Friday, May 24, 2013

Worthwhile volunteering?

Yes it is!
We all can't do everything and there is much we can't do ,but there is also much we can do. One needs to look and weigh out what works for you. Some people enjoy being on boards and doing meetings and solving many issues which need solved. Others offer their time at hospitals, nursing homes and other like places. Fire Departments,Auxiliaries the list is endless and so are these important jobs. While we lived in the country we worked for our local fire dept. and local elementary school for 27 years. When we moved to town instead of jumping into any particular organization we decided to look into what our aging bodies would allow us to do. Not being the vibrant young people we were in the past we knew that our time and energy  had to fit our today life style. After being approached by two friends who knew our passions and talents we  began volunteering at what has become more then rewarding but healing  and satisfying as well with doing what we can for our local Theatre company "The Winds of Change" and working with the Elderly in local nursing homes and the very young at The Dr. John C. Wickwire school where we are reading mentors as well help with their breakfast program and drum and craft workshops in the past. Don't ever think that whatever task so small that one does isn't noticed or appreciated for it is, ten fold! Last week we were honored by having a young volunteer himself take pictures of us at the school and then to arrive  today to find pictures ,writeup and great thanks given for what we do in one of the foray showcase windows. What a wonderful feeling to be thanked for doing something that makes you feel so good. We need to thank all of you for giving us this opportunity. 
Hopefully with the joining of the Milton School into the Wickwire next Fall that more people won't step up and help to relieve some of the burden on the teachers in the so many different  programs that need help. All you need is a simple back ground check of course and other then that get ready to smile.
So again thank you Dr. John C. Wickwire School for recognizing us for doing something we truly enjoy. Lets all try and step up to whatever plate fits . simple back ground check of course ,other then that ,     hospitals