Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Creative Summer smiles"

   Nothing nicer then an honest happy smile from some great young people!! Pretty well says it all and the excitment I have heard with stories of new book bags ,lunch boxs and first day school clothes lately. We all may be tired  that first day back to school after a warm and wonderful fun filled summer but everyone including parents will look forward or in some cases be happy about first day back. It is what it is, a slow decline from our hot days of sand and surf and the beginning of some fun cooler Months to come. Like many Autumn is my time of year, the heat of Summer a tad too much for me. Not so years ago, age, it must be age:-) But for these happy, loved  kids its always a great day. Here I have some pictures of my creative friends with their works of art. Cousins enjoying cousins, making memories together ,creating stories to be shared someday with their families  and old friends spending fun creative time together. Neat young people!! Everyday is a great day to create inside or out. Whether it is learning to sail, swim ,build a sand castle or paint a picture, just add to the life and beauty that living offers. Always leave the day more beautiful then when it began.

 Love these smiles!! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A little of this a little of that,

First off, I need a lesson in my blogging, for some reason? when I preview I get my Feltzen South story up first, it should be about the kids, rather then start over...enjoy if you are so inclined and hopefully you can figure it out:-)
who are these old people?

Yes I will admit I know nothing about this stuff, no way could I figure out how to upright these photos, they looked good when I clicked, plus I had to take pictures of pictures, tilt your head I bet you will get it..LOL
Well like I said you can see from the photos when was when. There is the shot of us the other day on our rock, our rock being the magical spot where we lived the following couple of summers after moving from the tent into a home off the grid, spending every day or the next few summers living on this rock jutting out into the ocean looking over the water to the town of Lunenburg. After camping that summer we couldn't bring ourselves to sleep indoors. We left our paying jobs to take up inshore fishing, why not we said , no kids only pets at that time, then we opened a craft shop the only one in Lunenburg back then, yup today that is pretty hard to believe knowing todays Lunenburg, we should have hung in there and stayed , never cry over that spilt milk I say. Then after that off we went to become parents and foster parents and buying a hobby farm on the Medway River. And that brings us to today, living in a quant little Town where I was born and brought up on the beautiful  Mersey River and after many years of hard work inshore fishing and making hay and kids..that may explane why our poor old bodies hurt but our wonderful memories still are as of today as fresh as a daisy. So this is why the title of this writing is what it is, just a little of this and a little of that. I am thankful for all of it!!And ready for more!!! 

By this title "a little of this and a little of that" I am referring to this blog installment ,it has been few and far betweens at writing in here lately, especially these warm summer days full of all of those summertime things we all love to do. So today I will share a few pictures and stories completly differant from one another but in a sense not. I'll explane more about that later.
First off a couple of pictures of very talented kid's and not only art wise but lifewise. I have forever worked with children and Chuck and I have in the past been Foster Parents to great kids so we know kid's and I tell you that the kids that I have the pleasure of knowing these days are pretty darn SPECIAL people! So saying that here are a couple pictures first up "
"Happy Girls"The girls were happy today to be back at art after a week off camping and summer activities. I had one of my artsy young friend's tell me the other day that she would rather be at art then away camping, very sweet but I reminded her that indeed she could do both. By taking a simple sketch pad and pencil and maybe even watercolors  with her on her trip that she would have everything she would need at hand to enjoy whipping up a little sketch of her summer fun, sand ,surf, woods even a little sketch of Mom and Dad, family and friends doing fun summer stuff and then during the cold dark days of winter take the time to do a painting with the help of her minds eye and her sketch. So everyday can be a day of art with a whole lot of otherstuff as well.

   and here we have Keegan who is standing beside a painting he and his buddy Caleb did together and they plan to donate it to either a hospital or maybe even a school any place that children as well as adults can enjoy it. They designed it special in mind of all children and the love of play, fun and laughter. I'm not sure if they have found a forever home for it yet so if anyone out there has any ideas let us know, two boys would be thrilled to hang it somewhere where it would be appriciated. Great job guy's.

So let me switch gears now to tell you about two other young people, maybe I should say once young people, then again its how you view life, that would be another deeper in thought time. Back to these two younger people, Chuck and Deb. We met in 1978 when Chuck just happened to step on my roommates foot . OK let me push ahead a few Months to when we went camping at the Ovens Natural Park  with a great Dane in a pup tent on a foggy dampVictoria Day weekend in May 1978 never to return that summer . Shall we skip ahead yet again? Lets do, we ended up living at the Ovens that our first of many Summers together. Our first camp site was near the cliffs in the woods. We later after a few weeks and becoming friends with the owner ,as we would ,he offered us  a wonderful camp site down on the point, very private ,seculded a great place for us and my Great Dane Baron, you can imagine why he offerd to us this great site? LOL and  considering that we both worked in Lunenbug daily and our camp site looked like we lived there. It has been many years since we have been back and this is where this story and pictures will take you , I will add a few pictures of us back then with a picture that I took just the other day when we returned not only to the Ovens but also to where we moved to in Feltzen South after the cool Fall temptures started to drop while still living in our tent . See if you can see a differance? Then I will get on with th erest of my story.