Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Self Potraits

This picture says it all, but please allow me to share with you how wonderful it made me feel and by these sweet faces and super work done by three of my budding young Artist Students holding up their Self Potraits. Now to start, they did these wonderful works in only one hour and yes ,we have been known to chit chat somewhat, during our sessions. What I did was have a mirror in front of each young Lady and had them look at themselves , at the shape of their faces ,noses etc. I wanted them to study their reflections.This was their first time with water color and I was constantly reminding them to work quickly so the class was in a buzz from the get go. We had fun ! The result is as you see, Fantastic!!Now I was so impressed I had to share this work with an Artist Friend of our's from Vermont who Summers here in Liverpool William Hays     William and his Lovely creative wife Patricia join our charming Village of Liverpool N.S. every June to September and I do recommend you drop into his Gallery on Main Street across  from the Perkin's House here in Liverpool. William who once you see his art, and you will be impressed, answered me back regarding the Girl's and their self potraits and I am shareing his comment here with you ..........(."Well I don’t need to tell you that I’m quite charmed by the self portraits. They absolutely must keep them for when they are much older. They are not a bad representation of who each of the little girls is now." )....I agree with him , to be young and to have no such words in their vocabulary as "we can't do that !". This is what I enjoy with what I am doing, and that brings me to another very special day in our lives recently. We did a Multi Curtural event at Queens Manor with our drums which I have already shared a picture of on Face book. Again, same as with the Children, we come to a station in our lives when we let our guards down and again enjoy doing what makes us furfilled and not so concerned in and with what People think.
We must remember ,we need only to impress ourselves at the end, we live in these skins and must try and find what we feel makes us bloom. For we are all roses in our own rights.
Take another look at these faces and understand what I am saying. Isn't Life grand? Even on a bad day , try and make it better, except that smile or hug or just a simple nod from somebody. It works!
This weekend Privateer Days here in Liverpool you will find us on Main Street on Friday working with the Kid's , lots going on and on Sunday I will be in the park with so many more selling our wares and having many laughs, meeting new and rekindling old, Privateer Days in Liverpool is the place to be this Canada Day weekend.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My new nickname!!!

Well I am tickled pink to introduce to you my new Nickname "Debbie Doodles" given to me by one of my young Art students Keegan and seconded by Keifer seen here in this photo with me on their last day of art classes until the beginning of school again in September.  Chuck is going to make a silk screen for me and I will be silk screening my new name on a T Shirt in the near future. 
Today I am excited to be getting two new young Ladies for their first class with me and in a week or so there will be a few more young people joining us for Summer classes. The boys on their last day choose abstract art and there was plenty of paint and laughter flying. I will be continuing with classes throughout the Summer Months and again in the Fall. If any one is interested I can be reached by email or phone at 354-3690. I will be making up a new business card for these classes and I do believe thanks to my boy's my classes will be called "Miss Debbie Doodles inspiring Art Classes for Children" Thanks guy's!!!
I am about to start a new needle felting ,I am thinking of doing a Pirate with Privateer Days coming up very soon. June 28th. There will be selling in the park over the whole weekend and we will be there ourselves on Sunday July 1st. I will be selling my art , needle felting as well as some very interesting unique and silver jewelry and a few very interesting sun hats.
I mailed off my latest commission Pocket Pets and below is an email I received from my client..
"  Hi Deb,

We are thrilled with the pocket pets that arrived yesterday and I know the "owners" of the dogs will be too when they receive them. You have an amazing talent and it is also evident that your productions are works of love."
This is so rewarding when one gets messages like this. About a Month or so ago I got a phone call from a lady in Ottawa thanking me for a gift she received of one of my needle feltings. Thank you all so very much .
It makes me happy when people feel the Love ,because all I do has so much to do with my passions, everything I make and have made over the years always leaves with a small piece of my soul in each and every one. And this brings me back to the Children in my art classes, I can only hope to inspire them, to give them the tools to create whatever their hearts desire. I believe there is never a wrong in anything we make ourselves. Every piece is unique and special.
Summer has arrived and we are seeing motor homes and Tourists as well as our many ,many Summer residents on our streets again ,so nice to have those who love our Little Town returning year after year.Welcome to all of you ,enjoy your visit and make sure to get some of our wonderful white sand between your toes before you head back home.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet "Froggy" latest needle felting

Meet "Froggy"
I Love needle Felting in case anyone out there who reads my blog has not noticed already. This piece so makes me smile. Chuck and I say that the Frog and worm are just having their way with the Trout. Both getting a free ride. I have been busy as usual, I keep saying that and shouldn't bother, is there anything but busy? Not in my World, although if I stayed up later at night I may find some time on my hands but we have been getting up with the Birds and milking the Cows for so many years back when ,or then, way back in the way back machine that we have continued with this way of life even without Cows to milk. I find that I throw myself into whatever I am doing during the day therefore after my evening meal I am ready to lie my head down and get a good nights sleep preparing for another exciting day ahead. So whats next for me? I have one more Pocket Pet Dog commission to finish and ship off. And then I am starting some small needle felted Trout. Yesterday my 3 young lady students were here and today the Boy's come,as always they amaze me with their enthusiasm.I am going to enjoy watching these fine young People grow into young Adults. God willing I am still around and I can only pray that I leave them with fond memories of their time with me. Like the wonderful memories I have of some very inspirational People from my past.

Privateer Days is soon upon us starting on June 28- July 1st. I will be on Main Street on Friday the 29th along with many other's . The street will be closed off and there will be festivities for Children and Adults with store fronts selling on the street and I for one will be working with Children and sidewalk chalk. There will be a lot offered all weekend here in Liverpool during our yearly event.My plan is to get in Privateer Days Character and dig the Pirate out in me. We got a call from our Local Seniors home here in Town"The Manor " and we are happy to say that on the 25th of June we will be taking our Drums etc. and energy to visit the Residents there, hopefully they will enjoy our visit like the Folk's at  Hillsview last Month did.   
So this is all for today, I will take the time and write  more soon.