Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 soon to be

Well Santa has been and gone for another year. 2010 so close we can taste it.

Christmas was super quiet and relaxing and my commissions and gifts ahve been received and appriciated. I will share a few with you .

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it has been busy...considering I make a lot of my gifts that go out, fun though ,with thought as to what people might like.
All my commissions are done and I think everyone is about ready and now I will start to bake, oh what fun,sampling all... :-0
We have been dog sitting while friend's are flying all over visiting family from away. It could be easier but I am the top dog or at least make them believe I am.
The weather here could be whiter and Chuck promised to make a Snowman with me as soon as we get some snow. I can't wait, some small things still amuse some people.
We so miss our Summer resident friend's know who you are, we wish you were closer so we could tip a glass of cheer with you ,so consider us with you in spirit.
After Christmas my plan is to buckle down and do a lot of work, painting as well as needle felting.
I have many exciting ideas in mind for next year.
this is all for right now. Merry Christmas all.

Monday, December 7, 2009

closer and closer

the weekend has been busy ,finished up the last of my new commissions last night.
My Santa with the red long john's has moved on to live with his new Family and a collection of Santa's, so....I will have to try and make another similar ,never the same...maybe this new Santa will be fatter..we will see.
Our tree is up besides our Palm Tree, why not I said, hopefully I will have a few last minute shoppers come by.
We Doggy sit and we have a Gracie coming to spend 10 days with us before Christmas as well we will have our regular Laura for this coming weekend plus our little Papilla Eddie, Wow!!!it will be a house full ,this being a smaller house then what we had on the Medway river, Eddie our (Papallon) will be in his Glory with two ladies staying with him.
our Local house tour and tea is this weekend 12th I am working the tea which is at our local Masons hall and Chuck will be there in his Mason's apron to greet and show folk's their secret meeting room, not so secret after all. It should be very educational.
We had a dusting of snow again last night, looks pretty and is strange in the way that just the other day it was down right balmy, welcome to Nova Scotia.
Well I am off to get ready for my checkup and cleaning....yup ,but I will be back later to get some work done.
I want to send all great wishes to you all for a safe and happy Christmas season, Blesses from our home to yours.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa is on his way, I have been busy with commissions , Thank you ,you know who you are and I will share these past creations with you all after Christmas right understand ?"Mum's the word" with these projects.
The weather here on the South shore has been unseasonably warm, so we thought ,why not, we have a sense of humor , sometimes too much of one, well maybe in other folk's eyes but we love it, so we invested in a Palm tree which will be inside at Christmas and outside all Summer be brought inside again next Christmas, what fun ,we love to sit under it..rather warm feeling for sure.
Not to sadden the mood but , we buried two Dear Friend's Father this past Friday and my, something like this does make one look at life and the Season with wide open eyes. So we send our Blessings to all who venture into my Blog and remember ...keep it light and and a song in your heart. Life is all too short. Have fun, be nice and always remember ,someone is hurting... maybe close to you .
So now back to being light and airy, we just had a doggy friend come to visit for the day and off I go to play fetch, I will do the throwing and Laura will do the fetching.
Stay safe and warm. Happy Holidays.
If you are looking for that something special for someone, come by the Wardroom Gallery, you just may find what you are looking for.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec. 2nd already!!!

yes Dec. 2nd. already,Santa is on his way and I am working on another commission, Thank you all for this season has found me busy with commissions and they thankfully have come in one at a time in most cases, this is my work so I am here most days doing just that , working and loving it., I dearly Love what I do.
Killing time most evenings waiting for bed having our Christmas heart strings pulled with those wonderful good time stories that we all hear before Christmas.

I had to go to Mahone Bay for wool roving yesterday other then that we shop here in town ,or make most of our gifts , being in this business. Liverpool is a beautiful little town with great shopping and talented artists.

Over the years at this time of year we would be gone ,doing the Craft Show circuit exhausting it was but we were younger then and at those times we didn't really think about it and how hard it was. But, my goodness we miss the social life part of it and we have so many fun stories from those years and made great friend's with the other artists and costumers who we would see year after year.

I will post pictures of my commissions after Christmas know why :-) Mum's the word on them right now, for they are gifts.

I have been working on small affordable projects this season, and we have brought back our antique barn board Santa's which we first made many years ago ,see above.
So I will leave you at this time and will be back soon.
Drop by my gallery 142 Payzant Street Liverpool or drop me a line.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

contact info

Contact info:
902-354-3690 My web site is done by a very busy, dear friend and I am going to try and work out of my blog as much as I can to save the wear and tear on him, Thank you Bern :-)
So as I mentioned before ,if you have any questions or comments or would just like to touch base with me, please do , I appreciate your interest and would love to know what you think.

christmas Season, time is flying

If you have any questions regarding any of my products ,please feel free to contact me.
here we have needle felted dogs in stock and I do commissions, Hooked hangings and table tops .

Cowboy Boot birdhouse

Needle felted Bunnies which I call Pocket Pets for little one's, there is nothing at all to hurt small children in these, they are pure wool and I am a favorite Auntie to many little people who I give these to.

needle felted snowmen and watercolor paintings as well as many other paintings in different mediums.

these are a few of my Santa's ,two are needle felted and the one on the left has a ceramic head.

well as my title reads , time is flying , I can't believe November is just about over. Last week we did an art workshop with Grade 3's, yes grade 3's and I have the cold ,let alone the pictures to prove it, see above photo.

Monday, November 23, 2009

a busy summer

Goodness ,it has been a long ,busy Summer and Autumn. My original plan was to spend the Summer meeting people on our beautiful Liverpool waterfront but with the Spring rains I decided to change my plans and stay closer to home, dry and easier for me, less work. So I opened the Gallery in hopes folks would find me and they did. I met so many wonderful new friends ,costumers (Bonnie , know who you are...lovely young couple "Artists" Thank you ..we will stay in touch. All ,who passed through my door ..Thank you , come again.

I have had painting commissions and have been painting up a storm but this needle felting has taken over me and I am needle felting these days as much as putting brush to canvas.

The Gallery is ready for the Christmas season, drop by..check out our humorous tree we added to the Gallery with the thought of keeping it up for atmosphere year round, a Palm Tree, yes a Palm Tree ,artificial of course, what warmth it gives on a cold damp day, so come visit my Island Paradise, see above photo.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

small world and getting smaller

Well we all have said this before about how small the world is and yes as we get older we find that this ole world has yet again become even smaller.

I have been selling my art for many years and am hanging in many homes. The other day I got an email from a gentleman who bought one of my paintings from another location not my Gallery. He was to give his Dad this painting for Fathers Day this year and when doing so made a connection with seeing my Maiden name. So to make a long personal story short , second cousins have been re found and stories and names have and will in the near future be shared to one day have our deceased Mom's side of the family Tree completed and shared with all our new old Kin.

How lovely to find and share with long lost Family.

As a young child growing up in our home , every Christmas back then when one could afford to buy small gifts to send along to all Aunts, Uncle's and Cousins from away, I remember me being the one who loved to wrap all the gifts to then be mailed away and I recall Mom sending gifts off to Toronto to a Cousin and Aunt of hers who I believe I did meet once but being so young remember not much. Now Linda and Ken, older siblings of mine have been sharing names and places from then since this reconnect.

Today is a sunny day here in lately soggy Nova Scotia Summer July 2009, it has been raining off and on for 6 weeks now, not much of a Summer for those travelling and taking in the sites as well the poor souls trying to camp in such weather. As they say,"Make hay while the sun is shining" and the Folk's I have been talking to are doing just that, hitting the Beach's on fine days and visiting inside Galleries and Museums on those rainy days.

Just this morning I was told a story/joke by a Dear friend, I will share with you all, here it goes.

A Gentleman dies and goes to Hell, waiting outside the gates of Hell for Lucifer to open the door and toss him into the fire. While waiting in line he noticed that Lucifer would sometimes throw some folk to a pile off to the side. When it came his turn he asked why some Folk were tossed off to the side and Lucifer answered "Those Bl oak's are from Nova Scotia and are still too wet to burn."

I just had the most wonderful young couple come into the Gallery from BC, you know who you are, Bonnie and Wes . They are Artists , young ,vibrant ,colorful, sweet, personable and so on, we made right away ,a connection ,isn't it special when that happens,and we will meet again and for sure stay in touch by this fabulous Internet. Yes I can say it again "a small World" and everyday is a blessing and they made my day, Thank you .

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An early pig story

I told you last about the pigs that escaped and me getting them back into the barn when we lived in Charleston, now I have another pig story from way in the beginning of our relationship together.
We were living in Feltzen South sleeping many nights on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in a crack in a rock, read back for that story.
Chuck had done some farming before I met him with his ex father in law " Grampy Eddie" who was a pig farmer in New Brunswick.
While in Feltzen South we met an older Gent Mellie Mosher who lived at the end of our road, Mellie had a small farm as well he worked on the Riverport Docks emptying fish from the inshore boats with a very sharp fish fork, one day while working Mellie accidentally stuck the fish fork in his foot right through his rubber boot. It was a busy time for Mellie it was haying season, so we came to the rescue and we made his hay for him that year. He had also a pig to be culled and Chuck spoke up with his knowledge from Grampy Eddie and said we could help with that. Now I am a bit of a Tom Boy and spent many years of my childhood on a farm on the Eastern Shore (Marie Joseph) with many Animals but never did I ever witness let alone help with the culling of an Animal, but as the old saying goes "you gotta do whats ya gotta do" so off we went to Mellie's to help with this task. Now Mellie lived with his sister and my goodness to sit at her table for a mug up after a long day on the farm was a joy, she cooked up a storm, biscuits ,pies ,cakes you name it....I though got stuck out working with the men and this pig so we got to work, boiling water to dip the carcass to remove the hair,getting things in order.
Mellie shot the pig, Chuck being the youngest man offered to go in and drag the pig out, he started in when all of a sudden the pig got up on it's feet and went after Chuck . The pig forced Chuck up against the Pig pen ,then got it's tusk under Chucks foot and flung him up over the Pig pen fence and he landed on his back in Pig Shit!!! we carefully helped Chuck up and peeled his coveralls off, we were laughing so hard we could barley contain ourselves, Mellie looked at Chuck and said" Now Sonny how can you laugh?"Chuck's answer was, "Shit happens"
We got a huge pork roast from that pig and Chuck very much enjoyed it. His coveralls were thrown on top of an out building to get rained on and were never worn again.
We also were good friends back then with another Gent many actually but this mans name was Bill and he did a bit of inshore fishing, I played the Auto harp and so did Bill, he use to play his Auto harp with his Budgie Bird sitting on top of his head . Bill played his harp with a wooden match stick and to this day my Auto harp is still missing a string that broke from under Bills match stick.
Chuck and I were inshore fishing those days in Feltzen South and one early four AM morning we were to go out fishing , Chuck woke that morning not feeling well, so not to miss a days fishing I went out with Bill, what an interesting day that turned out to be. Bill showed me all his favorite fishing spots on the other side of Cross Island, the beauty of the ocean on a fine day out in a small but comfortable boat, the ocean water like black glass, big Cod fish to be caught and fun stories from Bill to be told. We caught a lot of fish that day and on the way back into the Feltzen South wharf I was in the back of the boat cleaning my fish with the Sea Gulls flying above and diving into the water for the fish guts ,thinking I was doing a good job of cleaning my fish when I hear bill say,"can you drive this boat ", "I said yes ,why"? he insisted I was making a mess of cleaning my fish and insisted on doing it for me, so I took the wheel and was coming in from Cross Island when I see ahead of me a Large Lobster Boat coming our way, why of course I knew to slow down and let the bigger boat go by, but Bill not knowing this came flying to the wheel afraid that I was going to try and out run this huge boat, poor Bill I often wonder over the years if he ever told the story about the day he took the young so called hippy chick out fishing. I had a great time and learned a lot from Dear old Bill, Thank you Bill.
another Feltzen story,
So we lived or I should say squatted in this old abounded house on the ocean, we had no electricity or running water ." Shogun " a six week special was to be on TV and we wanted to watch it, so we borrowed a small battery operated six inch. screen TV from a friend, it ran off a car battery which we would charge by carrying it in a milk box down the road to a friend's house in exchange for charging our battery and taking showers we would baby sit their two wonderful little girl's Angie and Vanessa .Back then our place was the favorite hangout of our many Lunenburg crazy Friend's , kind of wonder why, but I guess our friend's enjoyed the simple life during their visits where as we enjoyed their homes useing their showers and flush toilets while visiting them. Well a gang showed up one night during "Shogun " we were determined not to miss it so invited them all to join us in front of this very tiny again six inch TV,oh did I mention? no I didn't , there were twelve of our friend's there that night. So here we all were sitting around the kitchen, drinking up a storm and watching Shogun, well one of us realized how funny it must have looked because here we had fourteen pair of eyes staring at the same small screen,it is a wonder the TV didn't blowup that night, from the mass of stares.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homesteading stories

I can honestly say , life has and is interesting and I would never even consider changing a thing.
Buying our 15 acre farm in 1985 was the beginning of some wonderful ever exciting times. Our Charleston home had been vacant for 2 years, looked at by many, but maybe the toilet in the kitchen had something to do with it not selling, yes I did say that , no walls around it, sat right against the wall beside the table, I might add the only electrical plug in that kitchen was right behind the toilet, so that is where we plugged in our toaster and hot water kettle while we sterilized the old dining room for sleeping and keeping our new born son clean and safe and out of the way while we worked at the house in preparation to move the toilet and start to try and get 50 years of wallpaper off the walls. So bad we had a burn barrel in the middle of the room which filled twice a day, to be rolled out and burnt. The old linoleum on the kitchen floor was so thick in the middle from years of new being put over old , made for insulation from drafts coming up from the old rock walled cellar. The toilet got moved upstairs just before Chuck left again for work up North in the Spring of 1985, leaving myself and the baby(Clay) to try and take care of the little jobs until he returned in 9 weeks. Well now that was fun, the rain started that Spring which made drying painted floors a chore. Clay and I moved in with Aunt Janie and Uncle Ken for a few weeks while things dried ,which was like a vacation at the Beach for awhile. Chuck returned after 9 weeks to a Baby who was growing in leaps and bonds and that is when we both decided that making money was not the important thing, that watching our son and ourselves grow with Love and Family was first on the list. So no longer did he go away and our Little hobby Farm began.
The old Cape Cod was starting to come together, we hooked up our old Lunenburg Foundry Peacock Kitchen wood Stove and the smells of homemade bread began to absorb into the walls of our home to remain there to this day. We then got Goats, Pippy being our first ,Pippy was an Alpine Goat and some what of a spoiled Diva who would climb our wood pile and look in the kitchen window.Then came Anna a Nubian Goat, I had never in my years even seen a dog or cat being born and when Clay was almost two years old, Chuck was at work this one day, he was a Correctional Officer in Liverpool then, Anna the Goat was to give birth and I was ready with my birthing book and basket with all I needed to assist her so I thought, I popped out to the barn that morning to check on her and what do I see ? two hooves which would come out then in, well you should have seen me run for my birthing basket and Baby and that is where Clay and I spent the day in the barn eating our lunch while waiting for the birth, finally here comes a exciting and then here comes another , three in all and she didn't need my help what so ever, thank God because Chuck who has been around many big animals giving birth had instructed me on putting my arm where the sun doesn't shine to help the baby out, thank you Anna for doing it all yourself. So much fun as these kid's grew, Clay and I would walk Anna up our quiet dirt road while the Kids would romp and play behind their Mom as we walked along. We miked our Goats to the delight of our Foster Son Collin who was allergic to Cows milk, and we made Goat cheese .Those were the days. One Christmas Chuck bought me the biggest Christmas present ever, a milk Cow "Kate" we went to see and meet Kate one evening on our way to a movie in Bridgewater, we were dressed in our town cloths and after visiting Kate and spending some time getting to know her that evening before we moved her to our farm the following day we then headed out to our movie and were settling down to watch the flick when all of a sudden we could smell barn, yes it was us, I love that smell of a barn and always have. So Kate came home right before Christmas that year , I remember us following behind the truck she was in , it was a blustery wet snowy night and they covered her head with a blanket because her head was above the box of the truck and they didn't want her to get wet or frightened, well Kate arrived safe and sound and became a great friend and addition to our growing family for years . Kate was a lovely kind animal who would let me milk her from one side while children who were interested in learning how to milk a Cow milked her on the other side. We enjoyed her tasty milk and made butter with a homemade butter churn that Chuck built. The Foster Children who came and went over those few years then so enjoyed the experience of farm life and being with animals and learning the ways of a very simple ,healthy lifestyle. Yes we had our excitement during those years , chasing cattle through the woods when they escaped from their pasture. One day while Chuck was away at a stock auction of all things , I looked out to see my three almost grown Pigs in the middle of the road, thank God for a quiet dirt road, for there I was trying to con pigs into the barn, Chuck turned onto our road and saw ahead of him , my arms waving not to him but trying to herd pigs, pigs are stubborn. He left me watching the pigs while he went to the next farm for a portable pen in hopes of herding them into this pen, while he was gone I grabbed a coffee and stood over quietly beside the barn door waiting for his return, Long story short , the pigs being nosey heard the one pig that was still in the barn and came over to look into the barn. I stood there very still with my coffee and when the pig stepped halfway through the barn door , I slammed the door shut, I caught my first pig, then the next , so easy after the fact, then Chuck returned with the fencing to find me with a big grin and the pigs all tucked happily back in their pen. Of course I told him I got them in by simply saying to them"get back in the barn".
Now for the Little bull story, we had a Foster son come one day to stay with us, we knew right off the bat that this young man was not meant to live with us for long, he was a dear but more then we could handle with our small son beside us. His name was Timmy, well we were sitting on the deck one morning cleaning blueberries and we heard a commotion in the pasture , here was Chuck's son from his first marriage trying to convince Timmy to ride our bull "Bingo" well we flew to the pasture and arrived just in time to stop Timmy from lowering himself onto Bingo's back from the apple tree, that could have been bad, these are the kinds of things Timmy was willing to do for a bet, it was an interesting week with Timmy with us, I hope he made out OK over the years and hopefully he didn't try and ride anymore Bulls .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting ready for the Season

Things have been getting busy with the arrival of good Summer resident friends and shops opening up for the Season.

Making last minute product , readying for the selling season when I find I end up doing more talking and laughing then creating, I must say I look forward to this time and try to make the best of it by always working on little projects while meeting people and saving the more involved creating for rainy days when we are all held up inside .

We finished our Pergola, made from recycled corners of a store bought cloth Pergola and our hard labor, Thank you Chuck for every night as soon as he got home from work he would work at it, as they say hard work pays off, we now can lounge in a shaded area while enjoying our wonderful garden.

I have just finished a needle felted dog commission for a friend , The felted animals ,dogs right now being my fav ,has actually taken over my life, working on the differant breeds and some heinz 57's ,enjoying the response I get from Folk's who see their favorite pet in one of them. Cats are next, I have done a couple cats and am about to do more , so much fun with the Critter's.

Friday, May 22, 2009

just a little more

In between inshore fishing and getting married in 1982 ,we opened a little craft shop on Lincoln Street in Lunenburg because of a product I saw and wanted and being the tight wad I am ,decided to make my own "Kitchen Witch" from found fabric in the attic of the old home where we lived in Feltzen South .We ended up selling these to everyone we knew , I saw one just last Summer at a friend's house ,my it has done well for being so old, must have been a good product, it was great to see it and we were flooded back with those memories . So with these Kitchen Witch's we thought, why not open a little store, so off we go on our next adventure, " The Copper Doll House". Our rent was only $50.00 a month back then, in Lunenburg Nova Scotia (World Heritage site today), our shop was once the old coffin shop in the town, it was very long and narrow and was beside a Photographic shop,the well known "Knickles Studio" where the walls were covered with old Photos of Lunenburg Days gone by, wooden boats and iron men . We became good friends with the owner, he and his wife stood for us at our wedding. One morning we arrived for work to the sound of a power saw, the owner woke that morning and decided to take the wall out from between our shops to make almost a little strip mall type of thing, another time, Chuck , this gentleman and a furniture store owner from directly across the street were seen by a tourist in a motor home, the three of them, one head above the other with a BB gun aimed at the roof of the furniture store , getting ready to shoot at Pigeons who were trying to nest in his building, I often wondered what those poor Tourists thought and whether they kept going or stopped for a visit.
Oh, the fun we had back then, us being the youngest of that group of store owner's and us being the only craft shop in town . Chuck for a bit went back to Sea ,while I kept the Shop going.
On one occasion he arrived home late in the evening and then we were living in Martins Brook in a wonderful old Cape Cod house again on the Ocean outside of Lunenburg, this house was huge, much bigger then what we needed , so I had a side room full of these life size Characters ready for a show I was doing, Chuck got up in the middle of the night and went downstairs and started to shortcut through this room to the kitchen, well the scream I believe woke everyone in Blue Rocks on the other side of the Harbor, I'm glad he didn't have a gun for when he put the light on and wasn't expecting anyone in the room, and the room was full of these life size sculptures just hanging out, he at first glance thought the room was full of people.
We use to have a life size Fisherman Fred sitting outside our shop and if I had a penny for every time someone had their picture taken with Fred, we took Fred to a show we were doing once and while we were packing up someone stole Fred, the local cops were friends of ours and that was funny them calling all over and looking for Fred, when a radio call came in from one of the officers saying Fred was last seen being drug across the ball field , we never did see Fred again, I hope he had a good life.
We were living off the land big time back then and everyday was an adventure, we would take trips to Cross Island to sleep over in an old abandoned Island Homestead one of only two houses on the Island , one time we took friends and being young and not as on the ball as we might be today , here we are four people who all smoked back then, arrive on the Island to find candles waiting at the house for us to use and yes not one of us smokers thought to bring a lighter or match, rubbing two sticks together does not work, oh what a trip that was, and we all had cigarette's and no fire. And to top everything, no flashlight. Chuck wonders why I can't go overnight anywhere since then without everything but the kitchen sink with me.
I spoke briefly before about sleeping on a rock which jutted out into the ocean while we lived in Feltzen South , this rock we discovered was and still is a wonderful piece of History, all over this rock are carvings of tall ship drawings and names and dates of what we assume were lovers who spent many long leisurely hours lounging on the edge of the water looking out unto to Lunenburg harbor watching the ships sail in and out. There was a deep crack in the rock and at one end we would have our fire and we actually slept in this crack, I would love to see if we both would fit in that crack today. We would wake in the morning with wet sleeping bags from the ocean and dew and maybe this is why our arthritis is bad today, one does learn the hard way, but my it was fun .
One evening we had friends over for a mug up on our rock, we were roasting chicken, all of a sudden we saw flashlights coming across the waters edge which was very rocky, when we stood to look we heard voices telling us to drop everything, it was the Fisheries Officers who saw our bonfire from across the harbor in Lunenburg and they thought maybe we were poaching Lobster which was out of season, well after they saw our chicken and we all had a good laugh, we all became friend's and added them to our mix of interesting people we knew and years later Chuck ended up working with some of these men.
We didn't have running water or electricity in Feltzen South , we did have a phone and one day it rang and Chuck's ex wife said she was sending their oldest daughter to Lunenburg to live with us, fine we said but we did have to tell her not to bother bringing anything electrical that needed to be plugged in , thinking really that she may change her mind, she arrived with a suitcase full of everything electrical.
We had to teach her all about getting water from the well , getting heat from putting wood in the stove, my if I had pictures of how small and thick the ice hole was in that well that one winter , we kept an axe near the well for chopping through the ice to get the bucket in for water, we had of course no refrigeration and used what we called a cold cupboard in the house or the well . I would make powered milk and was always telling Chuck and Michele ,me being the nag Mother of the house to put the lid back on the milk pitcher, OK now get ready for this one, Chuck one morning came down from our above the kitchen bedroom loft area and I heard him gag, he went to take a drink from the container I might add and to his surprise there was a dead mouse floating just inches from his nose, have I mentioned learning lessons the hard way?
We once went sledding with friends and told Michele to put wood in the fire and check a very large crock of homemade beans that were in the oven of the wood stove while we were gone, we arrived back to burnt beans and smoke in the kitchen so thick Michele had to keep her head low so she could continue reading her book, did I mention that back then, not so today, Michele was very much a city girl, and just overlooked the fact the beans were burnt and the fire was going out, she scrubbed that crock for weeks finally we planted something in it.
We were doing silk screening back then ,still do ,we bought 100 cheap white t shirts from a gentleman , we had plans to dye the t shirts green and silk screen "Mash" on them, now remember all we have is kerosene lamps and a wood stove. It was getting dark this evening we were dyeing these shirts when company came by, everyone loved to visit us there, always something going on down by the sea, well this couple helped us dye those shirts that evening and after much evening joy juice ,jugs of "Golden Glow" , we all woke the next morning with 100 green dyed t shirts hanging from the kitchen beams and we were green for weeks. I wish I would have kept one of those shirts , we did for sometime but you know how it is.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

getting ready for the season

well it is Thursday..Wow!! what a week. A dear friend passed away,does knock one off one's pins ,so to speak, yet work needs to get done so i am burning it at both ends today. This Summer my plan is to be in downtown Liverpool demonstrating and selling, spending wonderful moments with old friends and making new, and of course selling to whom ever wants to buy. So today I have prepared many painting surfaces , unlike canvas work needs done before I can even think of painting . One piece in particular I am preparing is a great found piece of river boat with the oar lock still attached , pieces like this are hard to find and very unique and special, I will attach photos as I work on this painting for you to look at, which I do have a plan for already, you will have to come back to see what it is at a later date.

I have been needle felting many dogs in the past weeks and have a plan to do a scene with a dog walker and a few little doggy friends . Today after I get my outside work done I hope to start needle felted cats, again I will attach photos when I have some.

Already I have been commissioned to do favorite pets for folks ,so keep this in mind ,or maybe their is one in the litter that reminds you of a beloved past pet.

one commission I finished recently was of a couple on vacation , attached photo.

so off I go, break time is over.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

getting on with life by Deb

So after some wonderful years in Lunenburg inshore fishing ,we decided to get married and in 1985 our son(Clay ) was born and we then bought a hobby farm in Charleston on the Medway River where we raised a fine young man as well took in Foster Children and grew our own food with gardens and animals. Swam in the fresh River water ,with our pigs and cattle looking on,still there drips the salt of the Sea in our veins, all that fresh water not being able to wash it out.

During those years we kept creating and developed a new creation called "Sea People" hand sculpted clay heads and recycled materials ...We travelled all over the Maritimes doing shows and selling and teaching our son life lessons.

After Clay left the nest we decided to sell the farm and downsize to Liverpool where we are today with a Gallery "The Wardroom" in our home.

When we are not creating in art we make our own music, we surround ourselves with different instruments , many drums being our favorites. The wooden drum is a Africian Tongue Drum given to us by a Dear Artist Friend Jim Walsh from St. Martins N.B.

Over the years I ,Deb have become known for my paintings on found fishing boat pieces, Maritime scenes of fishing Villages , wharfs, boats anything to do with our fishing heritage and just recently have taken on a new passion Needle felting, sculptures of character's of People and animals made from raw wool roving with a barbed needle, as well as small rug hooking and other forms of art.

While Chuck still toils away at his paying job for another few Months , before retiring, we then will continue working together creating. Chuck does driftwood furniture , copper reproduction copper candle lamps , painting etc.

setting the stage for today

We decided to marry and our son Clay was born in 1985 .We then bought a hobby farm on the Medway River where for 23 years we swam in the Fresh water, raised our son ,Fostered Children in need ,grew our own food with gardens and animals and enjoyed a wonderful hard working life, and never did the salt leave our veins during those wonderful years on the Medway.

We created a figurine called "Sea People" during that time, traveling all over selling and doing shows , teaching our son life lessons .

After our son (Clay) left the nest we decided to sell the Farm and down size to the nearby Town of Liverpool, this is where we are today.

In recent years I (Deb)took up painting on found fishing boat pieces , Maritime scenes ,Fishing Villages ,wharfs ,buoys ,fishing boats anything to do with the Sea and our fishing heritage, still with that salt dripping from my veins.

While my husband Chuck still toils away at his paying job for another few Months before retiring then to help me here in the Studio/Gallery ,I am hard at it painting up a storm ,and now have just recently taken up another what has become a passion "Needle Felting" working with raw wool roving and creating sculptures with a barbed needle. Doing characters of People and Animals. Also I do small rug hooking as well as many other Art forms.

Chuck builds driftwood furniture and does copper reproduction candle lamps ,we work in many different mediums.

When not doing Art, Music fills our hearts, we are drummers , and are surrounded with different instruments ,guitar, Audoharp, dulcimer , you might say we march to our own drums and have no problem entertaining ourselves . Life can be too short.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nova Scotian Coastal Creations

Welcome , we are a couple (soul mates) who met in 1978 on the Shores of Lunenburg Nova Scotia and have not looked back from that day. Our same interests in art and music has brought us together creating from that day forward.

After dating on a camping trip on the cliffs above the caves of the Ovens Natural Park in Nova Scotia ,where we lived that first summer until the Autumn winds began to blow ,we then moved to a Little Fishing Village (Feltzen South )where we went inshore fishing for a time and that was the foundation for the beginning of an interesting life together.

Once we started creating together we have not looked back ,which brings us today where we live in Liverpool Nova Scotia where we have an in home Gallery "The Wardroom ".

We slept together on the rocks at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean back then most nights ,taking in the fresh salt air and spray of the waves crashing at our feet, I believe there is where the salt embedded into our veins and then is when we became known as "The Sea People"
This is our first Post , but we will be back with some exciting items and stories to share.