Monday, January 25, 2010

Gramps and us

here is a picture of Chuck and I taken just a Month or so ago, below right is a shot of us taken back in 1978,can you see the difference?
I can feel the difference, my we were cute and skinny back then, we have grown in so many ways since back in those good ole days ...LOL

Below is my finished needle felted Gramps. I love the look on his face.
He is sitting in his homemade wooden cloths pin chair.

Friday, January 22, 2010

another felted dog

The last couple of days it has been so snowy and cold here ,that I am sitting and poking up a storm, I am determined to get as many breeds of dogs done as I can before I start painting big time again in ready for Summer.

Today I am working on a cute little figure...drop by in a couple days to see him, not a dog.

TodayI will share with you my newest felted dog a fox terrier .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring in the air?

Yes it is for myself and other's like me, thinking ahead for our Tourist Season and what is happening in our Spring and Summer Months to come. As well I am working on a proposal and felting up a storm when I can . I am attaching pictures of a very large piece of actual dory I am working on ,fitting it in when I can adding to it's future life for that is how I feel about these wonderful lucky found pieces of boats, I sometimes wonder in sadness if not for myself and other's like me, sort of rescuing these pieces of treasure and giving them a new beginning and in my case I so enjoy painting on the piece, like I have said so many times before ,what this boat might have seen as it came into the wharf with Iron Men and their bounty. These pieces would be if not rescued broken up on the Maritime rocks and lost forever to the sea.This particular piece was found washed ashore along the Lighthouse route Broad Cove N.S. There were two pieces of this particular boat ,the other has since found a new home. This piece measures 8 ft.x2 ft.

It is snowing big time out there today and the past few days. It has been years since we have had a winter quite like this one on the South shore of Nova Scotia, in fact I recall a few years while living in the country on the Medway River when we had a great tractor and plow and winters there being nothing to plow but our barn yard manure pile. When we did get to plow , everyone wanted the job and we did a great job at that.

Something else we have been talking to other old farts like us is, Where are the kid's today? why aren't they going around shoveling?" my answer being" We couldn't afford them ,even if they were " the times they are changing, yes and we are all getting older, right ,and I need to tell all who are reading this , that. So much for my deep thoughts on that subject...LOL

Well I must leave , break time is over, I am working on a Brittney needle felted dog today.

Back it is later and I have finished my little felted dog and also got some shoveling in..oh joy!!!I ache all over.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

boat stern coffee table

This old piece of river boat was found on the banks of The Med way River Nova Scotia, a find indeed. I love it when something like this comes my way. I have a passion for the Sea and fishing, yes maybe something to do with the years of living in and around Linebacker and experiencing inshore fishing with Chuck, BC, I say" before the birth of our son Clay".
Fun finds ,for sure. A unique coffee table.

On each side of this boat stern coffee table is a different Maritime scene,Blue Rocks,Peggy's Cove, and on the back are Mahone Bay's famous three Church's.
Tomorrow I will share with you photos of a painting I have here on a piece of dory, 8 feet long which has been hanging all last summer in the Tourist Bureau here in Liverpool and if not sold this winter will return to hang in Liverpool's new Tourist Bureau which will be opening this Spring.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Home,Studio ,Gallery

Yes I am back so soon. I thought I would add a lovely shot of our Home, Studio ,Gallery in our Dear little Town Of Liver[pool Nova Scotia.
Drop by for a visit when in the area.

a lovely weekend

Good Morning,I will make today's post short with a picture of my latest creation titled" Market Day" This sculpture is completely wool needle felted and sitting on a wonderful lucky find , an electric toy bicycle.

I love it when things just fall in place, I found this little bike in a vintage shop and knew right away what I was going to do with it. The new year has left me very inspired and excited .
It is very cold this next few days, I have another felted figure in my head to start and after that I am planing a painting ,and the weather will force me in my studio hard at work.
Did I say anything about housework? No I did not...My, I do try to be funny.
Back soon.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

a busy New Year

Here I uploaded a picture of our Grandson "Stacy" a watercolor I did of him.
also a painting I did of our neighbor's son and their dog "Ogie"

Yes, I know I have been slow at getting around and back here , writing and touching base. I have had a few commissions since Christmas, little things but busy keepers. Hopefully next week to pick up a large commission, more on that later.

Christmas commissions of special gifts I did for folks have been coming back with great positive feedback from the Special People these creations and art were given to, which I am always so happy to hear feedback from these things , I love to make something for someone and imagine the person opening it, hearing back is wonderful .

I have been needle felting more dog breeds and will add them here soon.

My son gave me a couple large canvases for Christmas and I have thoughts on what may be put on them already. The weather here has become cold with snow on the ground, walking everyday will keep us around longer and the Winter hopefully will be productive with getting ready for a great summer season.

More to be added soon.