Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet "Froggy" latest needle felting

Meet "Froggy"
I Love needle Felting in case anyone out there who reads my blog has not noticed already. This piece so makes me smile. Chuck and I say that the Frog and worm are just having their way with the Trout. Both getting a free ride. I have been busy as usual, I keep saying that and shouldn't bother, is there anything but busy? Not in my World, although if I stayed up later at night I may find some time on my hands but we have been getting up with the Birds and milking the Cows for so many years back when ,or then, way back in the way back machine that we have continued with this way of life even without Cows to milk. I find that I throw myself into whatever I am doing during the day therefore after my evening meal I am ready to lie my head down and get a good nights sleep preparing for another exciting day ahead. So whats next for me? I have one more Pocket Pet Dog commission to finish and ship off. And then I am starting some small needle felted Trout. Yesterday my 3 young lady students were here and today the Boy's come,as always they amaze me with their enthusiasm.I am going to enjoy watching these fine young People grow into young Adults. God willing I am still around and I can only pray that I leave them with fond memories of their time with me. Like the wonderful memories I have of some very inspirational People from my past.

Privateer Days is soon upon us starting on June 28- July 1st. I will be on Main Street on Friday the 29th along with many other's . The street will be closed off and there will be festivities for Children and Adults with store fronts selling on the street and I for one will be working with Children and sidewalk chalk. There will be a lot offered all weekend here in Liverpool during our yearly event.My plan is to get in Privateer Days Character and dig the Pirate out in me. We got a call from our Local Seniors home here in Town"The Manor " and we are happy to say that on the 25th of June we will be taking our Drums etc. and energy to visit the Residents there, hopefully they will enjoy our visit like the Folk's at  Hillsview last Month did.   
So this is all for today, I will take the time and write  more soon.  


  1. Love the froggy on the fish it makes me think of the poem froggy went a courting.

  2. Thanks Ann, he is looking for a date!!!