Friday, October 26, 2012

Taking time to write,

Yes time,A word that can describe so much. Our Summer Season is gone. Ghosts and Goblins will arrive next week then we will be thinking about readying for Santa. Myself now that the latest Winds Of change Play Boeing Boeing is over and the set that I enjoy helping to paint is down and what can be stored away is tucked away safe to someday be added to yet another wonderful set for another fabulous play. Every time I help the end result is so rewarding with Rick who gives so much of his time and knowledge building these sets and dedicated Actor's who give so much of their  talent working on their lines and timing. So much effort on and behind the scene ,but those who see the Plays give us all who work so hard to make this happen wonderful applause and attaboys for all the hard work done. Thank you, I for one am often in a great deal of pain with OA, but what I get from helping is so worth while. Same as when we go to Queen's Manor with our drums and rhythm instruments as we did this past Monday . Oct. 22. All the energy we give is given right back when I see smiles and feet stomping and tambourines shaking by the residents. When I see folks who I haven't seen in years , those who remember me as a little girl growing up here in Town. And sadly sometimes when we arrive there we hear that a Dear friend has passed it makes it very hard to be upbeat but for all the heart break at those times there are rewards, we need at times to look close and feel the Love.
I have been busy with my Art Students who make me laugh, they are so creative and excited with everything they do. When they leave after their lessons I then work on my art which I will admit I need to light a fire under myself to get what I want to get done and right now I have started a Christmas Commission of a Painted Mat which I will not be able to share on here, for it is a surprise for someones lovely wife for Christmas. I will be including all of her favorite things in the painting for her to enjoy. I will share a picture of it after Christmas. I can share what I have finished to sell this Christmas Season here on my blog. This is my latest Needle Felting above titled "Beach Babe's" I have done various Beach Babes, all are different ,one of a kind but they are just that,"Beach Babes" and they are so fun when they take on their personalities, see above photo.
I have been doing Dog Needle Felting commissions and it is amazing what word of mouth can do, People love their Pets and whether it is a beloved Pet who has passed or a gift of a Pet someone has now, these Little creations put a smile on ones face for sure. And, I Love making them. 
So I will get ready for another busy fun day, it is a day off so to speak for me. We need to ready for Saturday at the Mill Village school when we will dress up in costume and visit their Haunted school and judge costumes again this year. It is nice to return to this wonderful small school with hard working Parents trying their best to keep yet another small school open. As we did our years when we lived there, it always is nice to visit and see how things are going in the Village, where we raised a fine Man and also Foster Children over the years. These small schools are like home away from home.