Monday, January 25, 2010

Gramps and us

here is a picture of Chuck and I taken just a Month or so ago, below right is a shot of us taken back in 1978,can you see the difference?
I can feel the difference, my we were cute and skinny back then, we have grown in so many ways since back in those good ole days ...LOL

Below is my finished needle felted Gramps. I love the look on his face.
He is sitting in his homemade wooden cloths pin chair.


  1. He's a Mason!? Deb, haven't you read the Da Vinci Code? What have you gotten yourself into? LOL
    I love your gramps. The artist's gods are whispering tho .. he needs a pipe to smoke. His top hand is poised for it.

  2. You are right girlfriend!!!!
    will work on that.. a pipe ...