Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa is on his way, I have been busy with commissions , Thank you ,you know who you are and I will share these past creations with you all after Christmas right understand ?"Mum's the word" with these projects.
The weather here on the South shore has been unseasonably warm, so we thought ,why not, we have a sense of humor , sometimes too much of one, well maybe in other folk's eyes but we love it, so we invested in a Palm tree which will be inside at Christmas and outside all Summer be brought inside again next Christmas, what fun ,we love to sit under it..rather warm feeling for sure.
Not to sadden the mood but , we buried two Dear Friend's Father this past Friday and my, something like this does make one look at life and the Season with wide open eyes. So we send our Blessings to all who venture into my Blog and remember ...keep it light and and a song in your heart. Life is all too short. Have fun, be nice and always remember ,someone is hurting... maybe close to you .
So now back to being light and airy, we just had a doggy friend come to visit for the day and off I go to play fetch, I will do the throwing and Laura will do the fetching.
Stay safe and warm. Happy Holidays.
If you are looking for that something special for someone, come by the Wardroom Gallery, you just may find what you are looking for.

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  1. Wow! You're gallery just looks like a fun place to be! Love the shirts too.