Saturday, November 12, 2011

rain ,wind and getting work done

I started this Fisherman the other day when I was spending the day at a friend's house. She lives on the Sea Shore near a wharf and fishing boats and that is where I got my inspiration for this Needle Felted piece.

Trying my best to get as much done for the Christmas selling Season, make hay while the Sun shines as the old saying goes. The Play The Full Monty has been postponed until February so as mentioned before the pressure is off just a bit regarding getting the set done by November 18th. So I can get back to some product. Loving what I do makes it very easy to be prolific. Yesterday November 11th was a nasty weather wise day,the wind and rain was terrible. We had a couple leaks here which made the day interesting moving furniture around and catching drips. We are waiting on roofers to get here and put a new roof on the house and it hopefully will be soon before the Snow flies. Although again this Year it may end up being a mild Winter for us here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Unlike the Winters we had when I was a kid growing up , we would always receive a sled from Santa for Christmas and would go coasting on Christmas Day.For years now we have not seen snow staying before January. Just the way it is with Global warming:-( sad really for those of us who still like to build Snowmen.My plan is to either start another needle Felting or maybe a painting this weekend, I will see as the day continues. My little Children's book has been doing well ,I am getting great response, Thank you all for that. I will be reading it to the Mill village School on the 18th and will be sharing it with the residents of Hills View on the 20th.

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