Sunday, November 6, 2011

Busy with Paintings

here is the finished chair>>>>

This past while I have been busy painting up a storm. This is one of the two new canvases I have finished and here is a Lawn Chair I am painting for The Liverpool Midget B. Minor Hockey fundraiser coming up soon. Look for them out selling tickets at the Super Store ,Moss Pot and maybe in other locations. With the Full Monty being postponed until sometime in February because of a cast member with a back problem you might say the pressure has eased regarding getting the painting of the set done for the play by November 18th .So I Hope to work on a series of affordable paintings for an Artisans art show which will be held here in town Dec. 2,3 evenings from 5-10. It should be beautiful with lights, music and Christmas Spirit all around .There has been sad news of maybe a shut down of our Bowaters Paper Mill, but we need to be positive and think outside the box. Good will prevail in the end but we may all have to tighten our belts and one way to do that is be creative with gift giving this season and shop local,where unique gifts may be found right here under our noses. Like days gone by, underwear and socks ,sleds and simple homemade gifts were a treat and something special for all. Grandmas hand knit socks, Oh I wish I could knit, I remember trying in the past and did knit a sweater for Chuck with one sleeve longer then the other , Bless his heart ,he loved that sweater. And the time I was trying to knit socks ,what is with this turning the heel thing? wow!!!way hard for me, I am a tube sock knitter, as well don't ever buy a knitted dish cloth that I knit, mine are triangle shape, I remember a Dear since passed friend Jean laughing at my attempt at knitting one years ago and her Hubby saying that he wouldn't wash his truck with my attempt. He was joking of course. So I now look for those who sell these dishcloths that I love to use and those socks I love to wear, and you know, I can find them right here at our upcoming Liverpool Fire Hall Christmas Craft show as well at all the Church and fundraiser Teas and sales which will all be within the next weeks before Christmas and we don't have to gas up the car to attend any of these local Christmas sales.Our Little Town has so many Talented Artists and Crafts People ,we still can offer just about anything right here that we need.I noticed this morning as I rode by the Liverpool Home Hardware store on Main Street, the window has been decorated for Christmas and is Beautiful, very nice job.Chuck and I don't go all out with big time gift giving ourselves for Christmas ,all we need are new bodies.We love the feeling and Spirit of the Season and look forward to it and wish all out there a Peaceful Season and Winter. Sing and rejoice and give thanks for the Little overlooked things in life.

Well I better get back to the task at hand and that would be painting a lawn chair.

Chair is finiahed..see above photo.

I stayed up late for me last night working on it and will share another photo after today's painting. I choose a happy Gnome and flower theme and have begun painting again this morning since my early frosty bike ride, and I do mean frosty, my cheeks are still burning and I had a scarf over my face. There were frozen leaves and acorns falling on my head as I was riding through Fort Point park.Very wonderful and nice besides the cold. I do find it takes way more effort then in in warm weather. Not many Folk out this morning unlike the other day when it was so warm in the Autumn sun with squirrels everywhere gathering nuts on a fine day hiding them here there and everywhere in preparation for a long,cold winter. We too are in a way hiding our nuts :-) getting ready for winter with putting up food and preparing to sit back in our little cozy house and this year make a spot for Chuck to get some painting done with me in my tiny Studio. I have mentioned before how small our House is and everything has to do double duty. Well today I have a wooden Adirondack Lawn chair sitting here in the middle of the room,this is why I am working long hours trying to get it finished ,so I can then get back to trying to make a space for Chuck's winter creative projects.

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