Thursday, January 8, 2015

art beads and kids = fun!!

Well how do you spell fun in kid world? Beads  and anything to do with creating. What fun we had today , the beads were flying. Girls and shiny beads ,what more can one say. Here is a shot of the girls concentrating on their designs and a shot of pleased smiling faces. They are making window decorations with beads that I will melt for them in the oven ,yes stinky work, well my part of it is. Some of the kids are doing these this week others will be doing some in weeks to come. Also here is a shot of two sweet happy people and their paintings from just the other day. There is no stopping these children. They are always so pleased with whatever they create. I can't stress enough to children and adults alike that whatever we do is super nice. All is original and special because it is done by YOU!