would be my own best costumer :-)The shows back when we started doing them in the late 70's were much different then shows today, the price for one thing was much lower. It was allways busy with bodies and you could hear a buzz of voices .Four day shows we found to be a long haul and Fridays being so slow most times for all. I can remember ,a few of those last shows we did, the Arena was empty at times and all 250 of us (sellers )were doing ,"The Crafter's stroll" this became our name for what we did on a low or no costumer day as we walked around chit chatting with the other's. There were a few of these days in those later years. Don't get me wrong ,there are still Markets and Shows but the good old days are gone and I am slowing down myself regarding that part of my life. Again ,I am not going anywhere ,but will be taking more time to head for sand and surf this Summer as well as a nice cool river to play in and enjoy in the Months to come,while sketching and photographing on location in preparation for the next cold winter days work ahead. My plan is to have a note pad near the front door here this Summer and if anyone drops by to see any paintings and I am not here and they can come back ,please leave a message as to when you can return and I will call you when I return. Today it is hard to even think of a bicycle picnic or a dip in the River when you step outside. Just the other day I was working outside in shirt sleeves, cleaning up all the Belle Puppy mess from over the Winter.It is Spring and my Crocus heads have popped out but today I am hoping they have little coats for it would freeze the *****off a brass monkey out there.:-) Yesterday, during all that rain we had, some had snow,some had both,we had a leak in our living room ceiling. Our Diva dog friend Laura was here , she was laying on the sofa when all of a sudden she looks up ,there was water dripping on her head. Furniture needed to be moved and try and find a place to move the furniture in this small of a house to make room for buckets to catch drips. We investigated this morning and sure enough it is coming from the roof area where we do see we need to re shingle this Summer. At one point yesterday we thought the water could possibly be coming from a cast iron pipe which can be seen in an upstairs crawl space in the bathroom. Happy to say , it looks like we don't need a plumber after all, only a roofer, and when that day comes you will see Chuck and I on cleanup duty while our Dear friend and our Son rescue us with their abilities as well as any other kind able bodied soul out there who would be sweet enough to help. Us not being the little work pigs we use to be.We will though,get the job done.

Actually I am so looking forward to nice weather and getting our drums out on the deck on a warm day. Thank goodness we start and finish early these days when we drum,living in town ,playing drums late into the night outside may not be something the neighbors would enjoy :-) one day Chuck ran into someone at the Post Office and they asked if he was the person who played the drums up on our street? He said yes, waiting to be told something not so nice, well ,this person said he lived on the street behind us and that he and his wife loved our music, well gee, maybe we found some new drummers to join in, we could get kicked out of town yet:-) Maybe I will bang on a drum for awhile today still..that will kill time while paint is drying. I am working on what I titled "Summer Garden" I will share here,when it's done.