Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It simply makes your Heart Sing!!

 And what this title says is so true when working and sharing energy with young and old. Very rewarding and uplifting with what one gets back from enjoying such wonderful  spirit from these great People. Last week Chuck and I went to Hillsview Acres Seniors home with drums and rhythm instruments to share some good music and  fun with the residents. We have been there before reading my book above photo and introducing the dogs from the book with them. This time we went with music in mind and we were very happy with the response we received from all who joined in which come second set ,we had all but two playing and singing. It's so special to see many who I remember as a child growing up here in Liverpool. People who remember my Mom and family , and so cute to hear some of them refer to me as Little Debbie..maybe not so Little anymore.But still Debbie. At first there were a few who said"No I don't drum ,I will just watch and listen" ,well that didn't last for long, we reeled them in and we all had a blast!!! as you can see in these photos.
I lost my Mom when she was only 53, and whenever I do something like this I feel her approval and know I am doing what and living the life she would want me to live. She was a wonderful Woman who was friend's with all and she always shared a smile and a laugh and joke with all she met. I am Happy to carry her torch!! Maybe someday someone will share their time energy and hearts with me when I need it, as I am receiving now from all my new and old friend's.
Art lessons with my young Students and drumming with Seniors has made my time busy lately, but I did get another Needle Felted Beach Babe done. May I introduce you to "Summerville Beach Bum" I love needle felting and capturing the Character I am looking for. Whether it be one of my NF dogs or a person.
Today we will be working on the set for a fund raiser at the Astor Theatre this Sat. June 2nd. There will be readings from various Local Authors with Children in attendance and Music and song from our young Girl's Choir from here in town. It should be a wonderful evening again this weekend at our busy local Theatre here in our not so sleepy little Town.
And to top everything off, Summer will begin this Sunday for us when our Dear Summer resident friend's arrive back home here for the Summer. So much to catch up on and so many fun times ahead. Flowers are blooming and so are hearts and minds in prep for a great Summer Season. Feel the warmth and Love of days to come.Life is short and priceless. "seize the day!!" "Carpe Diam" Have a super day and days ahead.And...don't forget to LAUGH!!!all the time!!!!

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