Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sea Wizard's,on their way.

Here is a picture of my Wizard order who are on their way to New Mexico as I write. I have a History Professor Client who gives Sea Wizards away to his favorite Graduates at the end of the school year. Because I have been working outside as well house cleaning the past two weeks , I have not been getting any Art or needle felting done. I have a commission I am starting for A1 Pizza, same kind of creation I did for him last Fall, a three D folk art type piece. I need Chucks help with the shadow box building and now that it is done, the fun part begins. My Children's book is at the publisher's and I will have copies for sale soon. I am so excited!!! finally ...and I do hope you all like it, I find it makes me smile when I read it ,I hope it puts a smile on other faces too. Thoughts are swimming around in my head about another story and I have some funky ideas about this Winters paintings.Totally out of my norm, we will see. Although I will always have to have boat part Paintings available, but Beach combing for these interesting pieces is getting harder and good pieces are fewer and harder to find, not being as busy with smaller boats fishing as in earlier years.Thank God Chuck cooks, where would I find the time?This Winter we are going to try cooking once a Month, our plan is to put up meals in the freezer and try and make more time for other things other then cooking daily. Years ago we did a craft circuit with a Dear since departed Soul , a published Author,Artist ,Animal and Children Lover, Sylvia Wiggle, she had us over for Dinner one day and we were so impressed with the fact she had all these meals already in the freezer, we saying ,now don't go to any bother, we all got to pick what we wanted, way to go Sylvia, a real time saver. Her craft was making Little finger Puppets, furry pets and People puppets.A lovely Lady she was . Thank you Sylvia ,for teaching us well.Off I go ,back to work.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

No moss anywhere near here...

What I mean by the title of this blog installment is that it has been a very busy week, yes what is new? This is our passion or one of a few and I do love to stay busy but I have been burning it at both ends as the old saying goes. Here are a few pictures of what has been going on ,the Buoy Lamps ,one is sold and possibly the other one as well, but if it is still available I will have it at the Market on the Mersey tomorrow Friday 19 th,10-2. Here is my latest Needle felted character "Pretty Maid" Mermaid. I have decided on my next Needle Felted Characters , an old Man and his wife, keep an eye out for them ,they will be cute ,I promise, I see them already in my mind. I dressed my Sea People commission this morning and they are drying in the sun. I will share a picture of them when they are done, they will be shipped to New Mexico and will be used as special gifts for graduating University Students from a dear Professor Friend /Client ,we have been making Wizard's for him for years now.

Here is a picture I took of our deck/pergola after dark the other night ,I love to sit out here, and just veg. in my hammock or make music,very inspiring.

We have as Summer often does reconnected with Friend's and relatives we may not see so much during the Winter Months and our smiles the past week have been very large with great hugs from special people, healing hugs ,they are the best of the best.

We also met a new friend this week, a fellow drummer, he will be bringing a few drums to the Market tomorrow and we will be doing a bit of a jam, anyone is welcome, the more the merrier. So come on down to The Market on the Mersey and get your willies out or shop for that great piece of art or treat from one of our vender's, the day should be beautiful as it has been the past thankfully few weeks.Summer did start out a bit rough regarding weather ,but here in Nova Scotia we get a little bit of everything as well I find our weather is nice ,right up until Christmas and beyond these past few years, nothing to complain about,it is what it is and it ain't what it ain't. I am off to check on my drying Wizard's and work on a sketch of my next needle felting.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Market on the Mersey and Hospital Hustle

The weather this past few weeks for Market on the Mersey has been quite wonderful!!!Summer seems to have arrived although when I look at my vines growing on my fence I see they are changing color already.I love Autumn and wish we could have the wonderful cool days with warm fall sun all year round. The heat is no longer my friend, at least in the cold of Winter we can put on more layers of cloths, but during the hot ,hot days of Summer, one can only remove so many cloths ,being seen nearly nude in our ripe older ages leaves much to be desired,yuk!!! I have been taking my Tongue Drum to the Market the past two weeks and I enjoy killing time doing what I love to do and that is to play any one of my drums , as you can see in this picture ,just how serious I am when playing :-) and I hope I am not offending any one's ears. There is a lot of interest from People in this drum ,not being something seen a lot, and the sound is soothing and different from other drums. I hang my Wind Chimes from the tree branches down in the Park so when the wind is blowing they are sounding as well. I finished sculpting my heads for my Sea People commission and they are just about dry and in the next couple of weeks I must make Sea Wizard's. Our local Hospital Hustle Fund Raiser is coming up soon and I am making a special wind chime for the Art/Craft Table, come take a look and consider buying something from this Table ,there should be some wonderful art to choose from or search for that special treasure waiting there for you ,the proceeds go to the Hospital and are very much needed.

We are headed to the Beach this afternoon to take in a bit of sand and surf before heading to a Little guy's birthday party. I needle felted him a Pocket Pet Bunny for his birthday.My Pocket Pets have been selling and I so enjoy seeing Children and Adults walking away with them, it's rather sweet watching them hold and play with their new Pets, the perfect Pet I might add, quiet and no need to feed and water. There just aren't enough hours in the Day ,I need to replenish my Needle felted dogs that I keep on hand, I have a great Dog book which I use for reference when doing my different Breeds . I also have to make time to do a couple needle felted figures ,I have a few ideas but ,where is the time. School will be back in soon ,it seems like it just got out.

Last week at the Market on the Mersey I was talking with a couple German Families and Folk's from New Jersey as well, it is great to have them drop by and visit and be entertained with local Talent and hospitality. Liverpool always is friendly and open armed ,everyone giving a wave and hello to all, just one of those small Town things, like when in Newfoundland , everyone is made welcome. So drop by the Market this coming Friday, it should be another great day on the Mersey.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wind Chime update..busy day...

This post will be with few words, more pictures of the Wind Chimes to date, it was a great day ,and working together ,we got a lot done, as well,we took a walk with Little Riki.

These chimes will be with us this Friday "Market on the Mersey", come check them out..I love having productive days, but my house looks like we got a lot done, the next couple of days may be wet, so housework is on the list, gee, I may find something I thought I lost.Besides my mind ,at times :-).

meet our House Guest..

There isn't much I can say that you can't read from these pictures. Isn't she cute?!!! Her name is Little Riki and she is staying a few days with Aunt Deb and Uncle Chuck. Belly rubs and soft velvet ears and those eyes,look at those eyes. Yesterday I was on the deck late afternoon playing my Tongue Drum ,Little Riki thought my mallets were sticks to play with and bite,after discovering that Aunt Deb was not going to let her have them, she then laid her head on my drum listening to the music and feeling the vibration ,watching every move I made. She is a wonderful calm as well as incredibly handsome Puppy and we are enjoying her company. At the moment she is laying on my feet as I type. I will be doing a painting of her this Winter , her Daddy is an Artist and I know for sure he will be doing a painting of her as well. How could we not. In the near future I will be needle felting a Little Riki Pocket Pet ,see the photo here of some of my Pocket Pets which I will have again with me at the Market on the Mersey on Friday, I have tried to do many different breeds in the past and I do commissions from photos.By the way ,where are all the local folks from Town during these Friday Markets? Our Region has been trying to advertise shopping local but I see very few Locals on these days, so I wonder if maybe Saturdays may not be the best day for the Market instead of Fridays, having been doing shows and Markets over the years since the late 1970's I must say we have noticed Friday's always being a slow day, maybe next Summer it can be changed and hopefully be and become a busy Market. Weather permitting ,my plan is to take along my drum again this week, lets make our Market on the Mersey something to remember and give it a party feeling, Lets make Liverpool the place to be and visit and busy with fun and activities galore. I have an appointment with our local Book binding Shop Veinot's Print on Monday to discuss my Children's Book and I hope when I have a few on hand to give you all plenty of notice to bring your Children and Grand Children to the park to have me read to them my story"The Happy Puppy". So come on out and support our Local Sheriff. Come on down this Friday to Privateer Park in Liverpool 10-2 and take in some Home Town Flavor. Lets make it happen, once the word is out ,you will be impressed with how busy it can become. And don't forget , delicious Fish and Chips ,sausage etc. for your hungry Bellies from Chippy ,Chippy ,Bang Bang,which is on our Water Front daily as well near the Market on Fridays. Here are pictures of Chucks wind Chimes and a picture of Riki with my drum.

I must get to painting today and the next few days to replenish my consignment stock at our Local Fort Point gift Shop. I find the smaller boat piece paintings are popular with People travelling, something small that they can put right into their suitcases which can't be hurt while on the road packed in a car like a canvas could.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July and August

I have been this past July and into August so busy indeed that I have given up trying to get these pictures right side up, when I view them before I upload they are OK and up right and then ..see ,I give up..please turn your heads and stretch your necks, it may be good and limber you up while viewing my latest Summers work, having painted the floor mats , I decided to do something smaller and more affordable ,these are table runners or place mats ,as well they can be mounted and framed and put on the wall, but my preference is having them on the table .Easy clean up with a wet cloth. The Beach scene is our Dear "Carter's Beach" as well I thought one day to do a primitive Happy Day type of Table Runner ,the Flowers and music notes. My latest busy past weeks, I am working my little fingers to the bone not only supplying my Summer Consignments but trying to have something new and different for the Liverpool Friday 10-2 "Market on the Mersey"in Privateer Park . Chuck is working on his wind Chimes and I have been doing well ,lets just say I have been busy, I had a commission to finish up ,A Sea People figurine,see above, so I made four ,with Sea People that is the best method with making them, sometimes up to twelve at a time even more, there are a lot of steps to them and they, when in big numbers, hang around the house drying in different stages of completion .When we did the Atlantic Craft Trade Shows , our home was like a factory, we even made tables from boxes of Sea People waiting to be shipped out. But the quality of work with hiring People to help make them took the hands on and quality away from the product, so we felt it didn't work and we continued doing them in smaller numbers ourselves and sure enough today after the first prototype which was in 1978, with our Kitchen Witches and then in 85 ,we came up with the Sea People, we still get calls for them and it is amazing and interesting to hear from where they first saw them. There is a story to go along with our Sea People ,waiting yet to be told,one day .

I acquired some pieces of slate rock and have been painting on them too,great texture I like the finished product, I will have one at the Market this week along with a few other new items.I figured why not take along a drum or two as well this week, it's quiet down there during the Market with no music, we will see how it goes, if I see people running away ,I will stop.Maybe I might be able to offer someone a chance to drum along with me??We will see . So come on down to the Market on the Mersey on never know what you may find and if not that treasure you have been in search for maybe you will run into an old or new friend and share a laugh and joke with someone.