Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July and August

I have been this past July and into August so busy indeed that I have given up trying to get these pictures right side up, when I view them before I upload they are OK and up right and then ..see ,I give up..please turn your heads and stretch your necks, it may be good and limber you up while viewing my latest Summers work, having painted the floor mats , I decided to do something smaller and more affordable ,these are table runners or place mats ,as well they can be mounted and framed and put on the wall, but my preference is having them on the table .Easy clean up with a wet cloth. The Beach scene is our Dear "Carter's Beach" as well I thought one day to do a primitive Happy Day type of Table Runner ,the Flowers and music notes. My latest busy past weeks, I am working my little fingers to the bone not only supplying my Summer Consignments but trying to have something new and different for the Liverpool Friday 10-2 "Market on the Mersey"in Privateer Park . Chuck is working on his wind Chimes and I have been doing well ,lets just say I have been busy, I had a commission to finish up ,A Sea People figurine,see above, so I made four ,with Sea People that is the best method with making them, sometimes up to twelve at a time even more, there are a lot of steps to them and they, when in big numbers, hang around the house drying in different stages of completion .When we did the Atlantic Craft Trade Shows , our home was like a factory, we even made tables from boxes of Sea People waiting to be shipped out. But the quality of work with hiring People to help make them took the hands on and quality away from the product, so we felt it didn't work and we continued doing them in smaller numbers ourselves and sure enough today after the first prototype which was in 1978, with our Kitchen Witches and then in 85 ,we came up with the Sea People, we still get calls for them and it is amazing and interesting to hear from where they first saw them. There is a story to go along with our Sea People ,waiting yet to be told,one day .

I acquired some pieces of slate rock and have been painting on them too,great texture I like the finished product, I will have one at the Market this week along with a few other new items.I figured why not take along a drum or two as well this week, it's quiet down there during the Market with no music, we will see how it goes, if I see people running away ,I will stop.Maybe I might be able to offer someone a chance to drum along with me??We will see . So come on down to the Market on the Mersey on never know what you may find and if not that treasure you have been in search for maybe you will run into an old or new friend and share a laugh and joke with someone.

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