Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Drummers meeting"

I have been so busy of late. With my 60th birthday just gone by ,which turned out to be a huge surprise, a gathering given to me by a few great friends. And I mean surprise! for they totally got me off guard and I am impressed for sure as well as very grateful I have mailed off a yearly commission to a professor client /friend who I have been supplying wizards to for years now for special graduates of his.
Doing my art classes and volunteering at Wickwire . Then today Feb 28th I got to be entertained at the Dr. John C. Wickwire school by a talented and interesting African drummer/dancer "Mufaro Chakabuck" . She was amazing! We were thrilled to have been invited to the festivities  and being drummers ourselves and having done workshops in the past at schools and nursing homes it was a pleasure to be there to watch and enjoy Mufaro do what she does so well.  Thank you Mr. Stewart for the invite. The sound of all the drums in the Audtorium was wonderful.The smiles on the Kids faces was heart warming.
I hope to enjoy Mufaro and her drums again someday soon.
Even though a threat of a snow storms hangs over our heads for March 1st, I believe Spring is in the air. We have our Bunny suits nearby and ready for Easter. Those who know us know what I am referring to. Pictures again this year to follow . I have had my Bunny outfit since 1986 and have worn it to many places. I will share this year a bit of History as to when and why and where it has taken me. I have over the years out grown many of my Bunny dresses but the ears and feet always seem to fit. Why not I say, why not!! I LOVE what I do, maybe it all keeps me young in a tired kind of way:-)