Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Cat is now out of the bag..

The Cat being this painting of some of my fellow Gym members with our Gym Manager in the center in red. I have had this painting on and off my easel for almost a year ,keeping it secret except for a few seeing it. She knew I was working on something but had no idea it eventually was to be given to her on her retirement.After finding out that she was retiring and not going on to the New fitness center to work but only to work out. I decided it should be hers.My plan and reason in the very beginning for doing the painting was to have it made into blank greeting cards and I may still do that. I have small 5x7 matted prints here of this painting I am selling for $5.00 but the original painting I hope will be appreciated by a very deserving Person. Thank you from us all. The new fitness center will be opening before Christmas this year. I am signed on until July 2012,I dread the longer distance from here ,right now I am maybe 2 blocks from my morning workout, I get on my bike and blink and I am there,what will I do? Maybe those days when the roads aren't the best I will attempt to walk instead of taking the car, sounds easy but isn't for me, I workout, bike as well do some easy yoga and still walking any distance is very difficult for me,bad arthritis, so wish me luck with the new walking trail at the new Queens fitness center and it's shock absorbent track I hope to conquer my little problem. So if you see a feeble old Lady walking with two walking sticks across the Bridge mornings why,that might be me:-) I am Woman ,I am strong!!!yeah!!easy to say :-)

Last night we had our gym Christmas ,goodbye /retirement party ,Liz was presented the painting and the dancing began, we left rather early.I danced twice ,two beers and then home to a good nights sleep, I know how to party.

I have been needle felting everyday since the show last week, doing up dog pocket Pets for Folks to give as gifts, I love doing these Pets, especially from a photo of the dog because when looking at the picture I see the Spirit of the Animal and enjoy capturing it in wool. Today I am doing a sweet 10 year old, can't tell you of who,he is a gift. You should see them all lined up here waiting to go to their new homes. I love it.

My house because I have been so busy looks like a bomb went off, and now I have a new toilet in my change room waiting to be installed,always something. Bucks in bucks anyone out there who is still looking for that unique affordable gift, let me know, I may have it here. I only have 3 of my books left as of today but will receive my latest printing early this week.

So off I go to have a quiet day of needle felting and TV.

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