Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter has arrived

Here is a photo of the latest painting I have just finished for a client.  Winter here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia has been late joining us as has been the case for a few years now since we moved into town from living on the Medway River. I will admit I miss snow for Christmas, many don't but it just seems that much more magical in a cold white way.
 I have been busy starting up my art classes again in this New Year and when not busy preparing for classes I have been working on this painting. Staying warm inside but really wishing for sticky snow so that the Child in me can build a Snow Person with no luck so far. The canvas size of this painting is 3x2' and is oil .It was challenging with all the green but I am happy with the results.
We have been helping with reading mentoring at one of our local Elementary schools again this year and have offered to help as well with their breakfast program a couple times a week. Enjoying doing this,one because we love the Kids and two, we miss our days in Mill Village where we worked with the Village school for I believe twenty plus years even before our son started school there. These smaller schools need so much help ,Teachers at times are stretched thin and any help with anything one can do is much appreciated as well so much needed. Just a simple background check and you too can find a smile appearing on your face from working with some great cute ,funny Children. Days when I return home after having the Children read to me I get inspired to sit down and work on my already started next Children's book. I see the art work in my head and I know it will be a great book for them of elementary age. Even if I must say so myself.I feel it. So saying that and now that I have my commissions finished and Christmas on the back burner again for another year , I will be getting down to writing and sketching and will share more on this in the days to come. I am excited about the illustrations I see for this book. Oh and yes I am practicing with my new Ukulele,but we will leave it at that, I could be doing better.
Here in Liverpool our local Theatre group "The Winds of Change " are now beginning to work on their next production "Les Miserables" yes a full blown Musical with almost ,if not forty people in the cast and even way more behind the scenes. Auditions are about to begin and by the beginning of March the cast will be chosen and things will start . With many Months ahead of hard work which I know will pay off once it hits the stage next November. Stay tuned for more on this as things roll along. I have offered again to help paint the set, which will be yet again another big one as in many plays before but this one may even be more involved. Mark your calendars and visit Liverpool to witness a great play.
Someday I would like to audition for a fun Character part again like in the last play I did. "Riches and Honor" written by Beth George a local playwright from here in Queens County. But to jump with both feet into this play would surely be way too much for a newbie like me, better to leave this one to the pros but I will do what I can to help.
One last thing regarding my art students before I leave you today. We work in many mediums and rug hooking will be one of those mediums coming up . My plan is to have the Children design their own images on the burlap . I was given a large rug hooking frame and am considering having the Children work together in groups  on one long table runner and when finished ,if everyone is in agreement we will then auction it off to raise funds which are very much needed for our local SPCA to help all the dogs and cats out there who are in need. As we did this past Christmas with the children's Santa painted mussel shells and raised almost $100.00 . This way they learn how to hook but I don't need to find more then one hooking frame and the kids get to learn about giving of their time for others in need. I will be sharing more on this as well in the Months to come.
So you can see I 'm not busy enough, but I sure am having fun!