Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Latest needle feltings

Spring is here and I have been so incredibly busy of late and honestly feel my head is spinning. As the old saying goes ,too many irons in the fire....but!!!why not as I sometimes have said before in the long as I get my sleep I can push on  having fun doing what I Love. So, I have been poking up a storm these past Months needle felting and happily most if not all were commissions or sold right away.Just today I had paintings leave to their Summer locations in hopes of selling, so all is good , but sadly I need to make stock ahead and ready for the Summer Season and upcoming Artisans Show during the Liverpool International Theatre Festival May 16 -20 , we actually have things in the works but as always those finishing touches  ..the Artisan's show will be on Main Street in the old Value Plus store  Fri. 2-7 May 18 and Sat. May 19 10-7. So a bitter sweet moment indeed as I sell these fun pieces and happy to see them appreciated and loved as I feel making them,  putting my all into them. I so enjoy watching them come to life  and like knowing they have gone on to good loving homes and that they are putting a smile on someones face. Also my hopes are to weather permitting sell in the Liverpool water front park, and if not sell ....for sure have a few laughs with fellow vendors and folks coming by. Not like years ago us doing all the Craft markets throughout the Maritimes ,the Craft Circuit we would call it. Sleeping in tents or someones attics. Oh the stories and the times, we were like Gypsies  back then. and I believe our Son is better off for it.
Here are my two latest  needle feltings  . In the bathing suit is another one of my series Beach Babe's "SOLD". Then sometime ago I found this wonderful handmade wheelbarrow, not knowing at the time what I would use it for but knowing I would,low and behold meet my Amish Gentleman.  I watched a Hoarders show a while back and I laughed and was scared at the same time saying "I think I am a Hoarder!!" then I said"But we always make stuff out of what we bring home." and then I answered myself within seconds of saying that "But they all say that!!" :-( well I do hope to use all I collect, I am having fun trying to.
My plan next is to do my Fisherman I spoke of earlier , I had the request for a Beach Babe when I was to start him and the Beach Babe won out.
My art lessons with the Kids are going great, cute how they are getting to know me and are a bit more comfortable  wanting to talk and take time to look around the gallery and ask me questions...which is all fine and dandy , but if we want to get any work done ,we need to focus, I caught myself today sounding like a school teacher ,"now focus boy's."..I laughed and said "well now you have been hearing that all day at shool haven't you?.." so we always take a half way snack break and go over what we did so far and chat a bit. No one can tell me the children of today are missing out on anything, no way was I or anyone I know as smart as these young people are when we were  their age. Then again they do have the Internet at their finger tips, when I think about it I 'm smarter today because of this thing I sit at. LOL who knew??..

Well enough for today, I must tidy up from a creative ,busy week and get ready to take a wall out here in this tiny house..OK anyone who knows us will wonder ? what wall? you will see..nothing big. Just another thing. Oh, on one last note...we are puppy sitting for a couple of weeks the Border Collie ..picture above..who I wrote my Childrens book about "Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy", it has been a little bit since I have spent any time with her ,guess what? she is as Happy today as she was when  I first wrote the book about her. I will have  copies of my book available this Summer here at home 902-354-3690 ,at the artisans show as well as a couple other locations I will post here at a later date.

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