Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sea Wizard's,on their way.

Here is a picture of my Wizard order who are on their way to New Mexico as I write. I have a History Professor Client who gives Sea Wizards away to his favorite Graduates at the end of the school year. Because I have been working outside as well house cleaning the past two weeks , I have not been getting any Art or needle felting done. I have a commission I am starting for A1 Pizza, same kind of creation I did for him last Fall, a three D folk art type piece. I need Chucks help with the shadow box building and now that it is done, the fun part begins. My Children's book is at the publisher's and I will have copies for sale soon. I am so excited!!! finally ...and I do hope you all like it, I find it makes me smile when I read it ,I hope it puts a smile on other faces too. Thoughts are swimming around in my head about another story and I have some funky ideas about this Winters paintings.Totally out of my norm, we will see. Although I will always have to have boat part Paintings available, but Beach combing for these interesting pieces is getting harder and good pieces are fewer and harder to find, not being as busy with smaller boats fishing as in earlier years.Thank God Chuck cooks, where would I find the time?This Winter we are going to try cooking once a Month, our plan is to put up meals in the freezer and try and make more time for other things other then cooking daily. Years ago we did a craft circuit with a Dear since departed Soul , a published Author,Artist ,Animal and Children Lover, Sylvia Wiggle, she had us over for Dinner one day and we were so impressed with the fact she had all these meals already in the freezer, we saying ,now don't go to any bother, we all got to pick what we wanted, way to go Sylvia, a real time saver. Her craft was making Little finger Puppets, furry pets and People puppets.A lovely Lady she was . Thank you Sylvia ,for teaching us well.Off I go ,back to work.

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