Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meet my warren of bunnies,

Here they are , if you can zoom in and can see their faces , check them out. I am just about crazy from making bunnies one after another this past while, almost like production work but when doing something such as needle felting or carving anything hands on ,one at a time it is almost impossible to recreate anything identical, so the end result is so satisfying. I see so many wonderful expressions in these faces , not only do I see it myself but Chuck as well as they were coming along and we have been sitting and laughing when looking at them .I can imagine what they might be thinking when looking at their cute faces, yes if they could think. I believe like when doing a painting or anything such as this, you work along and then "puff!!" like magic it all comes together , don't you love it when that happens? My next commission is of a needle felted Mermaid, a caricature of a young Marine Biologist who is a beautiful young woman with long brown hair. I look forward to her challenge.Of course I love it and it helps so when I know some little personal information about the person so I can capitalize on their most striking features. It makes it so very special. So another day on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia , Autumn being my and many other's favorite time of year. "So when are you coming?"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Puppy debut...

May I introduce to you my great accomplishment of finally getting this project in print. I am happy to bring to you "Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy".It is a fun little book which over took my mind and heart as we were Puppy sitting a Border Collie,Lu Lu Belle and like all puppies , she is happy,all the time . I dare not tell you more ,I am selling copies of this fun little book and I look forward to sharing it with you . You might ask what age group? Well, let me tell you ,as young as young can be and as old as old can be, I am 58 years old and whether I wrote this or not, I always smile when I read it, you get a happy feeling from the pages. So, I am on pins and needles you might say and have plans for something else in the future. Which brings me back to needing a lap top :-) do you think I can nag it to be? I am trying :-) if anyone is interested in my book you can contact me at being the end of the Season ,my plans for distributing it will be right now here from home.
The Folk art piece I recently finished was delivered to A-1 Pizza today and I am happy again to say that he is pleased with it and I believe it will look great along with the first piece I did for him.

Needle felting has been in the back of my head, on my mind and the plan is to get one started soon,but I actually may take a day off.Then again, this time of year with our cool mornings ,warm mid days and cool evenings,it seems to be the time to do those little get ready for Winter outside jobs. I have many boat pieces dry undercover waiting to be prepared for painting on. This Summer even though not quite like other years finds me needing to replenish those hard to get paintings on unique pieces of what I call treasure pieces of found boats.

Last evening we celebrated our upcoming on the 17th ,28th wedding Anniversary with Dear Friend's who are celebrating their 25th on the 14th of September . Along with another Dear Friend and two Dogs. We ate and took in a beautiful Fall evening outside under the Progola with good Friend's rejoicing with memories of our Unions. Photo above of Patricia , William, Chuck and I.

On a sad note I would like to send my thoughts and concerns at the News of our Local Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet closing here in Town. Our concerns go out to all of those who have lost their jobs. We pray that you all find new jobs and soon. We appreciate your friendly smiles and jokes as well fine service these past years. Best of Luck to you all.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finished FolkArt commission

This is my latest work, A "Diorama" for A-1 Pizza. Which has been keeping me busy this past bit.There is already a simular one which hangs above his Pizza Oven done back in 2010. The Bubba Factory being the theme of this latest one.,with again his Children in the scene. It is a Family business, and take note of the youngest of his Children who I put front and center, his little arms reaching up trying to help, waiting for the day he can get in there with his Father and Siblings ,creating and learning the business. A piece like this is out of my norm as to what I usually do but I have enjoyed building these Dioramas so much that I have plans for another ,which will be for sale. My thoughts are still moving about in my head as to what it will be of, I am thinking on the line of Peggy's Cove or similar with Boats, wharfs, etc. etc. maybe even Mermaids. We will see as I put more thought into it. Chuck built the box for me ,it being the same size as the first Diorama for A-1 Pizza so he has the option to hang it beside the first piece. Once the box was done I sketched in all that I wanted to build and then took off from there. First the background was created then the figures were cut out and mounted ,I tried to upload these pictures in the right order but one needs to be computer smart and ,well that may not be little old me with those abilities, so bare with me and figure out by the photos how it all came to it's completion :-) The fun part was finishing it, bringing it to life you might say, I worked on it well into the evening a few nights, excited to see it come to be, as does so many pieces like my 2010 Elevator Mural, Chuck always saying, now make sure you stop at 5 PM,so as not to burn yourself out, but this is what I do and I Love what I do so I always find myself after a good Mug up sitting at my easel with a glass of wine looking over what I had done that day ,to then find my right hand reaching for a paint brush to add that one little stroke which makes the World of difference and sure enough, that is what happens and I always like the results. Today just a simple coat of varnish and tomorrow I will deliver this piece to Joey to hang and be photographed along with other inside and outside shots to add to his upcoming new Web Site. Regarding my Children's book, I was told yesterday that it is done and I will be picking it up tomorrow, I am so excited!!!it has been awhile coming, I have talked about it for so long and I soon will have it in my own little hands with plans already for something more, something new, a story yet to be told, maybe of some of the exciting adventures Chuck and I have lived in our come Sept. 17th 28 years married ,or The Story of the Sea People, wow!!! I need two or three of me, is the World ready for that many me's? Maybe not!!! I want a lap top, I have said this so many times, I need to start a lap top money jar,hmmmm..I just may do that, and save for one so I won't be tethered here in my computer closet ,able to write where the mood strikes me.They can't be that pricey these days, I must research soon regarding that.

Today we are having our from away Summer Friend's for dinner along with Family and adopted Family and fur friend's ,the day promises to be a wonderful Maritime Autumn day with good food and special company and me in the Kitchen instead of behind an easel . Wish me luck...I am making my once and hopefully still famous Seafood casserole with all kinds of trimmings and desert, Chuck usually being the cook ,today is my I said wish me luck,then again, any seafood is good sea food so I should have no problems..yum!!!

Drop back again soon and see what I am up to next.