Sunday, March 30, 2014

Springing ahead!!

Yes we are all springing ahead weather or not! I am taking advantage of this weather and spending my time with my Kid's art classes or sitting needle felting , working on art for the upcoming white Point Show April 13th as well getting excited about a few new pieces which will be available this Summer and Fall.
 Above are pictures one taken back in 2005 when we delivered "Elkanah Freeman" to the old Visiter's Center on Liverpools water front and a shot or I should say a selfie of myself and Elkanah today March 30th 2014 when I was at the new Visiters Center doing a bit of  repair to his hands from being held so much in his God only knows how many photo shoots he has had with folks visiting Queen's Co. over these past years. He stood in the old Tourist Bureau for a time then moved into the new building. Although not in order I included a couple other shots of him in his beginning and another of him when we had to bring him in to finish him in our kitchen back then. He wouldn't fit in the house we live in now. I remember the day that we brought him to town in the back of a truck standing proud all the way from Mill Village to Liverpool. But considering that we use to transport Goats , Calfs , Pigs and Chickens in our cars in the past , no one would be surprised.
So Spring is in the air ,I saw a Salmon Fly yesterday, he looked cold and tired but he was alive and I said Hi ,welcome back, we can only hope! Get your bug jackets out and ready and prepare yourselves, for come hell or high water it will become sunny and warm soon!