Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

This guy above is still available

After 10 years, my collection of Sea people is complete, thanks to the kindness of Deb Taylor, the artist, who took the time to read my daughter's request and to create the Sea "Ladies" in order to surprise me at Christmas. You can see from the photo that it worked. Thank ;you so much Deb."

Well Christmas is over, we are ready for 2012, bring it on already..welcome to a new day and year.

I am pleased to say that all my hard work before Christmas paid off, I have been given some great feedback from Clients and recipients read above, Thank you all so much, you have no idea how wonderful it is to hear good things about what you make for others, it makes it all so worthwhile, while paying a few bills as well. But, to be totally honest I get more of a charge from creating that special something then so much the selling, don't get me wrong, the selling part is great, but,my heart overflows with joy at putting a smile on faces.Here is a photo of one such person who received a surprise from her daughter who tracked me down before Christmas and worked with me to make her Mom a couple of our Sea People figurines also see above which are now added to her already collection which she bought on her travels a few years back in the Maritimes. Lovely when this happens.

Most of my Needle Felted figures are sold as well, this interesting fellow above is still here, as well as a Mermaid waiting on a new home, I was surprised he didn't go, maybe he is here waiting for YOU!! Soon I will have to start preparing for Summer ,hard to be thinking about that when we have not had any snow yet but a fact none the less. I am sure we will get hit with some snow this season some time, we always do but with Global Warming our South Shore is just that, very South in climate these past few years.Before Christmas I had a lot of Dog needle felting commissions and again Happy to say that I have received great word at how well they were received as gifts, Thank you all again for your patronage.

My bike has been put away for the Winter, well I should add I had her out for a ride on Christmas Day, it was a nice sunny day and I enjoyed my regular route with only slightly frozen cheeks. These days I have to take the car to our new fittness center which is way further then the old one for me, the old one only being 2 blocks from my home ,which made taking my bike everyday last Winter long easy. The new fitness center is wonderful!!!with stat of the art equipment that is so user friendly it makes your workout I believe easier. I am enjoying it all and do believe it is best for my old tired body.

Santa brought me a Lap Top computer and as soon as I get her up and running, I will be starting my new Book, I will share more about this as I begin to write. My book"Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy" was very well received and I just recently had more copies published so anyone interested call or email me for a copy @$12.00.

Many plans are in mind regarding this coming Summer Season, sometimes I wonder why we go to bed so early,it might be because I never stop,I am fortunate to be able to create everyday and do what I LOVE. Thank you my Chuck for that, for he has always inspired and supported me as well as worked along with me all these years. When I think back of all the shows we did over the years ,all the wonderful people we worked with and sold to and just met and shared warm chats and hugs with,Wow!!!life is good. Thank you life!!

Happy New Year all you out there,be safe and Happy, make everyday count, let your hearts sing and rejoice with every breath you take.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas

Here is an up to date picture of us cleaned up and ready to hit the Town the other evening, of course evening for us these days is from 6:30 -10 PM ,then home to some mindless TV before bed to wake early the next morning as always. The other picture is of a Handmade Ceramic Santa set I am selling for $40.00 ,a great gift for that Santa collector in your life. I have a couple commission pieces to be picked up this week and have no other requests for the week. I can still do felted dogs or with in the next day or two if anyone out there wants one other then that I do have about 5 needle felted dog Pocket Pets left here,a Squirrel and two needle felted Fairy Elves and a Mermaid and my Children's Book for $12.00 as well of course paintings mostly on canvas. Anyone interested in visiting my studio/gallery can call 354-3690.We are in the last leg of this Christmas race and I am happy to say we have not been any further then this Town to shop, I dread to even think about what Bridgewater looks like these days.Soon the Jolly old Guy will be visiting all those excited Children young and old out there. And then it will be all over again until next year. Christmas should be everyday don't you think? Remember when we were young? me being just over 30 :-o a tad bit. When ribbon and hard candy in the buckets were a sight always seen, box's of Chocolate rained from the sky. Fruit cakes have been made for a couple Months and lay soaking in rum.We hung our personal socks instead of special store bought stockings, I remember when I finally graduated to an over the knee sock,hoping to receive even more inside it. Then Mom had a neighbor crochet us Christmas stockings one year and I still today have two of those socks and will always treasure them, but could never afford to fill them these days. Every Christmas it seemed we would receive a sleigh from Santa and would be able to go sledding on Christmas Day. My job yearly was to decorate the tree after Mom put the lights on it and putting the icicles on one at a time to then get tired and not really care so much but to just to get it done. I miss the old thicker icicles compared to the thin ones today.There was always one doll or a truck for the girl and boy in the family as well as a game for all to play.Another one of my jobs as a child growing up in our home was to wrap all the gifts that were being sent all over from us to Aunties and Uncles from away. Mom would buy all the tags ,Christmas stickers,ribbon that I requested .I so enjoyed wrapping these very simple gifts such as socks, underwear, slips and gloves in the finest fancy paper,when back then the paper may have cost more then the gift, can you imagine? Everyone sent out cards and I still did up to this year, it had to stop with all that is going on in the World and the paper ,paper and more paper being wasted. I only sent to a few that are not on the Internet,it is just the way it needed to be.

The sun is bright today and the air is crisp, I rode my bike to Town today to do a bit of last minute shopping and when I got home I put her,my bike in the barn for the Winter, she is parked and is now waiting for Spring ,when the Daffodil's will be blooming and the Black flies will awaken along with us after a Long Winters nap under a warm blanket. Missing our wood heat would be an understatement, I don't necessarily miss the wood splitting or lugging it in but if someone were here to do it for us, I believe I would remove some favorite furniture to make room for a wood stove. But enough of that dreaming, I don't think Santa will be bringing us a wood stove anymore. Which reminds me of the year that Chuck gave me a milk Cow for Christmas, a live Cow I might add, a big cow as well as a mild wonderful Family Cow, my Katie. She was so gentle that I could milk her one side while teaching a child to milk sitting on the other side. Going to the barn every Christmas eve to read the Christmas Story with the Animals all up and paying attention as if they were listening, and I believe they were. What a wonderful feeling to go out to the white washed warm ,clean barn on those evenings ,leaving the house in the wind and snow to then open the barn door and take your coat off to the warmth and wonderful smell of the Animals. We would joke when it was Chucks turn to cook nights I would disappear off to the barn and would rather be there then in the kitchen. Well my darling Katie and all her Farm Friend's kept our blood pressure down except when chasing them through the woods when we would have what we called fencing failures. A lot of times our fence would have spots where a deer or bear would knock down a small section of it in the woods. There was work to be done and exercise came naturally which brings me to today and the fact we here in Liverpool have a new Fitness center with a lovely Arena and gym ,walking trail etc. etc. I am signed up and looking forward to it. Staying alive or trying to at least.

So I will be off to sit and do nothing, did I say that? Me doing nothing? I am sure I could find something to do,but why not take a break and smell the roses or should I say Poinsettias.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012 to all who read this.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Cat is now out of the bag..

The Cat being this painting of some of my fellow Gym members with our Gym Manager in the center in red. I have had this painting on and off my easel for almost a year ,keeping it secret except for a few seeing it. She knew I was working on something but had no idea it eventually was to be given to her on her retirement.After finding out that she was retiring and not going on to the New fitness center to work but only to work out. I decided it should be hers.My plan and reason in the very beginning for doing the painting was to have it made into blank greeting cards and I may still do that. I have small 5x7 matted prints here of this painting I am selling for $5.00 but the original painting I hope will be appreciated by a very deserving Person. Thank you from us all. The new fitness center will be opening before Christmas this year. I am signed on until July 2012,I dread the longer distance from here ,right now I am maybe 2 blocks from my morning workout, I get on my bike and blink and I am there,what will I do? Maybe those days when the roads aren't the best I will attempt to walk instead of taking the car, sounds easy but isn't for me, I workout, bike as well do some easy yoga and still walking any distance is very difficult for me,bad arthritis, so wish me luck with the new walking trail at the new Queens fitness center and it's shock absorbent track I hope to conquer my little problem. So if you see a feeble old Lady walking with two walking sticks across the Bridge mornings why,that might be me:-) I am Woman ,I am strong!!!yeah!!easy to say :-)

Last night we had our gym Christmas ,goodbye /retirement party ,Liz was presented the painting and the dancing began, we left rather early.I danced twice ,two beers and then home to a good nights sleep, I know how to party.

I have been needle felting everyday since the show last week, doing up dog pocket Pets for Folks to give as gifts, I love doing these Pets, especially from a photo of the dog because when looking at the picture I see the Spirit of the Animal and enjoy capturing it in wool. Today I am doing a sweet 10 year old, can't tell you of who,he is a gift. You should see them all lined up here waiting to go to their new homes. I love it.

My house because I have been so busy looks like a bomb went off, and now I have a new toilet in my change room waiting to be installed,always something. Bucks in bucks anyone out there who is still looking for that unique affordable gift, let me know, I may have it here. I only have 3 of my books left as of today but will receive my latest printing early this week.

So off I go to have a quiet day of needle felting and TV.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spirit and goodwill in the air.

This past weekend here in Liverpool Dec. 2,3 the streets were a buzz with people, young and old. For a Small struggling Town with it's recent news of the loss of jobs with the White Point fire and lay offs with Bowater Paper Mill we were surprised to see so much Spirit, amazing how true it is about hard times bringing People together understanding what is happening with the economy and knowing we have to support our local sheriff as I like to put it . There was standing room only at a few points in the Artisans Gift Gallery those two evenings,everybody had a smile and light in and on their Hearts and faces. We couldn't have wished for better weather. Hugs were being given freely old Friend's were reuniting ,new one's being made and good feeling and cheer were in the air. Saturday evening I anticipated a slower evening so came prepared with the words to Christmas Carols thinking we could do a sing along Christmas Karaoke thing to entertain ourselves if it were slow, it could have been fun.But not the case or needed because there was a steady flow of people in and out all evening long. So to all those who worked at putting this together , you did a great service for our Town as well as those of us there selling. I for one believe the town maybe needed this and it responded by attending. Folks saw what the so many talented People in our area have to offer, I myself was so impressed with what I saw there , not doing shows anymore these days I have been out of the loop and to get all of this Local talent in one in our Town ,Wow!!!we all know where to find what we are looking for without leaving home. As well being with all you fellow Artisans was so inspiring and we had a lot of great laughs. Thank you all very much Merry Christmas, best in 2012, we will survive and be stronger.

I personally had a great show, thank you all and even had a lovely lady call me the next morning to tell me how happy she was with her purchase, I have said it before many times ,it is always nice to meet the Artist who's work you buy as well it is so nice for the Artist to meet the Person who Loves the piece as much as you who created it. Again thank you .

My feltings sold well but I do still have a couple interesting characters left one being a needle felted Santa scene a Mermaid as well as paintings ,antique barnboard painted Santa's that hang on a wall inside or out. Santa Clause small hookings. Anything here in my Studio/Gallery with the exception of a few canvas paintings will be still offered under my this years Christmas Special..I decided to do this when I heard of the job losses in the area and thought I would pass along a savings ,we all can benefit and you get to give an original and unique piece of art and I get to be warm this Winter :-)

So if you saw something at the show that interested you or if you would like to see what I do have here as well as my Children's Book Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy email me or call 354-3690 and I would be happy to be here for you .

Now on a different note ,lets talk just plan get in the Spirit of Christmas!!! our home is quite small and compact ,and like the recently past warm weekend when Chuck banned me and my drums to play outside on the deck ,when he ,so he thought wanted to watch Star Wars Movies after the second funeral in a week we had been to and I wanted to rejoice in life and he in mindless movies. At Christmas time he often wishes we had heat in our out building because I start singing Christmas Carols out of the blue, I can't help myself , anyway not so much because of bad singing I hope ,for I am sure I must be great...:-) but that he has no where to get away and watch TV ,being the one TV in the house , well often he will change his mind and join in with me, do you think maybe it has something to do with a small house and who wins out? Speaking of that , joining in ,makes me think of years ago when I lived in Lunenburg , I lived on Pelham Street just one block up from the water front and the streets went up hill from that, I was walking home one night from work near Christmas and I could hear the most wonderful voices Caroling from the streets above, as I walked along I would look up when at the street crossings and sure enough I saw them ,it was a group of 8 -12 people dressed in Period garb ,circa 17th century,they were not only pleasant to listen to but to look at as well . For years I have wanted to do this , so anyone out there who may be interested even if not for this year , it may be a bit late but some work could be done for next year, "Joy to the World"

I found a couple what I call props today at Frenchy's our local second hand clothing outlet for my Needle feltings , I get so excited when I find these little treasures that give me ideas as to what can and will be done with them.

Above is a picture of my Mermaid I have here for sale and a photo from the day I read my book to Hillview Acres, it was a wonderful good feeling day.
So off I go to relax and let my sugar Plums out to float.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

even closer ,still!!!

This past week there has been heart break with Funerals . Things like this seem to knock us all off our pins and being so close to Christmas when our Hearts should be filled with joy we ache for those who have lost their loved ones. When we got home yesterday after our second funeral this week, I wanted to celebrate life with music ,Chuck felt that a couple Star Wars movies were more his cup of tea ,so I was ,you might say, banished from our tiny home to entertain myself on the deck. In the beginning as you can see here I was in gloves and a hat ,along with our House Guest Laura. This didn't last long because Chuck then got the bug and joined me, so we sat outside in the wonderful warm sun and entertained ourselves for a couple great hours.

The Artists Gift Gallery Main street Liverpool Dec. 2,3 evenings from 5-10 is coming upon us quickly and I have been getting ready ,realizing times are hard money wise I am offering some great savings on my Art.
To be perfectly honest ,I want to sell and feel everyone will win by passing on savings to local shoppers. So if you are interested in original one of a kind gifts this season for yourself or loved ones ,look no further. I may have what you are looking for. You can find me at this show next weekend or email or call and drop by my in home Gallery on 142 Payzant Street here in Liverpool. My Children's book has been doing well, Thank you all for your interest. I read it at the Mill Village school as well at Hillsview Acres to the older residents there along with the two Dogs , Lu Lu Belle and Laura who star in the book and their owners. Both gigs went very well with great response and energy.

I needed a Christmas garden Flag for in front of my house so I made a canvas painted one for myself and then decided to do a couple more for sale,above picture top left. I have barn Board Santa's,hooked Santa's ,wind Chimes ,needle feltings, of dogs and People hand painted floor and table mats.Paintings on canvas and boat parts and Antique Buoy Lamps. So look no further, check it all out. Today is to be again another lovely day here on the South Shore of our fine Nova Scotia. Last week everyone all around us had snow while we got rain, I like snow, well to play in it ,yes I am up there in years ,but grow up, never, I can and will always make snow Angel's and Snowmen, along with shovelling which I don't quite enjoy as much. We will take what is given to us and make the best of it. We have no choice, suck it up is what it is as I say. Make everyday the best day and better then the day before. Be kind to one another,whether you know someone or not, give them a little smile and a hello and feel your heart swell with goodness and healing. For this is what this Season and everyday should be about.

Merry Christmas and all the Best to you and yours in 2012.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nearing Christmas,

Here are a couple paintings recently

completed and a few others ,as well this Elf needle felting and I do have others here. There will be a show on Dec. 2 and 3 from 5 -10 PM both nights during our Liverpool Christmas tree lighting ceremony ,it is being held in the old Value Plus building next to Home Hardware here in Town. "Artists gift Gallery"

Pop in for a visit those evenings , you may be impressed . There will be many Artisan's offering unique gifts for that someone special or yourself.

Yes believe it or NOT!!! Santa is on his way, at least in the stores . Here in Town the store windows are beautiful, The Moss Pot as always and Home Hardware WOW!!! very nice. Myself always on the other end trying to sell for the Holidays. But,I Love to stand and stare into the Christmas windows like a small Child day Dreaming with those darn Sugar Fairy's dancing in my head. Did I mention I so want a lap top ,whether it is from Santa or Chuck . So this brings me to why I write here today ,I need to sell. I am putting the finishing touches on a painted floor mat called "The Rock". I am taking into consideration this year,that money is hard found and I will be keeping my prices reasonable ,wanting to sell and understanding the fear People are having, concerned with our economy.This shopping Season stay home and look first for that wonderful gift. You just may save money and at least find something one of a kind and unique right here on your own doorstep.

As the old saying goes again, I will be burning it from both ends this next while and will have a good varity of paintings and product to choose from. Chuck is working on another Antique Buoy Lamp.

on a different note read below about my Great Day day last week.

This past Friday I was invited to the Mill Village school to read my book"Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy" to the whole school, they were divided into two groups and were so very well behaved. It was sweet after the first group one of the Children checked out the book which the school bought for the Library. I asked them if they had any questions after I read and yes they did, I was asked great and funny ones as well .To say I enjoyed myself that morning would be an understatement. Thank you Mill Village School . The Local Advance was there and this coming week there may be something about that day in it. Next Tuesday I will going to Hillsview Nurseing home to read my Book to the residents there along with the two Dogs who star in the book . It should be fun and the "Girl's" Lu Lu Belle and Laura so enjoy each others company, they are true Doggy Friend's. I will be taking the camera and will share some photos with you after. today I have painting to do and am thinking of some smaller Needle feltings to do up for the show,Winter themed. I can't burn out when I am doing what I LOVE.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Devasting Fire and loss of a Local Icon

November 12 2011 will be remembered for years to come in our Queens County Community as the day we lost one of our local Icons. White Point Beach Lodges Main building was lost to fire.

So many of us are devastated by this news from all over the World. We who had the privilege to have worked there years ago and still today can't quite believe what we see and hear of this sad news.

I worked at W.P. back in 1967 when Mr. and Mrs .Elliot ran it. As well we have done shows and workshops over the years with Children and Adults staying at the Lodge .And yes like many have memories and stories of those days gone by and if those ,now gone Kitchen walls could talk,oh what we would hear. My name was carved into the round wall in the Kitchen along with so many other's. Many years of laughter, song ,dance,good food, weddings ,special dinners ,lounging by the stone fire places,swimming in the pool, surfing on the waves. Sitting at the bar with old and new friend's.There is so much to say ,so much to remember. The loss of all the original photos from back when it first opened I believe in 1928.White Point Beach Lodge was always Home away from home for everyone who entered into that building. People always felt at ease and welcome by the warmth of the walls and Staff inside and out. Everyone felt special at White Point ,with Children and Rabbits hopping all around ,Guests being treated like Family. Those walls are now gone forever. We can only pray that new walls will be built, then we will have to fill those walls with new memories and warmth. Whenever I stop and let my minds eye bring back all the pictures in my head of those years past, I tear at the sadness of this loss. I just happen to have a tray from 1967 when I worked there and over the years I have considered doing a painting of White Point on it and returning it to the Lodge. I have teased Danny about this for sometime now.Well that day has come and when the new doors open to our new Lodge and I am sure that will happen, it must happen, it will happen and when it does I will be delivering this tray back to the new Lodge ,to be returned whence it came, but with a painting of our lost Lodge on it. Our Community lately has been struck with many shops closing,threat of our Paper Mill closing. It seems so much has been on this Little sleepy Towns mind this past many Months. This is hard for many of us to swallow and at times like this we find ourselves wanting to give up and seeing only darkness ,like Death we fear seeing an end, but we must persevere and we will ,no matter how bad this all looks right now and don't get me wrong it is bad, especially this time of year with so many people out of work, lost jobs for no fault of their own. Maybe it is time to simply stand back and be proud and say, "We will survive!" We will tighten our belts and make a point of getting through these trying times . We are still here and we will build from the ashes not only our treasured White Point but our Town and Community in general. Lets be strong and stand tall ,lets rebuild our Queen's County and make it shine and be better then ever, we still have so much to offer ,we are the hidden gem and will overcome these hard times. Now to our Men and Woman who fought this fire, who put their lives on the line every time they are called out. Ironically there was a contest just recently with votes being casted for different Fire Departments ,Liverpool did not win but they are winners in all of our eyes,actually just yesterday before the fire on Face Book it was suggested that everyone make a small donation for our Fire Department, I see this coming to be. I have been hearing Trucks return for hours now and one again just went by my house back to the Fire Hall, I am sure they were on standby and watch throughout the night. I was told that fire Fighters from as far away as Bridgewater and beyond and in the other direction Lockport came to the rescue,this fire will go down in History, a sad day and night to remember.But look for the Light at the end of the Tunnel, we may have to look hard right now, but keep your eyes open for it, for if we cloud over with too many tears right now we may not see what we should see and that just may be a postive outcome.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

rain ,wind and getting work done

I started this Fisherman the other day when I was spending the day at a friend's house. She lives on the Sea Shore near a wharf and fishing boats and that is where I got my inspiration for this Needle Felted piece.

Trying my best to get as much done for the Christmas selling Season, make hay while the Sun shines as the old saying goes. The Play The Full Monty has been postponed until February so as mentioned before the pressure is off just a bit regarding getting the set done by November 18th. So I can get back to some product. Loving what I do makes it very easy to be prolific. Yesterday November 11th was a nasty weather wise day,the wind and rain was terrible. We had a couple leaks here which made the day interesting moving furniture around and catching drips. We are waiting on roofers to get here and put a new roof on the house and it hopefully will be soon before the Snow flies. Although again this Year it may end up being a mild Winter for us here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Unlike the Winters we had when I was a kid growing up , we would always receive a sled from Santa for Christmas and would go coasting on Christmas Day.For years now we have not seen snow staying before January. Just the way it is with Global warming:-( sad really for those of us who still like to build Snowmen.My plan is to either start another needle Felting or maybe a painting this weekend, I will see as the day continues. My little Children's book has been doing well ,I am getting great response, Thank you all for that. I will be reading it to the Mill village School on the 18th and will be sharing it with the residents of Hills View on the 20th.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Busy with Paintings

here is the finished chair>>>>

This past while I have been busy painting up a storm. This is one of the two new canvases I have finished and here is a Lawn Chair I am painting for The Liverpool Midget B. Minor Hockey fundraiser coming up soon. Look for them out selling tickets at the Super Store ,Moss Pot and maybe in other locations. With the Full Monty being postponed until sometime in February because of a cast member with a back problem you might say the pressure has eased regarding getting the painting of the set done for the play by November 18th .So I Hope to work on a series of affordable paintings for an Artisans art show which will be held here in town Dec. 2,3 evenings from 5-10. It should be beautiful with lights, music and Christmas Spirit all around .There has been sad news of maybe a shut down of our Bowaters Paper Mill, but we need to be positive and think outside the box. Good will prevail in the end but we may all have to tighten our belts and one way to do that is be creative with gift giving this season and shop local,where unique gifts may be found right here under our noses. Like days gone by, underwear and socks ,sleds and simple homemade gifts were a treat and something special for all. Grandmas hand knit socks, Oh I wish I could knit, I remember trying in the past and did knit a sweater for Chuck with one sleeve longer then the other , Bless his heart ,he loved that sweater. And the time I was trying to knit socks ,what is with this turning the heel thing? wow!!!way hard for me, I am a tube sock knitter, as well don't ever buy a knitted dish cloth that I knit, mine are triangle shape, I remember a Dear since passed friend Jean laughing at my attempt at knitting one years ago and her Hubby saying that he wouldn't wash his truck with my attempt. He was joking of course. So I now look for those who sell these dishcloths that I love to use and those socks I love to wear, and you know, I can find them right here at our upcoming Liverpool Fire Hall Christmas Craft show as well at all the Church and fundraiser Teas and sales which will all be within the next weeks before Christmas and we don't have to gas up the car to attend any of these local Christmas sales.Our Little Town has so many Talented Artists and Crafts People ,we still can offer just about anything right here that we need.I noticed this morning as I rode by the Liverpool Home Hardware store on Main Street, the window has been decorated for Christmas and is Beautiful, very nice job.Chuck and I don't go all out with big time gift giving ourselves for Christmas ,all we need are new bodies.We love the feeling and Spirit of the Season and look forward to it and wish all out there a Peaceful Season and Winter. Sing and rejoice and give thanks for the Little overlooked things in life.

Well I better get back to the task at hand and that would be painting a lawn chair.

Chair is finiahed..see above photo.

I stayed up late for me last night working on it and will share another photo after today's painting. I choose a happy Gnome and flower theme and have begun painting again this morning since my early frosty bike ride, and I do mean frosty, my cheeks are still burning and I had a scarf over my face. There were frozen leaves and acorns falling on my head as I was riding through Fort Point park.Very wonderful and nice besides the cold. I do find it takes way more effort then in in warm weather. Not many Folk out this morning unlike the other day when it was so warm in the Autumn sun with squirrels everywhere gathering nuts on a fine day hiding them here there and everywhere in preparation for a long,cold winter. We too are in a way hiding our nuts :-) getting ready for winter with putting up food and preparing to sit back in our little cozy house and this year make a spot for Chuck to get some painting done with me in my tiny Studio. I have mentioned before how small our House is and everything has to do double duty. Well today I have a wooden Adirondack Lawn chair sitting here in the middle of the room,this is why I am working long hours trying to get it finished ,so I can then get back to trying to make a space for Chuck's winter creative projects.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A tribute to talent

This title could describe so much and so many . Last Spring I, by chance through a friend said I would help her with props for the Play at the Astor written by Beth George a local Author/playwright from Liverpool "For Riches and Honor", once I got involved I became excited by the dedication involved in putting on a production of this size. For years I worked on a smaller scale with many groups but never anything quite like this. I ended up being an extra, helping with props and painting and doing the finishing touches of magic to the set which was built by Rick Gilbert who has been the Man behind many if not most of the sets we have seen at the Astor Theatre in the past. We are only happy to join in with a good group of hard working People who do so much behind the scenes. So I have decided to take you with us on a fast moving picture journey between now and Nov 17th when "The Full Monty " will be on stage , Nov. 17-20 & 25&26. This set is so involved and needs to do double duty ,like magic Rick has had to make this happen with the many different scenes needed and only a small stage to work with. With plans for surprises near the end,which I have seen and been told is what he is known for. Often when I am doing a painting Chuck will say nothing about the painting but then I will make one brush stroke and he then is taken back with that one stroke. Like magic it becomes what it is meant to be and I am happy to be working with a great group who together will make this happen for this play. What you see here in the picture is basically the foundation of the set, primed and ready to be brought to life. It proves to be a GOOD one ,another one of many to come out of Liverpool Nova Scotia. So, stay tuned to watch and get excited along with us, for a great production. Get your tickets soon, I hear the phone ringing while in there working, they could be going FAST!!!

Here is a shot of me after putting the 2nd primer coat on the far from finished set. I will bring you along on the trip as it comes along. Sharing with you what Rick comes up with , we have all seen the Movie, this should prove to be one of the greatest...remember there is a scene with a car and a scene in a bathroom....Hummmm!!!! it should be interesting. Stayed tuned , for this creatively will be what I am doing from now till then.

And speaking of till then, then will be here in Liverpool on Dec. 2&3 from 5-10 PM there will be a Christmas Artisans Market across from the Liverpool Pharmasave on Main Street during our annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Drop by you may be surprised at what our sleepy Creative Town has to offer, save gas, money and time. Now if we can have snow flurries on those nights ,feel the Spirit!! OK..I have put my order in...just for flurries.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Humbly Thankful

Humbly Thankful describes how I feel after the wonderful response from the news of my Little book being published and being recognized by our Local Advance news paper and the warm hugs and congrats received from all of you . I can only wish to do something for you in return, I hope I can put a chuckle on as many faces as I can. Whether it be through my art , my writings or my rambles. For I truly believe that is what it is all about, and nothing we have can be taken with us when we go, but our satisfaction of fulfillment in whatever we Love and feel.Everyone of us is special and sometimes it takes a few of us longer to find our passions, and it is nice when one can discover these things even at a ripe age. All caregivers and Teachers see these gifts in Children at a much earlier age then years ago. Like Europeans ,our young Adults are encouraged to pursue their dreams at a much younger age seeing that they are not all meant to be Doctors and Lawyers. In my case it took many years to realize that I just may have been bored back in my early years and not challenged with other creative activities besides the regular school systems curriculum. And it pleases me to be given the chance even now to do what I love and be rewarded. Not to mention my wonderful Husband and how he has become my Muse. Between the two of us we believe we can conquer the World, Thank God our World is small. But no matter how small, everyday is great and successful. So thank you all you have again inspired me.

Above you can see my latest needle felting"Dear ole Girl" I love her cheeks. what more can i say, I enjoy my work. I'm not really sure what I will start artistically next, my house needs attention ,yes I know, but the next few days are said to be raining and if that is the case I find that is the time to sit in my studio and heads down start something big, my mind has been on another diorama that would actually be for sale,the last two I did were commissions, this one I want to do will be somehow related to maybe "Peggy's Cove" or some other little Maritime fishing type scene, I am still working on details before I announce what exactly it will be. I have found that over the years I have put all modesty aside and work in whatever medium and style I fancy and not worry how some may want to label me, I believe I have no label, I am me and love to create and give me a challenge and I at times with Chuck's help will give it a kick at the can whatever it is ,why not ?
One more thing regarding our Sea People figurines which we have been making for ever and a day it seems, I received a message from someone who's Mom bought one way back years ago now in New Brunswick and her Mother loves the one she has, she wants to surprise her Mom with another , she tracked me down and we are working on just what her Mom would like, I love how the Sea People keep on working , you might say for me and those who enjoy them. Thankful for that too, well you could say this blog installment is my Thanksgiving in a way :-)

forever Humble....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October all ready?

Yes October is here, thoughts of getting ready for Winter are buzzing in our heads. We are putting apples up and thinking on cooking up a storm and putting meals in the deep freeze so we can continue working on product throughout the colder Months instead of needing to stop and cook, which always seems to be Chuck. When I think of back the 25 years on the Farm in Charleston, all I did was bake ,cook and milk Cows ,everyday full and busy with Children and Animals, and still I made time to create something other then food ,Farm and family. These days I sit and work in my studio while Chuck does most of the cooking so this Winter we will be more prepared and save much time by organizing our lives and meals better.

Here is a picture of my latest Needle Felting "Lucinda" a very friendly good ,happy Witch, I enjoy her so much I considered keeping her myself, but I have learned so many times in the past, I can only keep and display so much in my small Home that I have had to look away and bite the bullet and sell these fun pieces, so here she is ready and waiting for a new home. I still have my Mermaid as well, see above,she would have been gone by now but I have not been doing any shows and very few People have seen her being so late in the Season. I love going into Spring after a long Winters work and see what I have been producing for the Summer selling Season after working hard in the colder weather. Even though I have seen and heard that this past Summer Season has been somewhat slow compared to other years I find my Gallery somewhat bare. My needle feltings are all sitting somewhere in their new homes, most of my interesting unique boat piece paintings are sold ,I am happy to say that I know where a few of them are and will see them again. Others in the past have gone far away and it is always nice when People send me a picture of them in their new homes, a very nice feeling indeed. Thank you all for that. I will be starting the body of a Mermaid today, a commission of a young Marine Biologist, a surprise for her from her Mom, I am waiting on a picture of her but the body can be started before hand. I do Caricatures of People and animals in needle felting.

Here is a picture of our Laura who we puppy sit on a regular basis with her play date Duncan the other day, they were so cute together. Duncan is so funny as I am sure you can tell in this picture, he is a ham bone and has no idea how big he is, both of these dogs were rescue dogs, can you imagine? Wonderful pets like these needing a home, so sad when you think of all the needy animals and people for that matter out there looking to be loved? But we can't take them all in,which saddens me. We don't have a dog since our Eddie passed away last year, but fill our void by taking in Pets while their owners travel. It helps us in many ways while helping them, their owners as well, everyone wins.

On a sad note ,we got a phone call last evening with news of a death, I am heart broken to say that Mary Mouzor has passed away. Mary was known by all in our community.She wrote an online publication for years with news and highlights of Queens County, a great service she gave freely to all of us from Liverpool and surrounding areas with announcements and local news. Mary's husband passed away I believe a couple years ago now and she was not the same since, like another dear friend said regarding Mary, I agree with her ,we believe Mary died of a broken Heart after the loss of her Life Partner and Love Barry.Rest in Peace Mary, I know you two are together again and your pain is gone. OK..I can't type with tears in my eyes, so I will leave it at that for now.

So off I go to start another day. When given a lemon, make lemonade and share it with your loved ones.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meet my warren of bunnies,

Here they are , if you can zoom in and can see their faces , check them out. I am just about crazy from making bunnies one after another this past while, almost like production work but when doing something such as needle felting or carving anything hands on ,one at a time it is almost impossible to recreate anything identical, so the end result is so satisfying. I see so many wonderful expressions in these faces , not only do I see it myself but Chuck as well as they were coming along and we have been sitting and laughing when looking at them .I can imagine what they might be thinking when looking at their cute faces, yes if they could think. I believe like when doing a painting or anything such as this, you work along and then "puff!!" like magic it all comes together , don't you love it when that happens? My next commission is of a needle felted Mermaid, a caricature of a young Marine Biologist who is a beautiful young woman with long brown hair. I look forward to her challenge.Of course I love it and it helps so when I know some little personal information about the person so I can capitalize on their most striking features. It makes it so very special. So another day on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia , Autumn being my and many other's favorite time of year. "So when are you coming?"

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Puppy debut...

May I introduce to you my great accomplishment of finally getting this project in print. I am happy to bring to you "Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy".It is a fun little book which over took my mind and heart as we were Puppy sitting a Border Collie,Lu Lu Belle and like all puppies , she is happy,all the time . I dare not tell you more ,I am selling copies of this fun little book and I look forward to sharing it with you . You might ask what age group? Well, let me tell you ,as young as young can be and as old as old can be, I am 58 years old and whether I wrote this or not, I always smile when I read it, you get a happy feeling from the pages. So, I am on pins and needles you might say and have plans for something else in the future. Which brings me back to needing a lap top :-) do you think I can nag it to be? I am trying :-) if anyone is interested in my book you can contact me at being the end of the Season ,my plans for distributing it will be right now here from home.
The Folk art piece I recently finished was delivered to A-1 Pizza today and I am happy again to say that he is pleased with it and I believe it will look great along with the first piece I did for him.

Needle felting has been in the back of my head, on my mind and the plan is to get one started soon,but I actually may take a day off.Then again, this time of year with our cool mornings ,warm mid days and cool evenings,it seems to be the time to do those little get ready for Winter outside jobs. I have many boat pieces dry undercover waiting to be prepared for painting on. This Summer even though not quite like other years finds me needing to replenish those hard to get paintings on unique pieces of what I call treasure pieces of found boats.

Last evening we celebrated our upcoming on the 17th ,28th wedding Anniversary with Dear Friend's who are celebrating their 25th on the 14th of September . Along with another Dear Friend and two Dogs. We ate and took in a beautiful Fall evening outside under the Progola with good Friend's rejoicing with memories of our Unions. Photo above of Patricia , William, Chuck and I.

On a sad note I would like to send my thoughts and concerns at the News of our Local Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet closing here in Town. Our concerns go out to all of those who have lost their jobs. We pray that you all find new jobs and soon. We appreciate your friendly smiles and jokes as well fine service these past years. Best of Luck to you all.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finished FolkArt commission

This is my latest work, A "Diorama" for A-1 Pizza. Which has been keeping me busy this past bit.There is already a simular one which hangs above his Pizza Oven done back in 2010. The Bubba Factory being the theme of this latest one.,with again his Children in the scene. It is a Family business, and take note of the youngest of his Children who I put front and center, his little arms reaching up trying to help, waiting for the day he can get in there with his Father and Siblings ,creating and learning the business. A piece like this is out of my norm as to what I usually do but I have enjoyed building these Dioramas so much that I have plans for another ,which will be for sale. My thoughts are still moving about in my head as to what it will be of, I am thinking on the line of Peggy's Cove or similar with Boats, wharfs, etc. etc. maybe even Mermaids. We will see as I put more thought into it. Chuck built the box for me ,it being the same size as the first Diorama for A-1 Pizza so he has the option to hang it beside the first piece. Once the box was done I sketched in all that I wanted to build and then took off from there. First the background was created then the figures were cut out and mounted ,I tried to upload these pictures in the right order but one needs to be computer smart and ,well that may not be little old me with those abilities, so bare with me and figure out by the photos how it all came to it's completion :-) The fun part was finishing it, bringing it to life you might say, I worked on it well into the evening a few nights, excited to see it come to be, as does so many pieces like my 2010 Elevator Mural, Chuck always saying, now make sure you stop at 5 PM,so as not to burn yourself out, but this is what I do and I Love what I do so I always find myself after a good Mug up sitting at my easel with a glass of wine looking over what I had done that day ,to then find my right hand reaching for a paint brush to add that one little stroke which makes the World of difference and sure enough, that is what happens and I always like the results. Today just a simple coat of varnish and tomorrow I will deliver this piece to Joey to hang and be photographed along with other inside and outside shots to add to his upcoming new Web Site. Regarding my Children's book, I was told yesterday that it is done and I will be picking it up tomorrow, I am so excited!!!it has been awhile coming, I have talked about it for so long and I soon will have it in my own little hands with plans already for something more, something new, a story yet to be told, maybe of some of the exciting adventures Chuck and I have lived in our come Sept. 17th 28 years married ,or The Story of the Sea People, wow!!! I need two or three of me, is the World ready for that many me's? Maybe not!!! I want a lap top, I have said this so many times, I need to start a lap top money jar,hmmmm..I just may do that, and save for one so I won't be tethered here in my computer closet ,able to write where the mood strikes me.They can't be that pricey these days, I must research soon regarding that.

Today we are having our from away Summer Friend's for dinner along with Family and adopted Family and fur friend's ,the day promises to be a wonderful Maritime Autumn day with good food and special company and me in the Kitchen instead of behind an easel . Wish me luck...I am making my once and hopefully still famous Seafood casserole with all kinds of trimmings and desert, Chuck usually being the cook ,today is my I said wish me luck,then again, any seafood is good sea food so I should have no problems..yum!!!

Drop back again soon and see what I am up to next.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sea Wizard's,on their way.

Here is a picture of my Wizard order who are on their way to New Mexico as I write. I have a History Professor Client who gives Sea Wizards away to his favorite Graduates at the end of the school year. Because I have been working outside as well house cleaning the past two weeks , I have not been getting any Art or needle felting done. I have a commission I am starting for A1 Pizza, same kind of creation I did for him last Fall, a three D folk art type piece. I need Chucks help with the shadow box building and now that it is done, the fun part begins. My Children's book is at the publisher's and I will have copies for sale soon. I am so excited!!! finally ...and I do hope you all like it, I find it makes me smile when I read it ,I hope it puts a smile on other faces too. Thoughts are swimming around in my head about another story and I have some funky ideas about this Winters paintings.Totally out of my norm, we will see. Although I will always have to have boat part Paintings available, but Beach combing for these interesting pieces is getting harder and good pieces are fewer and harder to find, not being as busy with smaller boats fishing as in earlier years.Thank God Chuck cooks, where would I find the time?This Winter we are going to try cooking once a Month, our plan is to put up meals in the freezer and try and make more time for other things other then cooking daily. Years ago we did a craft circuit with a Dear since departed Soul , a published Author,Artist ,Animal and Children Lover, Sylvia Wiggle, she had us over for Dinner one day and we were so impressed with the fact she had all these meals already in the freezer, we saying ,now don't go to any bother, we all got to pick what we wanted, way to go Sylvia, a real time saver. Her craft was making Little finger Puppets, furry pets and People puppets.A lovely Lady she was . Thank you Sylvia ,for teaching us well.Off I go ,back to work.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

No moss anywhere near here...

What I mean by the title of this blog installment is that it has been a very busy week, yes what is new? This is our passion or one of a few and I do love to stay busy but I have been burning it at both ends as the old saying goes. Here are a few pictures of what has been going on ,the Buoy Lamps ,one is sold and possibly the other one as well, but if it is still available I will have it at the Market on the Mersey tomorrow Friday 19 th,10-2. Here is my latest Needle felted character "Pretty Maid" Mermaid. I have decided on my next Needle Felted Characters , an old Man and his wife, keep an eye out for them ,they will be cute ,I promise, I see them already in my mind. I dressed my Sea People commission this morning and they are drying in the sun. I will share a picture of them when they are done, they will be shipped to New Mexico and will be used as special gifts for graduating University Students from a dear Professor Friend /Client ,we have been making Wizard's for him for years now.

Here is a picture I took of our deck/pergola after dark the other night ,I love to sit out here, and just veg. in my hammock or make music,very inspiring.

We have as Summer often does reconnected with Friend's and relatives we may not see so much during the Winter Months and our smiles the past week have been very large with great hugs from special people, healing hugs ,they are the best of the best.

We also met a new friend this week, a fellow drummer, he will be bringing a few drums to the Market tomorrow and we will be doing a bit of a jam, anyone is welcome, the more the merrier. So come on down to The Market on the Mersey and get your willies out or shop for that great piece of art or treat from one of our vender's, the day should be beautiful as it has been the past thankfully few weeks.Summer did start out a bit rough regarding weather ,but here in Nova Scotia we get a little bit of everything as well I find our weather is nice ,right up until Christmas and beyond these past few years, nothing to complain about,it is what it is and it ain't what it ain't. I am off to check on my drying Wizard's and work on a sketch of my next needle felting.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Market on the Mersey and Hospital Hustle

The weather this past few weeks for Market on the Mersey has been quite wonderful!!!Summer seems to have arrived although when I look at my vines growing on my fence I see they are changing color already.I love Autumn and wish we could have the wonderful cool days with warm fall sun all year round. The heat is no longer my friend, at least in the cold of Winter we can put on more layers of cloths, but during the hot ,hot days of Summer, one can only remove so many cloths ,being seen nearly nude in our ripe older ages leaves much to be desired,yuk!!! I have been taking my Tongue Drum to the Market the past two weeks and I enjoy killing time doing what I love to do and that is to play any one of my drums , as you can see in this picture ,just how serious I am when playing :-) and I hope I am not offending any one's ears. There is a lot of interest from People in this drum ,not being something seen a lot, and the sound is soothing and different from other drums. I hang my Wind Chimes from the tree branches down in the Park so when the wind is blowing they are sounding as well. I finished sculpting my heads for my Sea People commission and they are just about dry and in the next couple of weeks I must make Sea Wizard's. Our local Hospital Hustle Fund Raiser is coming up soon and I am making a special wind chime for the Art/Craft Table, come take a look and consider buying something from this Table ,there should be some wonderful art to choose from or search for that special treasure waiting there for you ,the proceeds go to the Hospital and are very much needed.

We are headed to the Beach this afternoon to take in a bit of sand and surf before heading to a Little guy's birthday party. I needle felted him a Pocket Pet Bunny for his birthday.My Pocket Pets have been selling and I so enjoy seeing Children and Adults walking away with them, it's rather sweet watching them hold and play with their new Pets, the perfect Pet I might add, quiet and no need to feed and water. There just aren't enough hours in the Day ,I need to replenish my Needle felted dogs that I keep on hand, I have a great Dog book which I use for reference when doing my different Breeds . I also have to make time to do a couple needle felted figures ,I have a few ideas but ,where is the time. School will be back in soon ,it seems like it just got out.

Last week at the Market on the Mersey I was talking with a couple German Families and Folk's from New Jersey as well, it is great to have them drop by and visit and be entertained with local Talent and hospitality. Liverpool always is friendly and open armed ,everyone giving a wave and hello to all, just one of those small Town things, like when in Newfoundland , everyone is made welcome. So drop by the Market this coming Friday, it should be another great day on the Mersey.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wind Chime update..busy day...

This post will be with few words, more pictures of the Wind Chimes to date, it was a great day ,and working together ,we got a lot done, as well,we took a walk with Little Riki.

These chimes will be with us this Friday "Market on the Mersey", come check them out..I love having productive days, but my house looks like we got a lot done, the next couple of days may be wet, so housework is on the list, gee, I may find something I thought I lost.Besides my mind ,at times :-).

meet our House Guest..

There isn't much I can say that you can't read from these pictures. Isn't she cute?!!! Her name is Little Riki and she is staying a few days with Aunt Deb and Uncle Chuck. Belly rubs and soft velvet ears and those eyes,look at those eyes. Yesterday I was on the deck late afternoon playing my Tongue Drum ,Little Riki thought my mallets were sticks to play with and bite,after discovering that Aunt Deb was not going to let her have them, she then laid her head on my drum listening to the music and feeling the vibration ,watching every move I made. She is a wonderful calm as well as incredibly handsome Puppy and we are enjoying her company. At the moment she is laying on my feet as I type. I will be doing a painting of her this Winter , her Daddy is an Artist and I know for sure he will be doing a painting of her as well. How could we not. In the near future I will be needle felting a Little Riki Pocket Pet ,see the photo here of some of my Pocket Pets which I will have again with me at the Market on the Mersey on Friday, I have tried to do many different breeds in the past and I do commissions from photos.By the way ,where are all the local folks from Town during these Friday Markets? Our Region has been trying to advertise shopping local but I see very few Locals on these days, so I wonder if maybe Saturdays may not be the best day for the Market instead of Fridays, having been doing shows and Markets over the years since the late 1970's I must say we have noticed Friday's always being a slow day, maybe next Summer it can be changed and hopefully be and become a busy Market. Weather permitting ,my plan is to take along my drum again this week, lets make our Market on the Mersey something to remember and give it a party feeling, Lets make Liverpool the place to be and visit and busy with fun and activities galore. I have an appointment with our local Book binding Shop Veinot's Print on Monday to discuss my Children's Book and I hope when I have a few on hand to give you all plenty of notice to bring your Children and Grand Children to the park to have me read to them my story"The Happy Puppy". So come on out and support our Local Sheriff. Come on down this Friday to Privateer Park in Liverpool 10-2 and take in some Home Town Flavor. Lets make it happen, once the word is out ,you will be impressed with how busy it can become. And don't forget , delicious Fish and Chips ,sausage etc. for your hungry Bellies from Chippy ,Chippy ,Bang Bang,which is on our Water Front daily as well near the Market on Fridays. Here are pictures of Chucks wind Chimes and a picture of Riki with my drum.

I must get to painting today and the next few days to replenish my consignment stock at our Local Fort Point gift Shop. I find the smaller boat piece paintings are popular with People travelling, something small that they can put right into their suitcases which can't be hurt while on the road packed in a car like a canvas could.