Saturday, July 25, 2009

small world and getting smaller

Well we all have said this before about how small the world is and yes as we get older we find that this ole world has yet again become even smaller.

I have been selling my art for many years and am hanging in many homes. The other day I got an email from a gentleman who bought one of my paintings from another location not my Gallery. He was to give his Dad this painting for Fathers Day this year and when doing so made a connection with seeing my Maiden name. So to make a long personal story short , second cousins have been re found and stories and names have and will in the near future be shared to one day have our deceased Mom's side of the family Tree completed and shared with all our new old Kin.

How lovely to find and share with long lost Family.

As a young child growing up in our home , every Christmas back then when one could afford to buy small gifts to send along to all Aunts, Uncle's and Cousins from away, I remember me being the one who loved to wrap all the gifts to then be mailed away and I recall Mom sending gifts off to Toronto to a Cousin and Aunt of hers who I believe I did meet once but being so young remember not much. Now Linda and Ken, older siblings of mine have been sharing names and places from then since this reconnect.

Today is a sunny day here in lately soggy Nova Scotia Summer July 2009, it has been raining off and on for 6 weeks now, not much of a Summer for those travelling and taking in the sites as well the poor souls trying to camp in such weather. As they say,"Make hay while the sun is shining" and the Folk's I have been talking to are doing just that, hitting the Beach's on fine days and visiting inside Galleries and Museums on those rainy days.

Just this morning I was told a story/joke by a Dear friend, I will share with you all, here it goes.

A Gentleman dies and goes to Hell, waiting outside the gates of Hell for Lucifer to open the door and toss him into the fire. While waiting in line he noticed that Lucifer would sometimes throw some folk to a pile off to the side. When it came his turn he asked why some Folk were tossed off to the side and Lucifer answered "Those Bl oak's are from Nova Scotia and are still too wet to burn."

I just had the most wonderful young couple come into the Gallery from BC, you know who you are, Bonnie and Wes . They are Artists , young ,vibrant ,colorful, sweet, personable and so on, we made right away ,a connection ,isn't it special when that happens,and we will meet again and for sure stay in touch by this fabulous Internet. Yes I can say it again "a small World" and everyday is a blessing and they made my day, Thank you .