Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

This guy above is still available

After 10 years, my collection of Sea people is complete, thanks to the kindness of Deb Taylor, the artist, who took the time to read my daughter's request and to create the Sea "Ladies" in order to surprise me at Christmas. You can see from the photo that it worked. Thank ;you so much Deb."

Well Christmas is over, we are ready for 2012, bring it on already..welcome to a new day and year.

I am pleased to say that all my hard work before Christmas paid off, I have been given some great feedback from Clients and recipients read above, Thank you all so much, you have no idea how wonderful it is to hear good things about what you make for others, it makes it all so worthwhile, while paying a few bills as well. But, to be totally honest I get more of a charge from creating that special something then so much the selling, don't get me wrong, the selling part is great, but,my heart overflows with joy at putting a smile on faces.Here is a photo of one such person who received a surprise from her daughter who tracked me down before Christmas and worked with me to make her Mom a couple of our Sea People figurines also see above which are now added to her already collection which she bought on her travels a few years back in the Maritimes. Lovely when this happens.

Most of my Needle Felted figures are sold as well, this interesting fellow above is still here, as well as a Mermaid waiting on a new home, I was surprised he didn't go, maybe he is here waiting for YOU!! Soon I will have to start preparing for Summer ,hard to be thinking about that when we have not had any snow yet but a fact none the less. I am sure we will get hit with some snow this season some time, we always do but with Global Warming our South Shore is just that, very South in climate these past few years.Before Christmas I had a lot of Dog needle felting commissions and again Happy to say that I have received great word at how well they were received as gifts, Thank you all again for your patronage.

My bike has been put away for the Winter, well I should add I had her out for a ride on Christmas Day, it was a nice sunny day and I enjoyed my regular route with only slightly frozen cheeks. These days I have to take the car to our new fittness center which is way further then the old one for me, the old one only being 2 blocks from my home ,which made taking my bike everyday last Winter long easy. The new fitness center is wonderful!!!with stat of the art equipment that is so user friendly it makes your workout I believe easier. I am enjoying it all and do believe it is best for my old tired body.

Santa brought me a Lap Top computer and as soon as I get her up and running, I will be starting my new Book, I will share more about this as I begin to write. My book"Lu Lu Belle the Happy Puppy" was very well received and I just recently had more copies published so anyone interested call or email me for a copy @$12.00.

Many plans are in mind regarding this coming Summer Season, sometimes I wonder why we go to bed so early,it might be because I never stop,I am fortunate to be able to create everyday and do what I LOVE. Thank you my Chuck for that, for he has always inspired and supported me as well as worked along with me all these years. When I think back of all the shows we did over the years ,all the wonderful people we worked with and sold to and just met and shared warm chats and hugs with,Wow!!!life is good. Thank you life!!

Happy New Year all you out there,be safe and Happy, make everyday count, let your hearts sing and rejoice with every breath you take.

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