Thursday, July 28, 2011

found ,friend's and finds,

Most of you out there close and beyond have either shopped or have heard of our wonderful Maritime Guys Frenchy clothing outlets. Myself ,I have been shopping Frenchy's since back in 1970,71 when the first Frenchy's was in the ally behind what was then the Dominion Grocery Store and where "Curves" is now here in Liverpool. I recall only the Fish plant workers and myself shopping there back then. At the time Turtle Necks were my favorite style and I had one in every color thanks to Frenchy's. Today Frenchy's is the hip way to shop and it is amazing what you can find .Now that I live in town I drop in just about daily ,going for days without making a purchase but when I find that special ,just what I was looking for ,it is a great day. Always seeing the other regulars with a cheerful Hello. I tease the girl's who work there ,that I and we who drop in daily should be on the pay roll. This morning I popped in after gym on my routine bike ride as usual, my bike seems to drift into the Frenchy parking lot on it's own,amazing how that happens. I came home after and decided to ride down again in the afternoon to the park and take a look at a spot out of the sun in the shade where I could set up for the Market on the Mersey tomorrow Friday 29 th ,10-2, in my older years I find I break out in hives when in the sun for any length of time, so if I want to join in on the Market I must make sure I am protected. Well after finding a couple trees which may work ,I decided to stop into Frenchy's again and low and behold ,I heard at first her voice, and knew I had heard that voice before but not being able to place it I continued on with my shopping and next thing I know I am looking into the face of a Dear acquaintance/friend, fellow crafter from way back when Clay was just a young boy and he is 27 now. Meet our Dear Betty, as well here is a picture of a painting of Frenchy's that I did and had made into greeting cards and they are being sold at Guy's Frenchy's in Liverpool with the proceeds going to our local IWK Children's Hospital in Halifax.So you see Frenchy's is a very special spot where you can shop and find Treasures , say Hi to Folk's you see everyday and also rekindle with Friend's from years past, every body shops Guy's Frenchy's ,the place where there is something or someone waiting for you .

Betty and I were thrilled to see each other after so many years, we don't travel far from home these days and Betty from Mahone Bay does not drive so she just happened to be shopping Frenchy's with a friend of hers and Liverpool having a great Guy's Frenchy's was where they came and where we found each other.

Tomorrow the weather looks good for the Market on the Mersey, look for me in the shade. For, it will be a grand day on the Mersey. Come meet new and old Friend's.

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