Tuesday, May 19, 2009

getting on with life by Deb

So after some wonderful years in Lunenburg inshore fishing ,we decided to get married and in 1985 our son(Clay ) was born and we then bought a hobby farm in Charleston on the Medway River where we raised a fine young man as well took in Foster Children and grew our own food with gardens and animals. Swam in the fresh River water ,with our pigs and cattle looking on,still there drips the salt of the Sea in our veins, all that fresh water not being able to wash it out.

During those years we kept creating and developed a new creation called "Sea People" hand sculpted clay heads and recycled materials ...We travelled all over the Maritimes doing shows and selling and teaching our son life lessons.

After Clay left the nest we decided to sell the farm and downsize to Liverpool where we are today with a Gallery "The Wardroom" in our home.

When we are not creating in art we make our own music, we surround ourselves with different instruments , many drums being our favorites. The wooden drum is a Africian Tongue Drum given to us by a Dear Artist Friend Jim Walsh from St. Martins N.B.

Over the years I ,Deb have become known for my paintings on found fishing boat pieces, Maritime scenes of fishing Villages , wharfs, boats anything to do with our fishing heritage and just recently have taken on a new passion Needle felting, sculptures of character's of People and animals made from raw wool roving with a barbed needle, as well as small rug hooking and other forms of art.

While Chuck still toils away at his paying job for another few Months , before retiring, we then will continue working together creating. Chuck does driftwood furniture , copper reproduction copper candle lamps , painting etc.

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