Sunday, January 10, 2010

a busy New Year

Here I uploaded a picture of our Grandson "Stacy" a watercolor I did of him.
also a painting I did of our neighbor's son and their dog "Ogie"

Yes, I know I have been slow at getting around and back here , writing and touching base. I have had a few commissions since Christmas, little things but busy keepers. Hopefully next week to pick up a large commission, more on that later.

Christmas commissions of special gifts I did for folks have been coming back with great positive feedback from the Special People these creations and art were given to, which I am always so happy to hear feedback from these things , I love to make something for someone and imagine the person opening it, hearing back is wonderful .

I have been needle felting more dog breeds and will add them here soon.

My son gave me a couple large canvases for Christmas and I have thoughts on what may be put on them already. The weather here has become cold with snow on the ground, walking everyday will keep us around longer and the Winter hopefully will be productive with getting ready for a great summer season.

More to be added soon.

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