Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Well today is the last day of 2012. It was a great year .And, I believe everyday is a great day if we try hard to make it that way ,so today again will be  another great last day of  of a good year. Bring on 2013, I will be fast asleep when the New Year rings in ,wanting to wake to a good first day of another super busy year .
I bought myself a ukulele for Christmas, arriving right before Santa came down the chimney. I got to work on my cording , fingers are getting toughened up and practicing is easier. Sound is good, but my playing leaves much to be desired, I will confess. But at least I am working at it. I painted flowers on my Uke and since have given her the title of "Daisy" Meet "Daisy" above. Over the years since a young Child I have always had a passion for stringed instruments as well of course my many drums. With no great success in playing many of the stringed instruments. I have given up on my Banjo and ended up selling it,but have kept my Auto harp and Dulcimer and now have added my new Ukulele to the list. Being only 48 days from turning 60 years old ,I believe it is time to master at least one of my stringed instruments ,so the Uke will be in my hands as much as possible so that once Summer joins us again for those wonderful not always great hot days I'll be able to share a song or two in the shade of a tree with Dear friends who also play, wish me luck.
I finished my Christmas commissions well before Santa arrived , not being one to procrastinate . I haven't been needle felting over the Holidays but practicing my Uke instead. But right before Christmas I accepted a commission of a King Gnome and here he is. These past storm days with no snow for us but heavy rain and blowing wind  I have been inside watching old movies and needle felting instead of being outside building Snow Persons. Here is King Gnome on his Throne with a Chickadee on his lap. He will soon be on his journey to his new home in a few days.
Well we all survived the threat of the World ending, until next time that is. The World is going to end for all of us soon enough, so seize the day everyday I say!! Ones work never ends.
So tomorrow New Years Day is my Families tradition day ,to get together at my Sisters cottage to ring in the New Years first day, celebrating with much food, cheer ,family and friends. I will awake from a good nights sleep all bushy tailed and ready to have a fun afternoon looking out onto the Atlantic Ocean with waves pounding the shore, it should be another great day in the Maritimes Happy 2013 to all and may you work hard at making your dreams come true this new year. May you sing on a sunny day. May your Hearts flutter with beauty and Love all around, may you heal from your pains, no matter what they are. May you put smiles on faces that need and may those smiles come back to you ten fold. Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

The face says it all!!!

There are times in our lives where words never can discribe what a smile can. This is one of those times!! Look at this smile. This is one of my Little Art Students, and I really can't say much more then what you see. "Proud" is one word at the top of a list of many adjectives for this picture.
Santa is on his way and he is travelling quickly our way. At my ripe age ,one does not need much and therefore there is    no list here for the old white haired guy. But, sometimes one needs to give a gift to ones self and that is what i am doing for myself this year, we can say it is from my Chu