Sunday, November 30, 2014

"The studio is quiet" my Christmas thoughts.

                                    The studio is quiet  November 30th  2014
Tis still sometime until Christmas and all children are at home.
The studio is quiet but not for that long.
For they will be back with laughter and cheer getting ready for Santa and a New Year.
Special gifts have been planned and started and in gear taking our time but not getting finished is a fear.
Not to worry our smocks are lined up and ready to go and we are all wishing for inspirational snow.
Christmas concerts ,plays ,recitals and such seem to be the topic so much.
With anticipation of the day that all our young friends will shine in their own way.

Our creative gifts we will wrap with excitement and place under the tree for Mom ,Dad and Me.
For that something homemade seems to hit a core of old fashioned times and days of yore.
Something you made with love on your mind ,never to wonder that you would not do fine?
Gifts to remember and become heirlooms to cherish over many moons.
For something made from heart seems to take over and seems very very smart.

Christmas carols are buzzing all through the air taking over all of our cares.
Life can be stressful when rushing around but do stop and remember when you hear their joyful sound.
For when they say "Tis is the season" yes they are right for there is a reason.
Sometimes we forget but then we regret that it is all about the work and the sweat.
So bring some joy ,laughter and cheer and try and spread throughout the whole year.
And when you are lonely and feeling gloom pickup a paint brush instead of a broom.
Then after all trimmings and ribbons are rolled we will celebrate a New Year and say goodnight to the old.
For whether it be a new day or new year we must try very hard to bring it in with good cheer.
We make promises to ourselves and our friends and swear this time that there will be no pretends.
We will at times stumble and fall but not to be concerned it happens to us all.
With help from mankind and a song in your heart we can all do our part.

                                                                    Merry Christmas,

                                                                                       written by:
                                                     Deborah Sponagle-Taylor
                                                         copyright November 30th 2014