Thursday, October 27, 2011

A tribute to talent

This title could describe so much and so many . Last Spring I, by chance through a friend said I would help her with props for the Play at the Astor written by Beth George a local Author/playwright from Liverpool "For Riches and Honor", once I got involved I became excited by the dedication involved in putting on a production of this size. For years I worked on a smaller scale with many groups but never anything quite like this. I ended up being an extra, helping with props and painting and doing the finishing touches of magic to the set which was built by Rick Gilbert who has been the Man behind many if not most of the sets we have seen at the Astor Theatre in the past. We are only happy to join in with a good group of hard working People who do so much behind the scenes. So I have decided to take you with us on a fast moving picture journey between now and Nov 17th when "The Full Monty " will be on stage , Nov. 17-20 & 25&26. This set is so involved and needs to do double duty ,like magic Rick has had to make this happen with the many different scenes needed and only a small stage to work with. With plans for surprises near the end,which I have seen and been told is what he is known for. Often when I am doing a painting Chuck will say nothing about the painting but then I will make one brush stroke and he then is taken back with that one stroke. Like magic it becomes what it is meant to be and I am happy to be working with a great group who together will make this happen for this play. What you see here in the picture is basically the foundation of the set, primed and ready to be brought to life. It proves to be a GOOD one ,another one of many to come out of Liverpool Nova Scotia. So, stay tuned to watch and get excited along with us, for a great production. Get your tickets soon, I hear the phone ringing while in there working, they could be going FAST!!!

Here is a shot of me after putting the 2nd primer coat on the far from finished set. I will bring you along on the trip as it comes along. Sharing with you what Rick comes up with , we have all seen the Movie, this should prove to be one of the greatest...remember there is a scene with a car and a scene in a bathroom....Hummmm!!!! it should be interesting. Stayed tuned , for this creatively will be what I am doing from now till then.

And speaking of till then, then will be here in Liverpool on Dec. 2&3 from 5-10 PM there will be a Christmas Artisans Market across from the Liverpool Pharmasave on Main Street during our annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Drop by you may be surprised at what our sleepy Creative Town has to offer, save gas, money and time. Now if we can have snow flurries on those nights ,feel the Spirit!! OK..I have put my order in...just for flurries.

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