Friday, October 10, 2014

Needle felting again

 Since having our sweet, bad kitten Tippy join our household in March my needle felting has been slim if not none . Anyone out there who knows anything about needle felting know that you use a very sharp barbed needle poking into raw wool while working on a sponge. Your hand moves very fast up and down and you poke the wool over and over again until the wool fuses together creating and sculpting whatever you are building. All of the above is very interesting activities and medium for a bad, curious kitten who is very active and busy. I have been back needle felting these past days with a squirt bottle near to keep sweet boy at bay. I have collected up many wonderful props for some interesting creations over the summer months and here is the first of hopefully a few for a show at White Point on November 16th. This is another one of my "Beach Babe" series this one is sitting in the most beautiful wooden lawn chair. You will have to come to the show and pick her up ,turn her around and check her out in her bikini, wink wink ,nudge nudge...LOL My beach babes have been very popular in the past.
As well as the needle felting I have been back to painting on my found boat parts. These days being somewhat older and not able to beach comb and climb over rocks like in past years has been a challenge but thankfully I found tucked away in a corner in my shop a few wonderful old ,interesting boat pieces and I will have at this upcoming show a few paintings on boat parts. Chuck still needs to prepare them so they can be hung and after he does that I will share a photo of them here. More to come soon.