Sunday, November 13, 2011

Devasting Fire and loss of a Local Icon

November 12 2011 will be remembered for years to come in our Queens County Community as the day we lost one of our local Icons. White Point Beach Lodges Main building was lost to fire.

So many of us are devastated by this news from all over the World. We who had the privilege to have worked there years ago and still today can't quite believe what we see and hear of this sad news.

I worked at W.P. back in 1967 when Mr. and Mrs .Elliot ran it. As well we have done shows and workshops over the years with Children and Adults staying at the Lodge .And yes like many have memories and stories of those days gone by and if those ,now gone Kitchen walls could talk,oh what we would hear. My name was carved into the round wall in the Kitchen along with so many other's. Many years of laughter, song ,dance,good food, weddings ,special dinners ,lounging by the stone fire places,swimming in the pool, surfing on the waves. Sitting at the bar with old and new friend's.There is so much to say ,so much to remember. The loss of all the original photos from back when it first opened I believe in 1928.White Point Beach Lodge was always Home away from home for everyone who entered into that building. People always felt at ease and welcome by the warmth of the walls and Staff inside and out. Everyone felt special at White Point ,with Children and Rabbits hopping all around ,Guests being treated like Family. Those walls are now gone forever. We can only pray that new walls will be built, then we will have to fill those walls with new memories and warmth. Whenever I stop and let my minds eye bring back all the pictures in my head of those years past, I tear at the sadness of this loss. I just happen to have a tray from 1967 when I worked there and over the years I have considered doing a painting of White Point on it and returning it to the Lodge. I have teased Danny about this for sometime now.Well that day has come and when the new doors open to our new Lodge and I am sure that will happen, it must happen, it will happen and when it does I will be delivering this tray back to the new Lodge ,to be returned whence it came, but with a painting of our lost Lodge on it. Our Community lately has been struck with many shops closing,threat of our Paper Mill closing. It seems so much has been on this Little sleepy Towns mind this past many Months. This is hard for many of us to swallow and at times like this we find ourselves wanting to give up and seeing only darkness ,like Death we fear seeing an end, but we must persevere and we will ,no matter how bad this all looks right now and don't get me wrong it is bad, especially this time of year with so many people out of work, lost jobs for no fault of their own. Maybe it is time to simply stand back and be proud and say, "We will survive!" We will tighten our belts and make a point of getting through these trying times . We are still here and we will build from the ashes not only our treasured White Point but our Town and Community in general. Lets be strong and stand tall ,lets rebuild our Queen's County and make it shine and be better then ever, we still have so much to offer ,we are the hidden gem and will overcome these hard times. Now to our Men and Woman who fought this fire, who put their lives on the line every time they are called out. Ironically there was a contest just recently with votes being casted for different Fire Departments ,Liverpool did not win but they are winners in all of our eyes,actually just yesterday before the fire on Face Book it was suggested that everyone make a small donation for our Fire Department, I see this coming to be. I have been hearing Trucks return for hours now and one again just went by my house back to the Fire Hall, I am sure they were on standby and watch throughout the night. I was told that fire Fighters from as far away as Bridgewater and beyond and in the other direction Lockport came to the rescue,this fire will go down in History, a sad day and night to remember.But look for the Light at the end of the Tunnel, we may have to look hard right now, but keep your eyes open for it, for if we cloud over with too many tears right now we may not see what we should see and that just may be a postive outcome.

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