Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Humbly Thankful

Humbly Thankful describes how I feel after the wonderful response from the news of my Little book being published and being recognized by our Local Advance news paper and the warm hugs and congrats received from all of you . I can only wish to do something for you in return, I hope I can put a chuckle on as many faces as I can. Whether it be through my art , my writings or my rambles. For I truly believe that is what it is all about, and nothing we have can be taken with us when we go, but our satisfaction of fulfillment in whatever we Love and feel.Everyone of us is special and sometimes it takes a few of us longer to find our passions, and it is nice when one can discover these things even at a ripe age. All caregivers and Teachers see these gifts in Children at a much earlier age then years ago. Like Europeans ,our young Adults are encouraged to pursue their dreams at a much younger age seeing that they are not all meant to be Doctors and Lawyers. In my case it took many years to realize that I just may have been bored back in my early years and not challenged with other creative activities besides the regular school systems curriculum. And it pleases me to be given the chance even now to do what I love and be rewarded. Not to mention my wonderful Husband and how he has become my Muse. Between the two of us we believe we can conquer the World, Thank God our World is small. But no matter how small, everyday is great and successful. So thank you all you have again inspired me.

Above you can see my latest needle felting"Dear ole Girl" I love her cheeks. what more can i say, I enjoy my work. I'm not really sure what I will start artistically next, my house needs attention ,yes I know, but the next few days are said to be raining and if that is the case I find that is the time to sit in my studio and heads down start something big, my mind has been on another diorama that would actually be for sale,the last two I did were commissions, this one I want to do will be somehow related to maybe "Peggy's Cove" or some other little Maritime fishing type scene, I am still working on details before I announce what exactly it will be. I have found that over the years I have put all modesty aside and work in whatever medium and style I fancy and not worry how some may want to label me, I believe I have no label, I am me and love to create and give me a challenge and I at times with Chuck's help will give it a kick at the can whatever it is ,why not ?
One more thing regarding our Sea People figurines which we have been making for ever and a day it seems, I received a message from someone who's Mom bought one way back years ago now in New Brunswick and her Mother loves the one she has, she wants to surprise her Mom with another , she tracked me down and we are working on just what her Mom would like, I love how the Sea People keep on working , you might say for me and those who enjoy them. Thankful for that too, well you could say this blog installment is my Thanksgiving in a way :-)

forever Humble....

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  1. The books are going to BC to give as gifts to my grandchildren. I can't wait to share them and read about the puppy they haven't yet met. See you when I get back. Anne