Friday, July 12, 2013

Meet " Buddy"

Meet "Buddy" he is my latest commission for one of my art students. Buddy was her pet who no longer is with her but at least she can remember him with this little guy.
Things have been so busy, hot and sad since Privateer days. We had a dear friend pass and with this news ,life has been hard to pick up pieces ,trying to appreciate our good times and remember the fun and laughter we had with such a wonderful person. To always give thanks for having them in our lives. Life goes on and we will make the best of it ,in her memory. So I was a bit slow getting this project started but as I worked and got to that point where it all comes together and I could see the Raccoon coming out from the wool I can say I am happy with Buddy and am thankful for the reason to take my mind elsewhere. I took what needle felted characters i had left after Privateer days down to Fort Point Lighthouse and even though I love to meet the people who buy them , they are better there then here, I sometimes think of them as my babies, I do know that some of you out there get what I am saying.
I remember many years ago now when we were making our Sea People figurines on a regular basis there was a news paper article written about us and the Sea people. That Christmas with every purchase of a Sea People which were usually being bought for gifts we gave a copy of the article to go with it. I remember actually feeling the energy on Christmas morning thinking and imagining all those who were reading that article and how special it was. It's always a great feeling to receive a phone call note or email and sometimes in some cases a photo of the person who received something that I made as a gift from someone they love. And when it's a commission of something that means so much to that person, well I am thankful for what I do and thank others for feeling the love.
I have been collecting some interesting props for future needle felting ,such as rocking chairs, bicycles and even a spinning wheel and by this Christmas God willing I will have some fun characters to share with you. Remember I do commissions of people and pets , all i need is a photo to work from .
Well that's about it for now, I have been trying to write for days and was having a hard time to be positive ,but I now have broken the ice and my next writing will be more up beat, I will share some pictures of young people and their art with you here.
Blesses to all,keep strong, be happy and be nice, for life is way too short!

Monday, July 8, 2013