Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet Santa and his friend

Well, this wonderful little Town was all a buzz this past 4 or so days with Nova Scotia Molsons Music week all about town and around. I was told great crowds. Told, because I was here working my little needle felting needle up and down wanting to finish my latest two needle felting characters. Meet Santa and Classy Agatha .

Sometimes when I find special props I have no idea what they will be used on and other times I know right away what they will become.In the case of Agatha I knew right off the bat who would be sitting on this little sofa which actually is a jewelry box, see above picture.
I am aware that I repeat myself and so I will again say "I love what I do"!! Agatha cracks me up and Santa has a wonderful feeling. Today I may start another felted dog Pocket Pet to add to the few I have left, I am trying to get ready for an up coming show here in town "The Artisans Gallery" Nov. 30, Dec. 1st. being held at Canopeum Art right beside Frenchy's  , more on that as the time quickly comes to be. Time does fly. As much as I love music I am happy I got a lot of good sleep and rest this past weekend because the days are flying by and work never ends. Maybe I will beat on my drum to celebrate my hard work today, after I vacuum that is.
I have the most wonderful prop a handmade spinning wheel which I can picture in my head who I want to sit at it  and this may be my next project after a couple of Pocket Pet dogs.
My poor bicycle is feeling lonely and I am missing my warm rides these chilly damp days, other years I would have no excuse and these days I find I am becoming a wimp when it feels cold and damp outside. I better get back to it. My that was easy said, ha ha ha...Off I go to start another productive day.

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