Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meet my warren of bunnies,

Here they are , if you can zoom in and can see their faces , check them out. I am just about crazy from making bunnies one after another this past while, almost like production work but when doing something such as needle felting or carving anything hands on ,one at a time it is almost impossible to recreate anything identical, so the end result is so satisfying. I see so many wonderful expressions in these faces , not only do I see it myself but Chuck as well as they were coming along and we have been sitting and laughing when looking at them .I can imagine what they might be thinking when looking at their cute faces, yes if they could think. I believe like when doing a painting or anything such as this, you work along and then "puff!!" like magic it all comes together , don't you love it when that happens? My next commission is of a needle felted Mermaid, a caricature of a young Marine Biologist who is a beautiful young woman with long brown hair. I look forward to her challenge.Of course I love it and it helps so when I know some little personal information about the person so I can capitalize on their most striking features. It makes it so very special. So another day on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia , Autumn being my and many other's favorite time of year. "So when are you coming?"

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