Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day and Art

Happy Mothers Day all you busy ,wonderful Mom's out there. The weather promises to be good and so do all your Children by giving you all the Love and Hugs any Mom can hope for.
 I have been very busy getting ready for our upcoming show this Friday and Saturday May 18,19 on Main Street here in Liverpool. Above is a picture of  four of my dogs just recently finished and I hope to get a chance to complete a few more before the show as well I will have with me at the show my book,paintings, needle felted Characters and something new for me"Funk Funk Jewelry".
Now having mentioned Mother's Day ,above you can see my enthusiastic young art Student's hard at work creating their first painting with me and then below with another young friend joining us the other day to make necklaces for their Mom's for Mother's Day. I had to wait to write about these wonderful creations because as the old sayings go..."Mom's the word" and we couldn't "let the Cat out of the bag" before Mom's big day.
There is nothing better then seeing the smiles on these young faces ,so pleased with what they made and very deserving because of all their focused dedication and hard work on every project they do. The Smiles say it all. Not once have I heard from these bright Children the words" I can't do that" they have no fear of failing in their artistic abilities because there is no failing in anything to do with making and creating,everything we make ourselves is a piece of art even a beautiful yummy birthday cake or delicious meal of any kind. It's all art, everything around us is art ,art is in everything we see and do. Life gives us the ability to create and build whether with a tool or thought to be written on paper. Life is art, we only need to open our hearts, minds and eyes to see it. Good job Ladies I hope your Mom's are as happy with their treats as I was working with you making them.
Monday is the last day  for the volenteer reading program at Wickwire School and I will be taking my Book "Lu Lu Belle The Happy puppy " and will have my group of Children read it to me. I thought they would appriciate and may be inspired with the fact that I wrote and illistrated the book myself. When I read it to the Mill Village School I was thrilled to hear all the stories from the Children ,about their pets and how they wanted to write a special book about the wonderful things in their lives. I can only hope to inspire, for I was inspired by some wonderful People in my past and am so Thankful for their energy and talent.

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