Monday, November 26, 2012

Young Artists


Look at all this wonderful heart felt work ,Talent and Children who are our future.
 These are shots from this past Sunday November 25,2012 Craft Show where there was so much to choose from. But, at these two tables against the wall at the end of the room there you would have found 10 Happy Children sharing their wonderful work with their public ,Family and Friends.
Smiles on faces is an understatement, I myself was beaming from ear to ear and could feel the excitement everywhere.This was something I had discussed with my young Art students  and we all were so looking forward to the day and I am so happy to say it came and went with great success and  attendance. The Children were thrilled as were myself, Chuck and my Elf helper Sabine. As well Parents ,Family and Friend's who came by to share in something very special. Thank you everyone for making some very deserving young People very proud of their creative works. This show is one of only two I will be doing this Christmas season, unlike other years in the past when we were well into our show season ,sleeping in our trailer in parking lots, travelling from one Town to another ,we are older now and stay much closer to home. This show was all about the Kids and nothing about me. Next weekend I will be at the Artisans Show here in Liverpool Nov. 30th next door to Frenchys 5-10 PM and Dec. 1st 10-5 PM. Liverpool with my art ,next door to Frenchy's Friday evening Nov. 30th 5 - Ts

Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet Santa and his friend

Well, this wonderful little Town was all a buzz this past 4 or so days with Nova Scotia Molsons Music week all about town and around. I was told great crowds. Told, because I was here working my little needle felting needle up and down wanting to finish my latest two needle felting characters. Meet Santa and Classy Agatha .

Sometimes when I find special props I have no idea what they will be used on and other times I know right away what they will become.In the case of Agatha I knew right off the bat who would be sitting on this little sofa which actually is a jewelry box, see above picture.
I am aware that I repeat myself and so I will again say "I love what I do"!! Agatha cracks me up and Santa has a wonderful feeling. Today I may start another felted dog Pocket Pet to add to the few I have left, I am trying to get ready for an up coming show here in town "The Artisans Gallery" Nov. 30, Dec. 1st. being held at Canopeum Art right beside Frenchy's  , more on that as the time quickly comes to be. Time does fly. As much as I love music I am happy I got a lot of good sleep and rest this past weekend because the days are flying by and work never ends. Maybe I will beat on my drum to celebrate my hard work today, after I vacuum that is.
I have the most wonderful prop a handmade spinning wheel which I can picture in my head who I want to sit at it  and this may be my next project after a couple of Pocket Pet dogs.
My poor bicycle is feeling lonely and I am missing my warm rides these chilly damp days, other years I would have no excuse and these days I find I am becoming a wimp when it feels cold and damp outside. I better get back to it. My that was easy said, ha ha ha...Off I go to start another productive day.