Sunday, July 17, 2011

show is over, now to...

Saturday's art show is over ,I still have my paintings ,actually only one painting sold at the show so I was told. So I won't take it too personal .Me not being the only one not to sell .The times are definitely different from years past. We do need to tighten our belts ,a pun in my case, having lost some weight, or should I say not necessarily pounds but moving my fat about and into muscle, for today I sit with a swim suit under my cloths , it has been awhile since I have been in a swim suit ,we are waiting on noon to drive to one of our many sand beaches, today we will visit hopefully and more then likely a quiet beach with few people and pets, we are taking our four legged Border Collie Lou Lou Belle , house guest for two weeks while her Mom and Dad are away visiting Family to the Beach. I mentioned in a past blog that I wrote a Children's Story about Lou Lou Belle. This little book ,of course illustrated by me ,no doubt will have to be published by me and I am getting closer to taking it to our local Vienot's Print to get a small number of books published and then the plan after they sell :-) I will order more, I really do believe it will be a wonderful happy little book, every time I read it ,and especially aloud it has a nice feeling and at least to me is fun, I believe if I have it made into the size I imagine ,that it can and will be enjoyed by ages 3 to even 10 year olds, and Adults like myself. Along with Lou Lou Belle we will be meeting up with our other four legged often House guest "Miss Laura " and her Mom for a ball chasing run on the Beach. Now us being who we are and all crippled up,we hope to not chase anyone other then a ball,if you get my drift, but I believe and was told by Belle's People that as long as there is a ball in hand, she will be right there front and center ,focused on the ball. The "Girl's " as I refer to them as ,are great friend's ,to watch them wrestle around the yard and sometimes in the middle of my small living room floor is heart warming. So I will take the camera and share our fun later with all of you . Funny how things happen? We at times do have Belle and Laura here at the same time for short periods of time, we found out just a couple weeks ago when we were sitting an old 14 year old ,blind,deaf dog "Buddy",that indeed he was a "Grumpy old Man" Belle came by just for the day and he would not stop growling at her and actually picked a fight, did I mention he had only a few teeth left in his head, so we had to separate them, and he would not listen or could not hear me when I told him" She can and will whoop your ass". Well yesterday I got a call from this dogs Mom wondering if I could keep him next week for only two days, but we have Belle so dare not. Then we got a call shortly after from friend's who wanted us to puppy sit their Springer Spaniel "Riki" for the day but we were going to be out and even though I know the girl's would have gotten along good ,we would not leave them alone together ,considering their first meeting. So today I am sure Laura and Belle will have a blast at the Beach. Back to the paintings that did not sell at the show ,they are still available, next week my plan is to join in on the "Market on the Mersey" I will have smaller items ,felting ,paintings and if weather permits ,no wind etc. I may take a couple canvases ,as well my painted cushion floor mats ,larger ones and table place mat size with me, so drop by if you can or give me an email if you are interested in seeing what I have . I picked up another order for our "Sea People" I will put a picture in of what a couple of the Characters look like for those who might not know the "Sea People" we have been making them since 1978, even though we seldom have them instock anymore, we keep getting requests, I have mentioned in the past ,that I have plans for writing a book about the "Sea People" Chuck and I came up with the idea of the "Sea People " and over the years like "Gnomes" have become to know them and their Mythical ways and hope to live long enough to share their story with the World. I need a lap top so I can take it with me and write wherever I wish instead of being tethered to the computer here in our closet computer room. So, please buy some art or pass it along to someone who might ,so I can purchase my dream lap top and move about ,inspired to write and share their story :-) thanks... speaking of inspired , yesterday we dropped into a friend's vintage and art shop in Port Medway, just before the Lighthouse and Wharf , and what did he have there? a Violin, I want it, why? wouldn't I like to know ,for I have owned a few stringed instruments in the past ,a dulcimer, auto harp,small harp and a banjo which I sadly sold and now I want this Violin, only four strings to tune unlike the Auto Harps 36 strings. I must be a frustrated rock star :-) I was messing around with the Violin yesterday and enjoyed it,even though Chuck laughed and said it sounded like a dyeing cat. But I still have the thought of it in my head and maybe he will do a trade, we will see, then my neighbor's may throw rotten tomatoes at me over the fence while I practice my new instrument, Thank God I am not one to stay up late so at least they will be able to sleep in peace, then I thought I bet someone close may be able to give me a lesson or two. We will see, the Lap top has top priority. Everyone out there have a great day, try and get some sand between your toes.

Above I added a couple pictures of our Beach adventure, we had a great day and I am exhausted . Sometimes a picture can say a thousand words, by the look of these two happy ball chasing dogs, I would say, that they had a wonderful!!! day as well and today here at home ,I am sweeping up sand instead of working on paintings.

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