Monday, March 26, 2012

Grog finished.and Birdhouse 2.

In the above picture is our Little Guest house and our get away we call The Bird House. It use to be one 3/4 bed ,this past weekend I turned it into 2 single beds, easier then crawling out over the one in the front as it was before. We as well as Summer friend's ,Children and Adults alike enjoy this little cozy spot out back. Not so cozy in Winter but warm weather when there is a fire in the fire pit, this makes a great get away in the back yard. Our Back 40 as we refer to it as here in town. After living for years with a river and 20 plus acres,we needed something fun. Grog, I had to stop and get him down off my easel,sometimes paintings can easily be over worked and watercolor not being my most worked with medium I had to force myself to stop. I am happy with it myself and Chuck has juiced me and Grog has yet to see it.

I am still waiting on my wool order and when it comes I have a sweet antique looking miniature wooden cradle I found in a local Shop and I am going to needle felt a Baby for in it..I see it in my mind and it's accessories and am excited to start. Doing volunteer work this afternoon with Children and reading so I won't be starting anything today but tomorrow is another day. This past warm spell found us outside biking and taking in the fine days. Now things are some what back to seasonal temperatures and back to seasonal Tourist Season work for me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grog...not a drink..and Pocket Pets..

OK, the weather has been balmy here in good old Nova Scotia lately,yes not a word used a lot in this part of the World,especially in March. Global warming indeed is with us. We all know this but I will have to admit this Winter was strange to say the least and does concern me. But we will survive and keep on truckin and will not complain while we are sitting in the sun soaking up all we need to put into our bodies while we are careful not to over do it with burn, maybe too soon for that.

I have been hard at work outside making hay as they say while the sun is shining, raking and cleaning up the yard and thinking about Summer . Needle felting dogs when I am inside, see the picture above of those who are in stock and looking for good homes, they are 100% wool needle felted with Love and are Child friendly. I will be making Bunnies soon for Easter ,all at $20. each, the Bunnies may be less ,depending on their size. I am trying to keep my prices down as much as I can with the way our economy is. So get a Pocket Pet at a very good price. They are one of a kind and I do requests. Here also is a picture of my friend Grog, his reenactment name. This sketch I did of him has been on my easel for a few days now waiting for some paint. The sun over took me and Grog is still waiting to come to life, maybe today if the wind stays down I may take him outside and paint on the deck and we will see what happens. I must start thinking about my Summer Season with Tourist type product. We no longer do shows and if we do they are only local art shows so anyone who is interested ,please stay tuned to my blog or Face Book page and touch base with me with any questions or suggestions. I have Chuck back to painting now that he is retired and well ,he is a busy man with many books to read but with my nagging ,stayed tuned for his first Master piece. I do know with his help ,I may get a chance to take a breath or two and a bike ride .

I joined up with a group of artistic Actor's and once a week am on stage laughing and having fun with some improv...everyone should try it, no lines to remember, all you have to do is to listen and have a chuckle with what comes out of our mouths.No pressure:-)

Here in Liverpool we are waiting on a new Craft/Art supply shop to open early April,"Canopeum Art" it will be right beside our Frenchy's used clothing store, she will be carrying whatever we need in the line of supplies and will get in what Folk's want and need as time goes on. But I needed wool for my felting right away so I ordered from "Living Felt" and am waiting on my parcel to arrive. Like a kid I get excited when I know I have wool coming and they are the best company ever to deal with. Check them out .