Sunday, August 14, 2011

Market on the Mersey and Hospital Hustle

The weather this past few weeks for Market on the Mersey has been quite wonderful!!!Summer seems to have arrived although when I look at my vines growing on my fence I see they are changing color already.I love Autumn and wish we could have the wonderful cool days with warm fall sun all year round. The heat is no longer my friend, at least in the cold of Winter we can put on more layers of cloths, but during the hot ,hot days of Summer, one can only remove so many cloths ,being seen nearly nude in our ripe older ages leaves much to be desired,yuk!!! I have been taking my Tongue Drum to the Market the past two weeks and I enjoy killing time doing what I love to do and that is to play any one of my drums , as you can see in this picture ,just how serious I am when playing :-) and I hope I am not offending any one's ears. There is a lot of interest from People in this drum ,not being something seen a lot, and the sound is soothing and different from other drums. I hang my Wind Chimes from the tree branches down in the Park so when the wind is blowing they are sounding as well. I finished sculpting my heads for my Sea People commission and they are just about dry and in the next couple of weeks I must make Sea Wizard's. Our local Hospital Hustle Fund Raiser is coming up soon and I am making a special wind chime for the Art/Craft Table, come take a look and consider buying something from this Table ,there should be some wonderful art to choose from or search for that special treasure waiting there for you ,the proceeds go to the Hospital and are very much needed.

We are headed to the Beach this afternoon to take in a bit of sand and surf before heading to a Little guy's birthday party. I needle felted him a Pocket Pet Bunny for his birthday.My Pocket Pets have been selling and I so enjoy seeing Children and Adults walking away with them, it's rather sweet watching them hold and play with their new Pets, the perfect Pet I might add, quiet and no need to feed and water. There just aren't enough hours in the Day ,I need to replenish my Needle felted dogs that I keep on hand, I have a great Dog book which I use for reference when doing my different Breeds . I also have to make time to do a couple needle felted figures ,I have a few ideas but ,where is the time. School will be back in soon ,it seems like it just got out.

Last week at the Market on the Mersey I was talking with a couple German Families and Folk's from New Jersey as well, it is great to have them drop by and visit and be entertained with local Talent and hospitality. Liverpool always is friendly and open armed ,everyone giving a wave and hello to all, just one of those small Town things, like when in Newfoundland , everyone is made welcome. So drop by the Market this coming Friday, it should be another great day on the Mersey.

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