Thursday, July 7, 2011

some finished paintings for upcomming show

OK, these are four paintings done and ready for the show in Port Medway on July 16th in the building near the Lighthouse on the wharf. I have been so busy enjoying my experience helping with the play and throwing paint on canvas whenever I could this past while. But life is way too short and why not take time to smell some flowers and take time from everyday work to meet new interesting talented people as I did with the play and see something like this stage and play come to life with all the work from all who had a hand in it, no matter how small a part, whether on stage ,down, it is team work. My hope and plan for next Friday July 15 is to join in the "Market on the Mersey" being held every Friday in Privateer Park near the Tourist Bureau. Come by for a visit, enjoy some English Fish and Chips from "Chippy,Chippy Bang Bang. As well hopefully Local entertainment from some very talented Folks.


  1. Wow! C'mon Deb ... you can't tell me you're just now "getting it". The human race is full of vile characters. Life is about avoiding them. LOL BTW, if there was money exchanged for that ticket and those folks get caught... well, they'll never sell tickets again. All charities and donations are subject to audit ... it only takes one complaint. I love your new paintings, esp the one with the green chair. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. beautiful paintings Deb.Looking for your "other" blog you told me about.Thought it would be here,but i can't find it.Have a great day ,Jude