Sunday, August 7, 2011

meet our House Guest..

There isn't much I can say that you can't read from these pictures. Isn't she cute?!!! Her name is Little Riki and she is staying a few days with Aunt Deb and Uncle Chuck. Belly rubs and soft velvet ears and those eyes,look at those eyes. Yesterday I was on the deck late afternoon playing my Tongue Drum ,Little Riki thought my mallets were sticks to play with and bite,after discovering that Aunt Deb was not going to let her have them, she then laid her head on my drum listening to the music and feeling the vibration ,watching every move I made. She is a wonderful calm as well as incredibly handsome Puppy and we are enjoying her company. At the moment she is laying on my feet as I type. I will be doing a painting of her this Winter , her Daddy is an Artist and I know for sure he will be doing a painting of her as well. How could we not. In the near future I will be needle felting a Little Riki Pocket Pet ,see the photo here of some of my Pocket Pets which I will have again with me at the Market on the Mersey on Friday, I have tried to do many different breeds in the past and I do commissions from photos.By the way ,where are all the local folks from Town during these Friday Markets? Our Region has been trying to advertise shopping local but I see very few Locals on these days, so I wonder if maybe Saturdays may not be the best day for the Market instead of Fridays, having been doing shows and Markets over the years since the late 1970's I must say we have noticed Friday's always being a slow day, maybe next Summer it can be changed and hopefully be and become a busy Market. Weather permitting ,my plan is to take along my drum again this week, lets make our Market on the Mersey something to remember and give it a party feeling, Lets make Liverpool the place to be and visit and busy with fun and activities galore. I have an appointment with our local Book binding Shop Veinot's Print on Monday to discuss my Children's Book and I hope when I have a few on hand to give you all plenty of notice to bring your Children and Grand Children to the park to have me read to them my story"The Happy Puppy". So come on out and support our Local Sheriff. Come on down this Friday to Privateer Park in Liverpool 10-2 and take in some Home Town Flavor. Lets make it happen, once the word is out ,you will be impressed with how busy it can become. And don't forget , delicious Fish and Chips ,sausage etc. for your hungry Bellies from Chippy ,Chippy ,Bang Bang,which is on our Water Front daily as well near the Market on Fridays. Here are pictures of Chucks wind Chimes and a picture of Riki with my drum.

I must get to painting today and the next few days to replenish my consignment stock at our Local Fort Point gift Shop. I find the smaller boat piece paintings are popular with People travelling, something small that they can put right into their suitcases which can't be hurt while on the road packed in a car like a canvas could.

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