Monday, May 18, 2009

Nova Scotian Coastal Creations

Welcome , we are a couple (soul mates) who met in 1978 on the Shores of Lunenburg Nova Scotia and have not looked back from that day. Our same interests in art and music has brought us together creating from that day forward.

After dating on a camping trip on the cliffs above the caves of the Ovens Natural Park in Nova Scotia ,where we lived that first summer until the Autumn winds began to blow ,we then moved to a Little Fishing Village (Feltzen South )where we went inshore fishing for a time and that was the foundation for the beginning of an interesting life together.

Once we started creating together we have not looked back ,which brings us today where we live in Liverpool Nova Scotia where we have an in home Gallery "The Wardroom ".

We slept together on the rocks at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean back then most nights ,taking in the fresh salt air and spray of the waves crashing at our feet, I believe there is where the salt embedded into our veins and then is when we became known as "The Sea People"
This is our first Post , but we will be back with some exciting items and stories to share.

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  1. Hey! I love it! Well done. You're link even works. Carry on and email me when you get to the smutty parts. Hahaha.