Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 soon to be

Well Santa has been and gone for another year. 2010 so close we can taste it.

Christmas was super quiet and relaxing and my commissions and gifts ahve been received and appriciated. I will share a few with you .

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it has been busy...considering I make a lot of my gifts that go out, fun though ,with thought as to what people might like.
All my commissions are done and I think everyone is about ready and now I will start to bake, oh what fun,sampling all... :-0
We have been dog sitting while friend's are flying all over visiting family from away. It could be easier but I am the top dog or at least make them believe I am.
The weather here could be whiter and Chuck promised to make a Snowman with me as soon as we get some snow. I can't wait, some small things still amuse some people.
We so miss our Summer resident friend's know who you are, we wish you were closer so we could tip a glass of cheer with you ,so consider us with you in spirit.
After Christmas my plan is to buckle down and do a lot of work, painting as well as needle felting.
I have many exciting ideas in mind for next year.
this is all for right now. Merry Christmas all.

Monday, December 7, 2009

closer and closer

the weekend has been busy ,finished up the last of my new commissions last night.
My Santa with the red long john's has moved on to live with his new Family and a collection of Santa's, so....I will have to try and make another similar ,never the same...maybe this new Santa will be fatter..we will see.
Our tree is up besides our Palm Tree, why not I said, hopefully I will have a few last minute shoppers come by.
We Doggy sit and we have a Gracie coming to spend 10 days with us before Christmas as well we will have our regular Laura for this coming weekend plus our little Papilla Eddie, Wow!!!it will be a house full ,this being a smaller house then what we had on the Medway river, Eddie our (Papallon) will be in his Glory with two ladies staying with him.
our Local house tour and tea is this weekend 12th I am working the tea which is at our local Masons hall and Chuck will be there in his Mason's apron to greet and show folk's their secret meeting room, not so secret after all. It should be very educational.
We had a dusting of snow again last night, looks pretty and is strange in the way that just the other day it was down right balmy, welcome to Nova Scotia.
Well I am off to get ready for my checkup and cleaning....yup ,but I will be back later to get some work done.
I want to send all great wishes to you all for a safe and happy Christmas season, Blesses from our home to yours.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa is on his way, I have been busy with commissions , Thank you ,you know who you are and I will share these past creations with you all after Christmas right understand ?"Mum's the word" with these projects.
The weather here on the South shore has been unseasonably warm, so we thought ,why not, we have a sense of humor , sometimes too much of one, well maybe in other folk's eyes but we love it, so we invested in a Palm tree which will be inside at Christmas and outside all Summer be brought inside again next Christmas, what fun ,we love to sit under it..rather warm feeling for sure.
Not to sadden the mood but , we buried two Dear Friend's Father this past Friday and my, something like this does make one look at life and the Season with wide open eyes. So we send our Blessings to all who venture into my Blog and remember ...keep it light and and a song in your heart. Life is all too short. Have fun, be nice and always remember ,someone is hurting... maybe close to you .
So now back to being light and airy, we just had a doggy friend come to visit for the day and off I go to play fetch, I will do the throwing and Laura will do the fetching.
Stay safe and warm. Happy Holidays.
If you are looking for that something special for someone, come by the Wardroom Gallery, you just may find what you are looking for.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec. 2nd already!!!

yes Dec. 2nd. already,Santa is on his way and I am working on another commission, Thank you all for this season has found me busy with commissions and they thankfully have come in one at a time in most cases, this is my work so I am here most days doing just that , working and loving it., I dearly Love what I do.
Killing time most evenings waiting for bed having our Christmas heart strings pulled with those wonderful good time stories that we all hear before Christmas.

I had to go to Mahone Bay for wool roving yesterday other then that we shop here in town ,or make most of our gifts , being in this business. Liverpool is a beautiful little town with great shopping and talented artists.

Over the years at this time of year we would be gone ,doing the Craft Show circuit exhausting it was but we were younger then and at those times we didn't really think about it and how hard it was. But, my goodness we miss the social life part of it and we have so many fun stories from those years and made great friend's with the other artists and costumers who we would see year after year.

I will post pictures of my commissions after Christmas know why :-) Mum's the word on them right now, for they are gifts.

I have been working on small affordable projects this season, and we have brought back our antique barn board Santa's which we first made many years ago ,see above.
So I will leave you at this time and will be back soon.
Drop by my gallery 142 Payzant Street Liverpool or drop me a line.