Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring in the air?

Yes it is for myself and other's like me, thinking ahead for our Tourist Season and what is happening in our Spring and Summer Months to come. As well I am working on a proposal and felting up a storm when I can . I am attaching pictures of a very large piece of actual dory I am working on ,fitting it in when I can adding to it's future life for that is how I feel about these wonderful lucky found pieces of boats, I sometimes wonder in sadness if not for myself and other's like me, sort of rescuing these pieces of treasure and giving them a new beginning and in my case I so enjoy painting on the piece, like I have said so many times before ,what this boat might have seen as it came into the wharf with Iron Men and their bounty. These pieces would be if not rescued broken up on the Maritime rocks and lost forever to the sea.This particular piece was found washed ashore along the Lighthouse route Broad Cove N.S. There were two pieces of this particular boat ,the other has since found a new home. This piece measures 8 ft.x2 ft.

It is snowing big time out there today and the past few days. It has been years since we have had a winter quite like this one on the South shore of Nova Scotia, in fact I recall a few years while living in the country on the Medway River when we had a great tractor and plow and winters there being nothing to plow but our barn yard manure pile. When we did get to plow , everyone wanted the job and we did a great job at that.

Something else we have been talking to other old farts like us is, Where are the kid's today? why aren't they going around shoveling?" my answer being" We couldn't afford them ,even if they were " the times they are changing, yes and we are all getting older, right ,and I need to tell all who are reading this , that. So much for my deep thoughts on that subject...LOL

Well I must leave , break time is over, I am working on a Brittney needle felted dog today.

Back it is later and I have finished my little felted dog and also got some shoveling in..oh joy!!!I ache all over.

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  1. Dazzling Dory Display! Seriously ... these reclaimed beach finds are wicked! This is where your talent shines the brightest, I think, and you need to get these to a juried show. Your dogs are awesome too, but these dory works belong in a gallery or some very wealthy patron's collection.